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Went for a consultation and realizing that this is...

Went for a consultation and realizing that this is about to happen...I always wanted bigger breast, now I have the monies I'm like wow and excited and nervous at the same time. My pre-ope is November 19 what do I expect... Wow this is about to happen! Oh yes I went to the same place last year but didn't go through it now I'm going through the Dr gave me a discount. Yay me reasoning being I'm in the Medical field;)


All most time. I'm a 36B looking to get a full D getting nervous looking at all these boobies some are not good.


November 19th is around the corner I'm getting nervous I amazing this for a very long time. It's coming to be real my thoughts are how long will I need to be off work what do I expect from the out come. What would my Kids think, I was talking with my oldest daughter and she states " mom you don't needs that". Lol! I don't want her to think she needs bigger breast. I'm 40 and I just want to be more confident not like I don't have it but more in the way my body looks;) We'll I will put more picks of me later trying to decide what is too big!

Pre Op Done!

Yay me! It was quick and not want I expected it took about a hour. We talk about my Health and what to expected the day of.....2weeks and counting.


Started to clean house and buying the things I need. Just was wondering how long do I take off from work. I took 2 weeks any one took longer?


Well December 2nd is around the corner and I'm getting butterflies.


Dec 2nd will not be the same....feeling overwhelmed!


I'm stiff and popping pills every 4 hours.....Wishing I could take more. Can't move will take pictures tomorrow.


Ok it's been a minute but I made it. Off of the strong stuff. But still taking the muscle relaxers. My Brest is very tight! I'm feeling sick can't bathe and hardly moving. I'm walking around the house and that's it.

Just a few pic

Omaha Plastic Surgeon

She is very friendly and warm hearted also she explain to me about the difference between the two implants.

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