39 yr old Amazon woman 5'11" 170lbs Looking for Better Body Proportions - 475cc? Unders

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Hello all! Can't wait until I can contribute to...

Hello all! Can't wait until I can contribute to the actual surgery conversation. I have had four consultations for a BA. I have decided on a ps. I have narrowed down my implant size, but still don't know exactly what would be best for me. I am obviously very tall, somewhat athletic and certainly not petite. I have long arms and legs, but substantial butt, hips and thighs.
My body was great pre-baby (one child born 2005) and boobs were awesome when full of milk from nursing. Oh my gosh, I loved them then. If only they could've stayed that size! But as happens, after done with nursing they deflated and lost lots of volume and pertness and shape, especially up top (no upper pole fullness anymore). Now for the past 10 years very padded and uplifting bras have been my constant companion.
Shopping for bathing suits (always have to buy separate top and bottom for different size), dresses, and certain tops is beyond frustrating. There is absolutely no way I could get away with going braless in any context. I got married last year, and I find myself self-conscious with my shirt off during intimacy with my husband. There's just not much there to play with, and it makes me feel less feminine. My wedding dress had to have DOUBLE padding sewed into the chest! At this point it's all smoke and mirrors. My husband is happy with me the way I am, and isn't so much a boob guy anyway, but I am almost 40 and sick of being fed up with this issue.
When I have tried on sizers at consultations, I felt like 450cc was enough. It was an amazing shock to feel that much weight and volume in your boob. One doctor told me I could go up to 550-600cc for my height and chest width. That's another thing- my chest is very wide - he measured it at 16 centimeters (I believe that's the width of one of my boobs now). I don't want an implant too small that it doesn't fill out the width of my chest, but I don't want huge boobs either. I think when I eventually make the appointment for surgery I will give the ps a range within which to use his best judgement. Probably between 450 and 525cc.
I already feel like I stick out and sometimes attract attention for my height and statuesque build (picture Anna Nicole Smith, minus the big boobs). Not looking to appear like a playboy centerfold, just want to be proportionate and have an easier time with clothing ...and even more confidence naked with my husband. I'm also interested in fitness, so getting those nice proportions is a real goal of mine. You just can't wear 3 inches of padded bra when you're working out!
I'm not the standard BA patient, so if anyone similar has tips to share I'd be happy to hear them.

Wish boob pics

what I'm working with 5'11" 170lbs

Side by side comparison

While waiting for this to be able to happen, thought I'd keep trying on my rice sizers with different shirts, etc. It's taking patience to wait to be able to schedule the surgery, but I know it'll be worth it. I'm about to get a lot busier and probably less preoccupied with getting a BA with my new job that I start this week. Hoping it will allow me to contribute to our family income and make this surgery possible. In the meantime, I took a pic of me with my padded bra on, with a non padded sports bra and with 475 rice sizers. This is how I know I'm in the range of what will look right - the rice sizers are VERY similar to what I get with my super padded VS bras. Except after a BA I can choose a padded OR non padded bra - big difference. And I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could fill out a bikini or a beautiful lace bralette. Having that confidence without all the padding will be nice!!
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