39 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Breast Augmentation , 800cc over the Muscle – Omaha, NE

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I went in as a 36 big B small C, knowing I wanted...

I went in as a 36 big B small C, knowing I wanted to end up with full sexy round breasts in the DD+ area. I was going to get 600 cc saline or that was my thought in my head. After my measurements were taken, I was informed that my chest width was wide enough to go bigger if I so choose. Well after trying on many sizers I picked out 750 cc salines. After going back to the hotel, we got a call saying they didn't have that size on hand. The DR. said since we drove 4 hours, he would give me the new silicone 700 or 800 cc's for the same price as saline! so her I am 3 days out of surgery, with 800 overs. Pain has been very minimal, I have been icing for 3 days strait, and tomorrow I get to shower and wash my bra, and see the new girls for the first time!

A little before and after

Here is a before and after shot of the new girls, 4 days post op. Hope they get more round and full. Big difference though. :)

10 days post op check up

Had my "7 day" post up check up on Friday, was actually 10, due to the fact its a 3 hour drive to Omaha. Everything is going great, little swelling left, and my incision scar looks like a small red pencil line right now, but they said it will get bigger. Started my breast massage techniques and away we go! Did some measurements and I went from a 36B to a 38 DDD. Cant wait for them to drop and fluff! Oh, also my nipples are SO sensitive! WOW!!! To sensitive in a good/ bad way!

17 days post op

We went out for the first time last night, I wore a regular push up bra for a couple hours with a fitted shirt, and this is the result . They look pretty big & full. :)
The bra is a 38 DDD and might be to small cup wise. :)

2 months post op .... 38DDD :)

So I'm just about 2 months post op. Been able to work out and jog again! Down about 15 lbs and they twins are starting to fall and fluff a little. Yay!!!

About 11 months post op.

Well I'm bust out of my 36DDD bra! They seem to have fluffed out, I just wish they was more round. Hopefully as I keep losing weight the implant will show through a little more. :) Oh and my nipples are still sensitive!
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