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I gave birth when I was 21...barely. I always had...

I gave birth when I was 21...barely. I always had perfect breasts and I was never self-concious or unhappy with them. I was a perfect little 32B. I gained 63 pounds during my pregnancy and nursed for 3 months. I wish I could have nursed longer but that would be the only thing I would change about that whole experience. Needless to say, afterwards I looked like an 80 year old granny (at 21). I missed my old breasts and decided after 2 years to have a lift with implants. I asked the Dr. for the most natural looking implants and he did teardrop shapes under the muscle. My first implant/ lift surgery was done under local which I wold never recommend to anyone. It was a total nightmare, but I digress. I was a 34C after and was happy aside from the capsular contracture on the left breast.

The Dr. had me come in, numbed the left side of my left breast and went in to remove a little tissue. I was suppose to push my implant out of this hole he created over the next few days at home. The problem was I felt if I pushed too hard, I could damage the implant and pushing on it hurt so bad! Needless to say, it didn't work. I went in again to ask about possible solutions and his response was, "No one's perfect."

Thank God that tool retired. What a jerk.
Then I found Dr. Reus. He is not only a surgeon, but an artist. I feel like every plastic surgeon should be an artist. After all, they are redesigning your body! When silicone was back on the market, I was excited to get rid of the water bags I had in my chest and get a more natural feeling implant. Then I thought, (and this is where I went terribly wrong) Go big or go home! I had silicone implants and now I am a 34DD. They are too heavy, clothes don't fit, when I lay on my back, they put pressure on my armpits and I already had back pain before I got these and I think, it might not hurt my back more, but it doesn't help.
I decided I wanted them out and in April I had a consult with my Dr. I was still on the fence until I heard he was retiring. I booked my surgery for the 17th. I am also getting a lift and will end up being a B cup, I hope.
I am so scared as I have had problems with so many surgeries in the past. I had no anesthesia with my caesarean when I gave birth, for example. Long story.
My anxiety is making me feel sick to my stomach. My mom is flying in the 16th and will stay for 5 days. My (now grown) daughter will also be here to help.
I will post updates and I am hoping for a happy ending. I trust Dr. Reus completely and I know if I can have good results, I will have them with him.

My surgery was yesterday. I was really anxious in...

My surgery was yesterday. I was really anxious in the days leading up to the surgery. My mom even gave me something for the anxiety the night before so I could sleep! The morning went fine, we arrived to the office on time and they were ready for me right away. I used the restroom before I was lead into the surgery room and although I didn't have to go, I tried. When I woke up, I had to go really bad, so the nurse brought me to the restroom and my undies were wet. I asked if I could have my pj bottoms to change into something dry and she said they were wet too and in the dryer. I couldn't understand if I didn't drink anything for the 9 hours prior to surgery, and barely went right before, how I soaked through my pj's? Has this happened to any of you? They said it was from the IV.
I went into surgery around 9:30-10. They told my mom and daghter to return around 12:30. When I came to, I asked what time it was and it was 2:30! I was so confused about everything.I was also in a lot of pain so the nurse gave me a pin pill. She said when I get home, if I am not feeling sick, I could take another. I took another when I got home (oxycodone 5/325) and was still in pain for three hours while I waited to take another. Dr. Reus told me I could take 2 because I have a high tolerance as a chronic pain patient and take Tramadol every day. So, 3 1/2 hours later, I took 2 and was still in so much pain, I was in tears. I couldn't get comfortable or take a deep breath. At one point, I asked my daughter to take the bandages off which she didn't so. She checked and found out they were to help keep the swelling down. I thought I was suffocating.
3 hours later I said screw it and took three of my pills and that seemed to be the answer. I am still in a lot of pain, but it is more manageable now. I am calmer and able to rest. I wonder if anyone else has had to take so many pills to find relief? I will call and tell the office today that I am taking three and see what they say.
I barely slept last night. Just napped here and there like I did during the day. I will update later.

Yesterday was my 1 week mark. I got my drains out...

Yesterday was my 1 week mark. I got my drains out on Monday and returned to work today. I still have stitches but I have been off the pain meds for a few days already. I can feel it burn a little when I overdo it (which I am known for) and then I take it easy the rest of the day. So far, I am thrilled with how they look. I am as perky as an 18 year old (@40) and excited to buy some cute tops!
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I have been going to Dr. Reus for years. I get botox regularly, I have had Juvaderm and he did my second set of implants. He is an amazing Dr. and I trust him completely. His wife Sherri is his assistant and she always makes me feel comfortable no matter what I am going through. I will be sad to see them go as they are closing the office the end of August. I have recommended him to several of my clients, and they were all very satisfied with their results.

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