28 Years Old, 2 Kids Both Breastfed. 5'6.5" 140lbs 400HP unders - Olympia, WA

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I have been looking into getting breast implants...

I have been looking into getting breast implants for a couple of years now. I decided a month ago I wanted to do this for sure. I went to my consultation and scheduled the surgery for three weeks from now. I am very nervous but excited and I'm having a hard time figuring out what size I should go for.

Pre op today and sizing

Had my preop today. Everything went well. I tried on the sizers. I tried on everything between 350 and 450. Surgeon said he wouldn't recommend going past 450. I decided on the 400 silicone round smooth mentor. Under muscle. He said based on my measurements I could choose between ultra high or high profile. I chose high. I would like a little fuller look. I paid and got my scripts. Went and picked up a bra. Had a hard time picking out what size I thought I would need.

Today's the day

Headed to the surgery center now. My bestie is driving me. I've got pillows, ice and all my meds. Hope the surgery goes well and I don't chicken out.

All done

So far so good. I didn't die during surgery so that's a plus. I feel really good and am happy. Kind of loopy right now. I'm in a pressure wrap so no peeking. I have pain in my sternum but that's it.

4 in the morning after BA

Just woke up. Took a vicodin and grabbed some fresh Ice packs. Doing great right this second. But omg, I didn't set my alarm when I initially fell asleep and I slept past the 4 hour mark for meds... Well I didn't cry when I woke up but the pain was probably a 9/10. Very close to child birth, much worse than my c section. I ended up taking 4 vicodins in a two hour period before I was able to take the edge off... Pain was all over, chest and back. My surgeon called me last night to check up on me so that was sweet. I go to see him today at 10 am. He will take the pressure wrap off and then in the sports bra I go. Can't wait to see my boobs. I hope they are not to boxy :)

Post op and reveal

Got the pressure wrap taken off and got to see my boobies for the first time. They look great. Surgeon says they are very close to what they are going to be. I'm very excited.

Post op day 2

Feeling much better today. Not much pain just some tenderness. Still hanging out on the couch though, in pretty tired. Also, I can feel them rubbing which is a strange feeling. Seems like that's normal though.

Panic attack

Today is post op day 4. I'm off all meds and feel just fine. Boobs are tight and not very soft but I'm fine. So yesterday, I apparently had a panick attack. Never had one before. Unfornately it presented much like a blood clot or bleeding internally and so I was taken to the ER and had a complete work up. I really though I was going to die. I had a cat scan and everything. At the end they dos not know why my heart rate waould jump to the 160s and the fog feeling that would come over me. They said because all the rest were negative, it was most likely a panic attack. I wasn't stressed out or anything. In fact I was excited because I was buying a new phone. It hit me fast and came out of no where. They said I might have been find but my body wasn't and my body basically took over. Worst experience of my life. Not looking forward to that bill either. Boobs still look good though, so that's a plus. Wonder if anyone has ever had an experience like this?
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