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Well a little bit about myself. I'm 34 years...

Well a little bit about myself. I'm 34 years old, 5'4, currently weigh around 150 and still dropping. I'm a mother of 3, 1 boy and twin girls who are almost a year old. Which yes, did a number on my body. I'm 20 lbs less then when I got pregnant with my twins but my clothes fit worse then they did before I was pregnant. I've been researching and obsessing over a mommy makeover for the last year, I knew my body was going to have issues as my stomach was stretched to the max with the twins. Not to mention the sagging boobs that came with pregnancy, nursing, pumping and age! I have two consultations scheduled, one for this Friday and the second in a couple weeks. I can't wait to meet the PS and learn more and see what's going to happen and when we can get started. All the reviews and posts I've read on RealSelf have really helped me to prepare for what's in store and I'm sure excited to get this done. I know I'm going to be so much happier, not just myself but my whole family is going to benefit from this surgery. I'll update after my consultations... Yeah!!!

So ready! My 1st PS consultation just called and...

So ready! My 1st PS consultation just called and moved my appointment up to this afternoon. The nerves have really set in just for the consultation. I hope I have all my questions ready and really hope to hear everything that I'm looking to hear. Good luck to me!

Well I had my first consultation yesterday. I...

Well I had my first consultation yesterday. I left the appointment a little overwhelmed. Had no idea that my boobs weren't the same size, I must not stare at them enough. :) The longer I've had to think about things the better it's gotten. He didn't think I should get an implant but to just do a lift and a tummy tuck. He quote $11,000 for the both if they are done at the same time.... I would think that's the way to go anyway. I've got another appointment on the 28th, not sure I even want to wait that long before scheduling my surgery - really want to get this done and move on to the healing process and my new body!

I had my second consultation earlier this week,...

I had my second consultation earlier this week, the PS was very nice smart and I believe he would do a fantastic job but he really wanted to do more then what I had in mind or ever thought. He would like to do a body lift with a breast lift and implants. As much as I would like to look perfect, the main purpose of the mommy makeover for me is just to fix what I can't on my own. I was overwhelmed. I called the next day and scheduled with the first PS. I feel very good about my choice and I'm so excited and can't wait. The countdown is on!!! I'll have a tummy tuck and breast lift... not going with implants. Now I need to start preparing... any suggestions on things to buy before that will help?

Posting before pictures... with a lot of thought,...

Posting before pictures... with a lot of thought, just makes me even more excited to have this done! 35 days till the big day!

Can't stop thinking about my mommy makeover, 28...

Can't stop thinking about my mommy makeover, 28 days till the big day and it's all I can think about. Very nervous about recovery, I have help lined up for 3 weeks but plan to be working by 1 week... thank goodness I work from home and hopefully I can be comfortable somehow with a laptop. My PS will not do lipo of the upper belly which has me concerned that I'll still have flab. I know there's still plenty to come off but I'm concerned. I did meet with another PS that would do lipo of the upper belly but just felt way more comfortable with the PS I choose. Did anyone else have the similar situation?

19 days till MM day! I have my pre-op appointment...

19 days till MM day! I have my pre-op appointment on Monday and I'm a little nervous of the risks and complications that they are going to go over. Almost don't want to know, just get it done. I've lost 5 lbs since I first posted and I'm hoping for 5 more before surgery date. I would feel good going in at 140... I haven't seen this weight for 5 years, sure feels good and it's only going to get better. More to come...

Well I had my pre-op today, can't believe I'm only...

Well I had my pre-op today, can't believe I'm only 16 days away from my MM. I'm excited and very nervous. No real instructions on best foods to eat the day before or if that even matters. I think I'll take some of the hints I've seen on here and take advantage of being best prepared for the big day. Still can't believe I'm going through with this but the check has been written and I'm on my way to the new me!

12 more days, think I've about got everything I...

12 more days, think I've about got everything I need or ordered except lots of comfy clothes. Will probably go shopping this weekend for yoga pants and tops. I hear lots of button ups and zip up shirts are easiest? I'm even dreaming about this, granted last nights dream was horrible and the PS did a terrible job but my husband assured me to stop worrying, Dr. Magnussen is a perfectionist and that's what I need. Still on track with my weight loss before surgery date and that feels good... maybe I'm too nervous. Anyway... thanks to all for sharing your experiences, it's sure nice to read the other side and see how we are all going through the same emotions. Good luck to all!

I'm getting so close to actually going through...

I'm getting so close to actually going through with this, my emotions are all over the place. I'm so excited to have this done, I don't have the guilt anymore for spending this kind of money on myself; Now I just need to get over the guilt that I'm not going to be able to help with the kids or around the house for awhile AND not holding my little twin girls and letting them crawl all over me; that's going to be hard!

Tomorrow is my 35 birthday!! I will be spending my birthday hugging on my kids and making meals for all the family and help that will be here the next few weeks. Hopefully that will keep my mind of going too crazy!

So I went to Target and bought a two piece, haven't bought a two piece for over 13 years I bet! I felt like I had to hide behind clothes and use my go go gadget hands to grab one with no one seeing... yes, it was a very strange shopping experience. But... tried it on and took pictures this morning, will be excited to see that change after this is all done.

Just about made it to my surgery goal weight of 140, only off by a couple pounds and I'm very happy with that. Seeming I was tipping the scale at 225 last year at this time pregnant with my twins... this is progress!

To all those I've read about, you've been an inspiration and I can't wait to join you on the other side!!

Getting ready to leave for surgery, I've never...

Getting ready to leave for surgery, I've never felt nerves like this before. I'll update when I can, happy thoughts for me today.

Hi lades - so sorry to be late in my update, it's...

Hi lades - so sorry to be late in my update, it's been an interesting few days. Surgery day was great, I was a wreck in the morning but seemed calm enough when I got there. I remember laying on the table talking with the tech talking about Pinterest and the next thing I was in the recovery room... easy breasy. The pain wasn't bad at all because of the Meds which I am still loving every now and then. No catheter for me, had to pee on my own in recovery but maybe that's for my own good - it made me get up and walk around which helps.

Day 1 PO was a crazy day, I live in Oklahoma and we had a tornado touch down so we had to climb down into our shelter and get my twin 1 year olds down there too... might have picked them up but with the adrenaline and all they came first! Needless to say, I was pretty sore after that.

Day 2 and Day 3 were pretty much the same - all pain has been manageable with the meds - I did take nausea pills the first day but never had to throw up which was great! I've been sleeping pretty good in my bed since Day 1 with a wedge pillow and lots of extra pillows everywhere. Took my first shower yesterday, Day 3 - it was awesome... thanks hubby!!

Day 4 - I've done a little laundry today but really taking it easy and taking advantage of the help that I have here - couldn't have done this without my hubby and MIL - they've been great!

Thank you all for your kind words, I know I shouldn't have gotten on here earlier but I'm so loopy right now I don't always make sense but it was sure nice to see your comments.

I'm still a TON swollen but I know I'll be happy with the results, it's amazing the difference I can tell already. I'm happy with the incision line and it looks like he went pretty high above my bb and got a lot of the stretch marks gone. The picture isn't the best but it's a start!

Love you all!!

Well today is day 11 post op and for the most part...

Well today is day 11 post op and for the most part doing great. Still pretty swollen, especially in my lower belly right where the incision is... a little worried it's going to bust my incision line open but hopefully now. I go back again tomorrow to see my PS, really hoping to get this last drain out and anxious to see what he says about my swelling.

I accidentally picked up one of my one year old girls today and now I think I may have done something back... all my incision areas are tingling, not sure what to think about that. I'm on my own in a few days with my twin 1 year olds, not sure how I'm going to handle that yet but will just have to figure it out.

Recovery for me has been really good, stopped taking pain pills around PO day 5 or 6, can't remember exactly but just taking extra strength Tylenol and Tylenol PM at night, seems to help a lot with sleeping. I've learned that using a shoe string tied around my neck to secure the drains to is a lot less bulky then the yoga band when taking a shower.

I did some running around yesterday, went to my son's soccer game and Target; sure felt good to feel skinny. I can tell my self esteem is already on the up and what a life change this is going to be for me. Confidence is building and I feel great, this is the best decision I've made for myself ever and so happy I went through with it.

Happy healing to all out there on the flat side and to those getting ready... good luck and remember the end result, it's soooo worth it!! I'll get some new pics up soon.

Today marks 2 weeks, can't believe it already. ...

Today marks 2 weeks, can't believe it already. Weighed myself this morning and I'm down to 139, haven't seen the 3 number in a long time, very exciting!

I got my last drain out a couple days ago and it's so nice not to have to worry about that anymore. I'm still pretty swollen right around my incision, flanks and my upper belly. The upper belly I irritated when I accidentally picked up on of my girls. My PS is keeping an eye on it, not sure what I did yet but it looks better today then yesterday so hopefully I didn't screw anything up. I go back again to the PS tomorrow to make sure my body is absorbing the fluid after taking the drains out.

I'm still sleeping with my wedge pillow in bed, I think I will be for awhile still but it's comfortable. I'm just about completely standing upright but find myself throughout the day starting to bend over a little bit. The swelling in my boobs have gone down a lot so it's good to see more of what they are going to look like. I love them, so small and perky... cute!! I also just love my new BB, all is just perfect and more than I could ever have expected!

What a life changing and exciting experience this is... I'm so happy with everything and just know it's going to get even better.

Had my two week check up today, everything looks...

Had my two week check up today, everything looks good and the PS isn't worried at all about my upper belly. He doesn't think I messed up muscle repair thank goodness... that would have been really bad news! I go back again next week to triple check that my body is absorbing all the fluid correctly. Keep the compression garments on for awhile and continue to heal.

My last round of family help leaves next Wednesday so I'm sure hoping I'm going to be able to pick up my girls by then or I'm going to have to get very creative. Went and did some clothes shopping... I know it's a little early but I'm just too excited. I was able to fit into a size 7/8 jean (it's been 12 years since I've seen this size) and they are so cute. I think when my swelling goes down that will still be my size and I love it.

Love Love Love my new body!

Just a quick update. Had my 3 week post op...

Just a quick update. Had my 3 week post op appointment today. I'm still pretty swollen in both my upper and lower belly. I irritated my upper muscles so on top of the normal swelling, my muscles are swollen too. They took pictures today, that was much better then the before pictures... the difference (even swollen) is just amazing! My PS gave me a big hug and is so happy with my transformation, such a great PS!

I've been given the clear to do light exercise, take off the CG at night to sleep and I can wear a normal bra... that's exciting! Kind of nervous to sleep without my CG but we will see how it goes. I go back in a month for my next checkup, more pictures I hear!

I'll work on some pictures today to update progress... so very happy with my decision to go through with my mommy makeover!!
James E. Magnusson, D.O.

My initial consultation was great, the staff was very nice and helpful. Dr. Magnusson took his time in going over the details of what was going to happen. Never did he pressure or push additional procedures, only talked about the procedures I wanted. I'll update more over time and I've learned more. So far Dr. Magnusson has been great!

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