What to Know About Invisalign - Oklahoma, OK

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I went to the dentist in July for a cleaning and i...

I went to the dentist in July for a cleaning and i wanted to know more about Invisalign since no one i knew had it. I have always been self conscious about my teeth and NEVER smile showing them. So, i talked to them and they were praising it. So, i signed up. That day, i had a cleaning that morning at 10 am. I went to lunch after and came back and they did the impressions (which is disgusting) with this green looking goo. They hold it there for about 2 minutes. They made an appointment to come back a couple weeks later. Got my first set on September 2, 2016. I was terrified before i went in because i had read reviews that people saying it was extremely painful. Well, i guess depending on how bad your teeth are maybe it is.
First off, my teeth are actually kind of straight. Not perfect. The main reason i got Invisalign is because i have an overbite and i have major jaw issues, mostly just on my left side. It pops constantly. So, they said it would help. Also, i have never had braces before so this was all new to me.

I only have to have 10 trays (YAY!) and wear each one for 2 weeks. I go back in 6 weeks to get the "buttons" on. I'm interested to see how that is going to go.

For the total cost it was $3500 and a free whitening at the end of the process.

Ready for a New Smile

Okay, so i'm 5 days in to my first tray. The first day was a piece of cake. No problems. No soreness but they felt tight, like they wouldn't slide out. Lol. That night i could already feel my teeth moving. The 2nd day a friend and i were going to hang out..the restaurant we ate at, i went to the bathroom, took them out and put them in the case. I just can't take them out at the table. Something about that grosses me out lol. But, eating was interesting. It felt like i was chewing wrong. But, after that, i went back and just rinsed my mouth and put them back in. She couldn't even tell i had them in. Later that night i took them out probably for 2 hours or so, put them in, a little pain but not much. On day 4 i could feel the bottom tray behind my bottom teeth, scratching my tongue. it's extremely painful. It's still there today. It feels like it's curling up. I have no idea if that makes sense. Haha. It feels like my mouth is sticking out more than normal. Anyone else? I'm sure it's normal but it just feels SO WEIRD. So far, i'm loving this process. I seriously cannot wait for the end process. My birthday is mid-late January and i only have to have 10 trays, so i'm hoping i will be done by then! My dentist said i don't need to soak them in anything. Just rinse off with water. But, i feel like i need to soak them. Any advice on what kind?

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