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I'm 35 I have 6 wonderful children, 5 of which I...

I'm 35 I have 6 wonderful children, 5 of which I gave birth to I'm 5'6.75 (The inches matter when your kids are taller than you) I weigh 178lbs down from 250lbs. I have a loving boyfriend we've been together for 2yrs and are planning our wedding and tomorrow is the big day.....I'm scared....I am thinking I may go ahead and get my breasts done but I have not decided. That's later.....Those are the only two things I think I would want done. I don't care much about the rest. I think if I can get past this first one I'll be good for the next one. I have heard the tummy tuck is the most painful and I've equally heard it's not so painful. I think I'm pretty well prepared for this and the aftercare. I even have a new bed that is adjustable and vibrates. It's a dream to sleep on!

But either way, I'm still scared....Its becoming real and I've done alot to get to this point. I hope all goes well and I get the results I've been wanting for a few years now....Everyone is supportive and thinks it's a good idea with the exception of a few people. Sometimes it's a damper on my day and other times I don't care. But either way I'll be ok and have made sure I don't cross paths with them until I'm well out of at least the first 3 weeks. My kids think it's a great idea.

The doctor's office called me today and asked about my smoking cessation. For the most part I quit and I have smoked twice since November and both times have been when drinking and one was recently, but not like this morning or yesterday. It was like a week ago. And they said I'd be doing a nicotine test in the morning. So, that's weighing on my mind a lot and I'm downing water like there's no tomorrow. I have little hope it will work but I am at least attempting. I hate to disappoint anyone. I don't know I just would hate to listen to him if the carbon dioxide in my system is high. And I definitely don't plan or want to smoke or be around smoke at all during the surgery and in after care. I just hope I don't have to listen to the doctor.....

I think today I'm going to go home and spend time with my family and try to just soak them in....Then just finish up some last minute loose and what not....

I was fine when I finally got here.....

Everyone was very accommodating. My mother, my oldest daughter and my boyfriend were here. I went through the pictures and the aftercare and the plan of action with the doctor. And once they got me my meds to go to sleep....let me tell you I was out like a light. lol I woke here in my suite with my mom and my daughter. He had to go back to work. I've been in and out of sleep. When it was time for my mommy (yes I still call her mommy :) ) to go home. I cried and told her I was glad she came. She cried too. And he came in and told me.....see I told you I'd come back to take care of you.

The doctor has checked on me several times. I got to see the stitches for the first time. He said I'm doing just fine. That is important since he said I was a little over the ideal weight. And it turned out better than expected. He said my main problem was all of the loose skin but it was also a good thing. It showed I had lost a lot of weight and praised me for it. I did ask about my breasts and he said we could look at those when I come in for my visit. :) I am overall very pleased with my outcome and the service I have received. I wouldn't change any of it. Dr. Nuveen was great and the staff was great. He even gave me his cell phone number if I had any questions. I am glad I chose him. I will post pics when I am able. I can't walk straight up so when I can I'll snape some and put them up. I will write more later.....I'm very tired right now. :) Good Night!!!

Day 2 Post-Op

Feeling better today.....showering is still a bit tiring. I'm in and out of sleep. My mother, boyfriend and daughter help me tremendously. I walk every hour to hour and a half. The doctor's said he did my surgery a bit differently and so it took a little longer to do my surgery. He said I should heal just fine. I feel less and less pain each day. And it does get easier and easier. I think I was scared for nothing. If this was the worst surgery we could have done, then I tell you is not that bad. It does get better with each and as the days pass you will be able to do more and more. Just know your limits and it will be ok....

Day 4 Post Op

The swelling goes down as each day passes. I am glad I did this. I have my post op appointment on Wednesday. They said the drains should come out then. The pain is down, although I keep moving where I pull the stitches. That's only when I'm trying to position myself on the bed. But this gives me time to edit photos and look at our wedding ideas and trying to formulate that. And even working a little. :)

I do get to sit here and spend time with my kids. My BIL broke my puppy's leg on accident and now I think its a rib too. It's sticking out further than it should. So, we are healing together.

Nathan went back to work today. :( He came home at lunch to see me and make sure I had everything I needed. :)

Thank you!

Thank you for everyone's well wishes! You guys are great! I love reading the stories and seeing so much support from people!

On a side note....

The sutures for the muscle wall repair? Let me tell you.....I was attempting to dry off from my shower and I pressed a little too hard on the middle portion of the sutures and I screamed!!!! Oh my goodness it hurt so bad. Now I don't care if it takes me an hour to dry off I'm taking an hour to dry off! I tell you this...because I have lived with pain for a long time! And that was totally off my chart painful! lol

Day 5 Post Op

I feel better today in regards to the surgery. But I think I have a stomach virus coming on. So, I've put myself on a bland diet of crackers and some soft sugar free pears and a bit of sprite if my stomach turns, otherwise water. I can almost even laugh fully and cough slightly. I've pretty taken a real great ease with this surgery. He did say he could've gone all the way around with the scar easily but that's for another time. He has a revision policy. If I don't like what he's done, or the scar isn't what I want it to be or something similiar then he will redo it for only $1k within the first year or $1500 after the first year. :) I will be happy when I can fully see how it all comes out. I hope I will be able to get back to the pool this summer!

I went to the pool in the body you see up above. I went in a bikini so I could get a tan. It was quite embarrassing for me, but Nathan helped me and was with me every time I took my covering off. He stayed with me the entire time, assuring me I was the most beautiful woman there. So technically, I wore the bikini for him lol

I am watching movies with my daughter and my nephew while working on editing photos. I got my work cut out for me. I've got 4 photo shoots to edit and get out to my customers. I am excited to get them out. It takes me a while to get through them but it is relaxing to go through my work.

I will post pictures later today. :)

Sorry....I haven't been on lately

Phew....its been crazy....but I'm glad it's calmed down and I can sit back and take my class for work in peace. I had a scare on Saturday. I text the doctor about my belly button and sent him pics and we got it all fixed now! And I think it looks better.

So, I have been out and about a few times and WOW the swelling!!!! Almost takes overnight to bring it down. But its decreasing with each day that passes. I have a couple complaints but not many and they aren't big! I am happy to look down and see my FEET!!!!

What do you think?

Wow....just over a month.....

I am continuing to lose weight. I have not weighed in today but last I checked I was 173.8 down from almost 190. And it's still going down. :) I've had some issues with the drain site. It's not healed well. But the doc has been there with all questions, frantic emails and texts. So, I'm pleased with that. There are a couple of things I want to fix when I am a little more healed. Some of the scar is unsightly and IMO could have been done better. Maybe it was not an option and I really did a lot of skin, but I don't know. I feel the drain site has gotten better now since I changed what I was doing. These pics are from last week.

So, I'm going to move forward with my breast lift and implants. I got my second consult done with Dr. Nuveen. I got 3 quotes for 3 different kinds of implants. I also had him add in lipo for under the arm area and the back flanks. The quotes came in higher than I expected. They ranged from $9,500 up to $11,500 and I got a discount of $2k and I would also do my revisions at the same time. Those included the saline, silicone and the 410M implants.

But in light of my disatisfaction in some of the scar, I've also decided to get a couple other consults done from referrals. It's amazing how when people find out what you had surgery on, they share their experiences. So, I've scheduled two other consults in the coming weeks. Part of me feels like I'm cheating on my doctor with another doctor lol I am also using the Dermatix Ultra on my scar currently. I don't really know what it's suppose to do but help the scar.

But I also have realized that it's probably going to cost the same if not more to do what I want that the first time. So, I decided to get a second job to pay for it. And I tell you what, working part time and only for two weeks I've made enough for my deposit to hold my date. *happy dance*

I go to see Dr. Gonce and Dr. Benien here really soon. I have read some reviews for Dr. Gonce and looked at their experiences and I have to say I'm impressed. So, we will see what is in store for me really soon. :) In the last pic I got a pic of all of me and the others in the bikini is at his request lol But I think I look ok.....Anyway, I'll get back up on here later when I have more to report.

Having issues....

So, I'm going to put my hair up and I feel a "POP" in my lower abdomen! And I knew what it was immediately! So, I'm texting my doctor, emailing his nurse and talking to my boss. I sit down at my desk because the pain is increasing....I haven't heard anything from anyone....of course it was about 7am. So, I'm staying still and sitting at my desk until I hear something....anything....on top of that I have this thing with my body....I eat artificial chocolates and I break out in acne and small boils yes I know....gross. Anyway, I am massaging a sensitive area on my incision and I have cloudy fluid coming out. Ugh! And this fluid was before the "POP". Oh my, yes let's please make things worse! And I believe I got this due to the M&M's I ate with my girls. Fun stuff! Ok note to self no more candy with the girls! On a side note, I can eat as little as one "bite" or 5 M&Ms and get a breakout. Acne in my mid-30's lovely.....So, now I'm hurrying to wait :( I have slowed the fluid and now I'm sitting with this almost instant pooch and pain....Lets go Wednesday!!! :(

Doctor finally sends me a message and I'm going in today. For the most part I can do all of this myself. I need reaffirmation I'm taking the right path. I'll update once I'm done at the doctor.
Erik Nuveen

He was very enthusiastic to meet me and talk about what I was looking for and wanted as far as the final results. He's definitely experienced enough and very knowledgeable in this field. He's got years of experience, papers he's written and places he's worked. He even lists his resume on his site and that was very relieving for me. After having my surgery he was very attentive. There were other patients here besides myself and I saw him several times after the surgery and then he was the first one here to greet me in the morning. He was very pleased that I took the "walking each hour seriously" although I couldn't do it much cuz I was in and out of sleep.

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