33 Yr Old plus size mother of 4 Kids, Flat tummy here I come- Oklahoma City

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Well...... I'm a nervous wreck I wasn't going to...

Well...... I'm a nervous wreck I wasn't going to write a review but after reading so many reviews I figured I may as well. My surgery is actually 26Aug15. I have a pretty high pain tolerance had all kids but one natural and you may as well say that was natural too. They went in too far and hit my spinal fluid so I felt every single thing. I'm really scared of the being put under for so long; other than that not as worried. I was told its normal to have jitters but hopefully the give me some type of anxiety meds to put me at ease.My PS put me at ease and told me she only uses board certified anesthesiologist who she knows, has worked with, and who have worked on even her family members.....Whew I feel a little better..... I'm just ready to get it over with already.

before pics

No sleep for me

I really should be sleeping right now but I can't that magnesium citrate did a number on my tummy and I'm suppose to do fleet in the early morning before going in. My hubby says,just relax but I sure am having a hard time but I keep in visioning my end result this is something I've been wanting to do for yrs so this is a blessing that I finally can. Can't wait to be on the flatter side :)

day 3

Good morning my RS Family, day 2 was ok I was really sore and it was hard to walk around my daughter stayed home but my hubby had to end up coming from work I couldn't get up. I do pretty well until like 330 in afternoon that's when my pain comes on the wrost.It also comes at like 430am that's y I'm up now. I have my post appt today so I'm excited to see my belly for the first time since surgery. I also got some gas this morning oh my god it's like I have a baby kicking in there wow it's painful. My tummy burns like crazy and pain meds dont work anyone else have this experience? I also have material floating in my drain the first day scared me it was pouring out not so much now it's under 25 cc. I guess I should ho back to bed now more pics to come soon. I so hope this was worth it

day 2 post op

let's try this again 2 day post op

Heart racing and crying

So I was doing so great until tonight.Ive been moving around more not too much swelling ,I walking straighter and I finally had a BM. I was fine so I thought I even stopped taking the pain pills the day before. Since I stopped taking them I feel weird I was never a big medicine person to begin with. Then it happened I started getting dizzy and light headed just from sitting down first I was thinking am I having withdrawals from meds then my heart started racing and I stared crying wth wrong with me ? is this aniexty or depression developing? I can't sleep I get all jittery I dose off just to wake trembling. I have never felt this,way I said I would call my dr in morning I'm now nervous I hope I'm ok .

Strep throat / No more drains

Hi realself! It's been a few days since I've been on here. I got sick 2 days prior to removing drains and had to push getting them out to yesterday. 2 out of 4 of my kids got sick so we took them to dr and what did they strep throat .I felt my throat hurting as well but called ps office and they assured me maybe it's from the tube that I had during surgery u mmmmmmm no it hurt I had fever I felt terrible so I went to my PCM and what you know Strep throat for me as well smh. I got on Z pack and have 1 more day to take and I must say yesterday I felt great. I had my appt yesterday to get drain removed abd stitches out ny belly button. Man that drain thing was super long mt ps made a joke wow I forgot how long this thing is lol. I felt so much better after I got my drain out though. I felt well enough to walk more than I thought I could. I was going stir crazy so I had to get out hubby took me to dinner and a movie I was slow moving but I felt ok I'm almost standing completely straight. Hubby walked like a turtle with me very slowly every step of the way it was a much needed break from doing nothing. This morning I had my protein shake and first bottle of water I feel pretty good although my love handles and hips where I had lipo are tender today maybe I did a Lil too much but I enjoyed it . Today I will be resting, elevating and taking it easy. Every one have a blessed day!!!! I'll be posting some pics today :)

4 wks extended tt,m/r, lipo. Do I need more lipo on flanks

I'm really liking my tummy but these love handles/flanks are so sore and swollen I can't lay on my side or wear panties because I get more swollen anyone else ever have this happen to them ? I had lipo to my flanks so I was told it can take at least 6 months to see full results because of what I had done at once extended tt,m/r and lipo . I m wondering should I have them re done or wait 6 months what do you guys think? I also guess it must look pretty flat since everyone is asking did you get your boobs done as well.

Before/After 1month po

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