First Time Trying Botox! - Oklahoma City, OK

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I am 42 and haven't taken the best care of my skin...

I am 42 and haven't taken the best care of my skin in the past. Received Botox for horizontal lines on forehead and Sculptra and Botox for the crack between my eyebrows. I went to a plastic surgeon recommended by a friend of mine. Procedure was fairly quick, I did not have numbing cream, and it was completely bearable. Afterwards I did have soreness where the filler was injected, that lasted a few days. I am now 10 days in and have seen softening of the lines. The crack is much better but still visible and I am planning to go back after 2 weeks to reassess whether I want or need a touch more. Overall I am pleased with my first experience!!!

Went back 2 weeks later for a tad more!

So I went back in at my request after 2 weeks to reassess my results. One thing I did not realize until I read some of these forums is that Sculptra does not give you instant results, it apparently takes awhile. Had I known this I may have opted for a different filler like Restalyne or Juvaderm. At this point I am still waiting to see the full results of the filler as my "crack" although better is still visible. As far as the Botox I did have her add a few more units to my forehead lines so I will have to wait and see how I look in another week or so. At this point the wrinkles have softened alot but not totally diminished. Since this is my first experience, it's still a learning curve for me!

Update!!! Went to new doctor for filler! Happy with results!

So after my last experience, I wasn't completely satisfied with the crack between my brows. It was still visible. Not sure why my doctor used Sculptra because according to MANY doctors on this forum, that is a place on the face it's NOT supposed to be used! Hmmmmm??? So I sought out another highly qualified plastic surgeon and he gave me a filler called boletero. Unlike Sculpra, the results were immediate and much better. Crack is barely visible now! I will not be returning to the original doctor, I am going to continue to use this new one. I am also planning to do Botox with him once my original results begin to wear off!
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