Just Got a Other Mistake... Why Didn't I Just Get Rid of the First One.. - Oklahoma City, OK

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Where to begin without sounding completely idiotic...

Where to begin without sounding completely idiotic... I'm only 22 years old, I have a son Im married now, & when I was fifteen I got a bow done and some buddies apartment and then later when I was 18 got it redone professionally because it looked like trash. now at 22 years old and i had the bright idea to cover the bow with a portrait of my son looking into the Galaxy. I go to a local tattoo shop and get what's the start of my cover up done. I've only had it for 4 days and I hate it. I don't think it looks like my son. the bows not even covered yet, its just sitting right under the portrait. I was supposed to go back this Thursday to get the Galaxy finished which would be covering the bow but I'm so scared that I'm just going to be making a bigger darker mistake. now I have two completely separate tattoos right on top of each other on one arm and I feel like absolute trash. I am young so I do have the time to get it removed I just don't want to be 30 and still having to go through this. I want to have a clean slate by at least age 27. I don't want to be tattooed at all anymore. I don't want to be this person. I was hoping to join this site to find people that I can relate with.. am I the only one that's gotten a fresh tattoo & automatically hates it ? maybe I'm thinking too hard into it but if I can't be happy looking at my own arm how can I ever be happy? I have a laser removal consultation set up for tomorrow instead of going and getting my tattoo Thursday. I cancelled the tat and is now going to be looking into removing both of my big mistakes. I am very terrified ! I come here seeking guidance and support people... my husband is on board all the way even though we just wasted $300 on a picture of a kid I don't even know who it is. Is there anything that I can do to prep myself for tattoo laser removal? Any vitamins I can take anything to help my blood circulation to pump the ink out anyway to fade this brand-new tattoo I got anything to help me get this off of my arm would be helpful. Please don't judge me, I realize that I am young and dumb and trust me I'm living with it. I feel like that's enough shame I need to bear.. everything I'm reading about the laser removal tells me that this is probably going to be the longest journey ahead of me not only am I very pale skin but it is my whole forearm thats covered now from my wrist to my elbow but facing inward, so it's far from my heart, which takes longer healing.... I'm just really nervous cause I can't believe I just made the second biggest mistake of my life thinking it was going to make the first one better.

Vlog.. I have to spread my story

We are not alone, but it sure feels like it...
Here's a vide of my wrecked-ness. This is the fifth morning its been like this... I'm dead on the inside guys.... I need life brought back to me

Its getting better

Hey guys so after sitting here and reading all of your comments and after sitting with myself and my husband for the last week since having my tattoo I've decided that it's getting better. I did have a laser consultation that I went to. I was probably more upset leaving that place than I was before because she told me they didn't even have the technology to remove such a large tattoo. So with that being said and Kat von d concealer doing nothing for such vibrant work, I decided that I'm just going to go ahead and get it finished. Maybe the reason I'm hating it so much isnt because of what it is but it's because of whats still there that i originally hated...the bow. I mean it is a picture of my son and it does definitely look like him I agree that the eyes need to be a little bit fixed but it's nothing too serious. I really hope that you guys can feel free to still message me I'm going to keep my blog updated so everybody can find out I guess what happened to me I didn't just fall off the face of the Earth. Lol. Tattoos are permanent so if you're reading any of this you've probably already gotten one you're questioning but if you haven't gotten any how about just wait. And don't just go into the first tattoo shop that's down the street from your house do some research talk to artists get some stencils on your arm sit with the stencils for a couple days and see if that's truly what you want.

Video update

Returning from the darkness
No more tears, just Pokemon go

Its been a minute y'all..

Hey guys! I've been gone awhile, doing a lot of soul searching and all plus making that money for whatever I'm about to do with this left forearm of mine. *sigh* so my update... so today Monday August 22nd I was supposed to have my second cover up appointment I had called about 3 days ago and scheduled it because I decided I was going to go ahead and just finish what I started. For the next 3 days it was hell all over again. Actually ended up sleeping at my dad's house because of the fear of this dwelling in my own thoughts basically. I had a hard time sleeping over there too though. I was up constantly thinking about it wondering what it was going to be come , am i just making it worse, what am I going to do? What is he going to do? This is all too fast. I decided to cancel the appointment the day before. I was sad about it , I want results and I want them now but at the same time I'm sleeping again. I'm doing a little research for different options and there is one that has made me feel the best so far. It's a mix between getting another covered up on one of my tattoos and getting the other one completely just lasered off. It's a decision that settles with me well and doesn't make my stomach turn. I don't know how much it's going to cost and I don't have anybody in mind as to who to do this work and the laser removal but I was told of a place called Mariposa and it's supposed to do large area laser removal here in Oklahoma. Once I have the money I plan on getting a consultation with them to remove one of my tattoos and since this is going to be such a process that will give me a good amount of time to think of what to cover the other one with.

Playing with makeup tonight

My attitude has been very positive since I canceled the appointment and for the last 2 nights have just buckled down into research mode. Now u guys may think I'm crazy considering how bad I reacted after getting this portrait, but I've stumbled upon something called black work.. It probably won't appeal as an option to many here, but I've found for me, its a good possibility for half of my tattoos. There's a new style of tattooing where a specialized artist basically covers the area with all black and tattoos over the black with white. This to is a process and u will most likely have to get the white done multiple times but I'm loving the uniqueness and simplicity of it. I have a good idea on how to make the black work feminine , i can post pictures of my ideas as well later when i play with some photoshopping :) Some of u are probably like my husband and think "a picture of ur son is way better then a black square" but u guys.. Hear me out... I took this picture like a week before my appointment, I had the appointment and just took pictures of my son until I had one I liked. Its not the best picture of him, its just recent. I wanted him @ 2 years old because he's absolutely a blast at this age, but man... I rushed EVERYTHING about this tattoo, plus the shop I got it at was the kind of place u just go in slap it on and go. I had to ask to look at the stencil in the mirror haha. All the red flags were up I just somehow managed to be oblivious to the whole "this is gonna be on it arm for the rest of your life". I love my son more than anything in this world, but his face floating on my arm isn't a good representation of my love for him. I don't want anyone to think I'm blacking out my son or something like that. This tattoo is not my son... This is some guys $300 representation of my son. I'm taking my time with all this though. I'll be talking to MULTIPLE people the specialize in blackwork/ all white ink tattoos and as for the bow... I'm gonna TRY to laser that sucker right off. I feel like everyone before they get a tattoo should find a way to get it temporarily put on them first , something that only lasts a week or so but is what u were wanting whatever it may be, so u can sit with it, Stare at it, and when u decide u hate it, it just fades away haha. But that's just an idea.. For anyone who hasn't already taken the plunge, get some fake tats drawn on ya first and see if its what u want or play with makeup, draw on yourself with marker, whatever it is to get a "feel" cause I tell u what.. When its already there... U could feel something else entirely about it.

Good lord..

I just read my own profile and can't believe how much I've bounced around on it... I accepted it for a moment there but I'm back to hating it haha it's just not eating me up as much but finding a solution is now. I've read story after story on here and haven't seen the full on 100% success story of laser removal .. I don't want to undergo all these treatments and spend all this money to end up getting a cover up anyway.. I'm so torn. My tattoos are my whole forearm. To get another cover up would mean basically getting a half sleeve... Am I ready for that? Or am i ready to just pray to god for the next 2-3 years some of this shit can get zapped off.... Currently I just made some little sleeves I wear on my forearm everyday.. It works but I'd much prefer to just be comfortable enough with my own arm.. Like I used to be before July....

Cover up first or laser?

So I've been looking at cover uos and laser stories any free time I get, and I've seen some good progress with the picosure. The bow tattoo on my wrist is a good 8 years old so is might lighten up better then I'm thinking. As for the portrait... Its so colorful, its so big.. *sigh* its the weirdest thing because yes its a picture of my son and it makes me smile cause its a pic of him smiling, but when I look in the mirror I'm just like wtf was I thinking haha. It being so colorful though , I think it wouldn't be hard to cover up with something else colorful.

Consultation on thursday

So I have a laser consultation on the 15!!
The place is called mariposa and the lady on the phone sounded great. She said she's actually going through treatments as well and is on #9 . I had called them right after I got the portrait of my son and they had the q switch yag. Now she said they have the enlighten and its worked a lot better for her. I have done some research and I'm seeing food results with the enlighten. Anyone else using this laser? I'm wanting to just blast both my tattoos at this point. I can't even think of anything I'd want permanently on my skin... Nothing seems good enough anymore. Hoping this consultation goes well!!

Had my consultation

So I had my consultation today at a place called Mariposa and it went surprisingly well except the price. The place is really nice clean and fancy the girls there were helpful and not judgemental it was really nice the only thing was I was quoted about $6,500 that's a lot of money . And that's only for 6 treatments. They said that they're real confident with this laser they had the q switch yag prior to the Enlighten and now that they've got the Enlighten they're selling the q switch. It's not even an option at their Clinic anymore. However since they just got the Enlighten they don't really have any before after pictures of this laser. They did of the laser prior but not of the enlighten. What do you guys think of that price is that normal for this type of laser? I'm paying for only 6 treatments but they're telling me that in the 6 my tattoos should be gone is that realistic?! I see everybody on here having to go about 13 if not more times if I'm having to do this 13 times that means I'm paying $13,000 holy cow. I am by no means Rich guys what am I going to do. I can do this first 6 treatments I'll save up that money I'll find a way but I don't want to invest in this and put my life on hold with this $6,000 if its not even going to work. What do you guys think *sigh* I need some advice. They're kind of the only Laser Clinic around to do such a big tattoo... I had first gone to a place called anticipation and the lady there literally told me that she doesn't have the proper equipment but should be willing to try then she told me about Mariposa and I told her that's all I needed to hear. So now I'm just wondering if mariposa is scamming me or if its really gonna work.

Don't know where to go

Called another place and no one answered. there's no reviews on Google for this place, and the voicemail sounds like someone's house... I have been to 2 places and called three. I'm having a hard time finding places here in Oklahoma that will work on this big of a tattoo. We took a trio to Colorado the other day, my family is really stressed and and my husband and I decided let's do something different and we just went. I really needed it. Made me see a whole new life for a change. We are back now and its back to reality. I got to find a way to get this off my arm. I'm going to research more dermatologist offices and see if I'll get lucky. If not I might have to go to Denver for my treatments when i go on vacations there. That would suvk considering I would have a lot slower process but Oklahoma isn't having much luck.

What's the deal with the south

A place in Texas closest to OK quoted me $900 per treatment. There killing me with these prices!! If I'm having to drive to Egypt anyways guess in going west. I called a place in Denver and left a message.
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