44 Have Always Had Bigger Lips but They Were Starting to Lose Fullness. Oklahoma City, OK

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I had been considering getting lip injections for...

I had been considering getting lip injections for quite a while. I didn't want to change the shape of my lips, I just wanted to plump them up and enhance their natural shape. I went to the Dr with the intention of using Restylane but the Dr acted like she only used it to fill lines around the mouth and suggested I use the silicon 1000 instead. On a whim I did it which is really pretty dumb since it is permanent and I've never tried lip injections before. Luckily it is input in very small amounts so change won't be drastic unless I decide to do additional treatments.

The shots were painless but felt a little weird because after she would poke it in I could feel her injecting in different directions. She did one poke on each side of each lip. All went smoothly until the poke. As soon as she pulled the needle out my lip started swelling and pooling with blood. She held it tight for a while and that seemed to control the swelling and bleeding. I left and over the next hour I could feel it getting a little bigger and then all of a sudden it literally started blowing up before my eyes and the Bruins was spreading. Mostly on just one side of my upper lip. Once it got so big it started spreading to the other side. It literally looked like my lip was going to pop like a big o blood blister. I sat down for about an hour keeping constant pressure on it. It improved quite a bit after that but it was still huge and badly bruised.. Here are some pics of the first 24 hrs of my experience. I'm going to attach the pics in a separate post. I don't want to lose this post incase it screws up.

Pictures from day of treatment and first 24hr

Pictures from day of treatment and first 24hr. Treatment was at about 3:25 Pm.

2 days after procedure

2 days after procedure

6 days after treatment.

Bruising is gone and I think swelling has too. Difference is minimal but I think they def look a little fuller. I knew it was a multiple treatment procedure so I not disappointed or surprised by that. Top lip is a little asymmetric but it was before. I'll see if she can correct that next time. Everything I've read says the silikon triggers your body to produce collagen, so I think they will get fuller as some more time passes.

9 days after first treatment

Today is 9 days after my first treatment. I think they are looking surprisingly fuller today. I hoped there would be some change over time since it is supposed to trigger collagen growth, but I really wasn't sure how noticeable it would be after only one treatment or how soon. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Second treatment

Today it is 4 weeks after first treatment and day of second treatment. I am love love loving my results. At the start of the review I out that I had paid $150, but I was mistaken. I actually paid $300 for the first treatment and $300 for the second.

21 hrs after second treatment

They look a little less full today. There was probably some swelling yesterday after the procedure. I know the silikon triggers my body to produce more collagen so this isn't the final product yet. I'm still loving them and looking forward to seeing how change over the next month.

1 week post 2nd treatment

I'm 1 week after my second treatment and 5 weeks after my first. I'm still loving my results!! My top lip is larger than my bottom but my natural lips were that way also and I like that I still look like me. :)

I can stop looking at my lips lol

I know it's only been a couple days, but I can't stop looking at them and comparing. I am really happy with my decision.

3 wks after 2nd treatment and 7 wks after 1st treatment

I'm so glad I did this, and I'm so glad it's permanent!! At this point I'm not sure if I'm going to get a 3rd treatment or not. No rush so I'm just going to wait and see how I feel about it as time passes. I've gotten several compliments from people that didn't know me before or know that I've had injections. ????

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

About 9 weeks after first treatment.

Little over 4 months post first treatment

I'm still loving my results. I love that they look natural and not overdone. I considered doing one more treatment but have decided not to for now. Mainly because I want to retain the natural look and because it's permanent, I don't want anything drastic that I might not like as much down the road. If I get the urge to go bigger, I might add some of the temporary fillers to it. I'm not expecting any major changes, so this will probably be my last update. Was definitely worth it for me.

Before (7yrs ago)

Here are some before pictures from about 7 years ago. I always had a full upper lip, so I wanted to retain my natural feature, and I think she did a great job at that.
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