Hollow Area at Back of Cheek and Jaw - Oklahoma City

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My right side wisdoms teeth grew in so crooked,...

My right side wisdoms teeth grew in so crooked, they caused significant bone loss up against my back molar. Overtime (10 yrs) the bone loss caused a hollow sunken area. I used sculptra and it improved this area, but it did not correct it to the level I wanted. At the suggestion of the Drs on here, I tried Radiesse and so far I'm trilled with the results. They had a special, so I was able to get the 1.5cc syringe for half off. The area could probably use a little more, but I'm going to wait it out for now.

Radiesse Before and After Pics

Here are the before and after pics. The after pic was taken 1 day after. There is still a small dent there but much better. After a month, I'll prob go back and have more injected.

Second treatment

For the first treatment I bought it through Amazon Local for 50% off of 1 syringe, so I paid $300. The amazon local special had a 1 per customer limit. The 1 syringe def improved the area, I still felt like it needed more but I wasn't willing to pay another $600 to get it. Especially since the effects of Radiesse fillers are not permanent and typically last less than a year. I found a Groupon for %50 off at the same medical spa, so I decided to do it. I had it done about 2 hours ago. It is really lumpy and bumpy right now, but i remember it being that way last time too, so I'm not worried about it. I'll take some more after pics once the lumps go away. Since this is the second treatment, it was hard to get a good picture showing the dented/hollowed area. It is def one of those things that only I ever notice, but I really think it does change the overall look of my face. So even though nobody ever noticed the dent before I had it filled, I think filling it greatly improves the look of my face.

Morning after second treatment

It is the morning after my second treatment. So far so good. There is still some very minor bumps/waviness. I don't know if this is swelling or the filler but it is very minor and I'm confident it will smooth out. I do have some asymmetry between the 2 sides of my face but hey, don't we all. Especially in our 40s. Part of this is partially due to my own face and bone structure, but I think partly contributed to by the sculptra and Radiesse. Initially we were trying to correct this area with sculptra because that is what I was using for the rest of my face. So I think part of the asymmetry is due to repeated sculptra injections in my jaw that I did not get as much on the other side. Plus adding the Radiesse and probably a little swollen right now. I will see how it heals and maybe try some more sculptra in the other jaw line.

Not worth it

I had a syringe injected 16 Aug and another one added 16 Oct. It looked good for a little while but the benefits did not last. Luckily I got them on special at half price because at full price I think it would be a total big waste of money.
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