25 Yr Old, 1 Handsome Little Boy, Breast Fed and Smaller Now the I Was Before Pregnancy - Oklahoma City, OK

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I have a consultation with Dr. Gonce tomrrow...

I have a consultation with Dr. Gonce tomrrow morning! And I don't know why I'm nervous it's not even the surgery! Lol I have only talked to Debroah over email and she seems extremely nice and she is very quick to get back to me! I need help on anyone whose gone to him how they feel and look and more


So i know there is different textures and sizes and I don't know what would be best for my build I don't want to go huge just to make my figure more even. I'm 128 pounds I am a 34A as of right now and I'm 5'1


I finally got to meet my doctor today DR. Gonce! His staff and himself were great and talked me through everything I've got my appointment on March 24th at 2pm and I can not wait!!!!


So my surgery is on March 24th!!!! I need major help I want a full C cup we went with 295cc in my left and 365cc in my right boob my left one is bigger then my right and i don't know if that's a huge jump or not it looked even in the bra at the consultation but I'm going to be able to try it on again before surgery! These are pictures of me now. And I can't decide if I should go bigger or what I'm so nervous I am 25 yrs old 130lbs and 5'1 currently a 34A maybe a small B cup

Help help

So I am currently a 34A maybe a small small B cup I had a consultation and I have one boob bigger then the other so we got 295cc in left boob and 365cc in my right boob it looked even in the bra but just curious if anyone else has had that big of a jump? I'm looking to be a full C cup I am 130lbs and I'm 5'1. I'm getting the full natrelle silicone where they are filled up.

14 more days!!

Ugh I feel like it's going so slow!! Lol I can't wait 14 days seems so far away! Lol

Wish pictures

Hoping they come close to these I have three more days and trying to get things done and ready around the house so I'm not freaking out!!

Before pics in surgery bra

Ahhh I have two of these since I'll have to wear it so often can't believe how close it all is


Tomorrow is the day!!! I can not wait I'm so nervous and excited today I'm going to do some deep clean shaving all over lol since I prob won't be able or want to for a few! Tomorrow at 11:30AM is when I will be in the back getting boobies!!! Trying not to think about it so I don't get butterflies and that I can sleep and not be up all night. 24hrs to go!

Today was the day!

So I went in for my BA this morning at 11:30AM I was so nervous I forgot all my stuff in the car lmao. And then we went back talked to me asked if I was needing any more questions asked did the measuring a again and he let me try sizers on again I went up on my size lol I know I know I was so set but I put a shirt on with the sizers and they looked so good so I got 415cc in right and 345cc in my left and they look so even I couldn't be happier just from all the oomph at the top of my bra. They took me back and I don't remember anything after that my son said he was in the room with me calling my name and said I was unresponsive so I was still out when I woke up I was in the car we got my meds some ihop lol I hardly even ate it I drank a lot of Gatorade and orange juice lol took half of my meds and nausea and antibiotic and passed out off and on I can reach my arms all the way up just alittle pain I have been doing that every hour and I can go potty on my own just can't pull off the toilet paper and I can't shut the car door just yet. Can't wait to see them tomorrow


Yay love them

Day after surgery

So yesterday went well! But once I feel asleep for more then an last night I woke up very sore at 5:30AM and tried to stretched and got up to potty and then tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn't do I finally woke my husband up to get me half a pain killer and it knocked me back out no trouble. Had to be back at 9AM to check them out they look great!!! Couldn't even tell their two different implants! He was amazing such a great doctor he is concerned and well rounded on making his patients feel good and comfortable! I still have to wear the bandage but when I shower I'll snap a quick picture but then have to wrap them up again. I am also super bloated I'm not usually this bloated but ever since the surgery I've been bloated any one else? Well I go back in 10 days to get the taping off if not already off and make sure stitching looks up to par thanks for all the support and hope everyone else is healing well and it getting ready for your upcoming surgery good luck!!

Holy moly

I've got some cleavage I get happy and forget all the pain when I look at them I can't wait till they fluff and get in place to see it fully I'm so happy with this decision I haven't seen this much cleavage on myself since I had breast fed!! I also shower tonight when I get home I'm so excited I can't complain though I know a lot of people have to wait a week before they can shower I just feel stinky since the day of surgery I sweating like crazy bc I was nervous! Lol

Drinking my flat tummy tea

This stuff is amazing it helped with bloating before surgery and I hope it does just the same for this bloating I've got going on now lol

Finally pictures day 2 after surgery

And wow their huge to me I'm hoping I didn't go to big!! When their wrapped down they aren't so big looking but I finally got around to getting to take pictures before my bath time I had an alone moment before my child would come busting through the doors lol. So far still feeling bloated I've been eating really good though to help that out I'm going to start smoothies like lovely fitness bunny has suggested since I have my chia seeds to mix with it so I can have more bowel movements only had one today :/ but I've been feeling really good I do have to lay down for at least an hour or 30 min nap since I've been having it rough sleeping through the night I just can't sleep on my back pain isn't so bad honestly I've barely touched my pain killers and what I have been taking is only half of one but I'm doing great and can't wait till the drop and fluff happy boobies ladies good luck on any surgeries or recoveries!! So glad we are all getting to help one another and get through it together!!

My incesions

Can't even see them their def tucked way under my crease which is nice I won't have to worry about them showing to much :)

Day five after surgery

So sorry I haven't been able to update much I'm home alone throughout the day with my 4 year old and puppy so it's alittle bit of a busy house usually when it's just me. But so far I am off the pain meds they are looking good and dropping nicely and I have had alittle sharp pain here and especially in my left but nothing I can't handle its just here and there like right when I wake up and do my arm stretches. My bloating has finally settled alittle but I still have some can't wait till it's all the way down lol. Been drinking tons of water. Haven't had much cravings since afterwards has that been with anyone else?? Like I haven't really been hungry is it because of the bloating maybe idk weird. But here are some pictures

Really hope I didn't go to big

I hope that it's still really early and that they will start to drop and look less massive! Sometimes I think maybe I should've stayed with the original size we picked idk fingers crossed I'm day 9 post op in the picture

My breast implant type

Here is my card with what kind of implants I received and size


So the one on the left is the size I got and the one in the right is the one I was original one I was going to get they don't seem like a big difference do they? But in they do crazy how that is. Their the exact same implant just different ccs the left is mine the 415 natrelle srf full profile. And the left is 365 same implant as the 415

I'm 2 weeks tomorrow!

Went to my check up today and got my tapes off and the scars look really good! I was nervous at first I don't have to do any massages he said their doing amazing on dropping on their own and that I just need to let them be at ease and to make sure to were my compression bra or a very tight bra for a month and then I will go back in 6 weeks. They are starting to slow down in swelling so that's nice I have pictures here with me in a shirt and also a picture from the day after surgery and today next to one another that the doctor took. I hope everyone is healing greatly and I will continue telling you all about my journey as well :)!! ???? Also excuse my gut!! I just started my period right before the appointment and bloated as ever but I do get to go back and do some very light cardio as long as I strap them down lol

Finally able to go to the gym

I feel great no more soreness or anything still get major morning boob that's all and I asked if I could go to the gym and do light cardio and I got the ok but not to take it crazy were they will be bouncing everywhere so the bicycle is going to be my best friend and squats until I can get back into weight training lol

Like them better in clothes

I like them in clothes they don't look massive but I feel so uncomfortable naked or in a bathing suit top or anything with a deep plunge like I am just to massive why


So I will be three weeks on Thursday I have been having an annoying sharp pain in my left boobie especially when I laugh :/ but the doc said it was most likely my nerves trying to reattach or the muscle it's self I really hope so and that I didn't do to much I did a lot of yard work this weekend and deep cleaning in the house. Also my massive dog was acting crazy and almost yanked my arm out of socket so I'm praying I didn't mess anything up.
Other then that it's been great still playing the waiting game for them to drop I can tell my left one is dropping a lot but that is the one with the smaller implant just waiting for this 415cc to play catch up lol. I hope everyone is doing great and healing well! I am going to Florida for an entire week on Thursday and idk what I'm going to wear for a bathing suit top I haven't even began to try any on! But idk if I should even wear on bc I'm suppose to wear the bra as much as possible unless showering what do you all think I should do? Bc I want to tan but don't want to risk anything especially for how much this new girls cost lol. Well happy healing I'll update when I can :)
I almost forgot what I have been using for my scars I have scar away silicone strips they hurt when I take them off at night but I wear them all day and it came with this case I use to put them in after I wash them and then at night time I use derma e scar gel

Update 4 weeks tomorrow

So sorry I have been on vacation and I haven't been able to write any one back or update anything tomorrow I am 4 weeks and I am able to lay on my sides to sleep but I still have a tad bit of morning boob but doesn't last as long my right one is still high and just starting to get to the point as if it isn't ever going to drop :( but it is also my bigger implant but if the right one turns out to look anything like my left I will be so blessed I love love the way my left one looks super natural. I still can't reach all the way back but I'm looking more toward being able to sleep on my tummy again I miss it! My scars are literally almost unnoticeable I was going to take pictures of them but my little man busted through the doors lol so I covered up quickly lol but so far I'm starting to feel more like me again. And I have swam a few and I can tell when I should just float rather then swim with arm motion lol. Hope all you beatific ladies are doing great and healing even better!! Have a blessed day!! :)


Aerie was having buy one get one free so I thought why not I can't wear them yet bc it's not May 5th yet can't wait till I can sleep with out it!!! Lol

And sorry for the horrid pics I just got out of the shower and had a face mask on lol
My right is still higher you can kind of tell in the pictures but it is the bigger one. So if anyone knows of something I could use are take to help it drop faster that would be amazing!!!

Sleeping with out a bra

Ah tonight is the first night I don't have to wear that surgical bra!! And I am so excited it's been almost a month in a half and I've been wearing that bra non stop!!! Lol now I get to let them breathe!

More pictures

You can still see that my right one is still being stubborn and won't drop still high
Dr. Gonce

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