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I’ve always been the skinny girl…with no boobs. I ...

I’ve always been the skinny girl…with no boobs. I started working out with a trainer in Aug (2016) and I have loved every minute of it. I’m getting stronger and leaner. My husband loves my new booty and muscles but one thing he mentioned is, my boobs are getting smaller. I didn’t have much to lose at it was! Plus my mom belly skin is getting even worse!

I have a close friend who had a BA last year and I have two friends at the gym who had tummy tucks. At first I decided to just do the BA and wait on the TT to spread out the financial commitments. I had second thoughts once I got my exercise restrictions from my ps. Why would I want to go through recovery time twice? So Friday I confirmed both procedures with Dr Gonce in OKC. My friend went to Gonce and a few acquaintances also went there and they all had nothing but amazing things to say about him.

I’m really excited but also really nervous! I’ve probably been driving my husband and friends nuts this week with a million questions and venting my thoughts (I kept flip flopping on my decision). I can't wait to have a flat stomach and boobs!! My surgery date is 1/12!

Prep has started...

I've read a lot of girls that said a neck pillow was an essential. Found this gem at Wal-Mart today. The kids are already fighting me for it.

Now my trainer knows :)

So today I told my trainer about my surgery. We have talked about it before especially the tummy tuck part. I'd like to train for a bikini body building competition next year. Actually was planning to in May but I don't know if I will make that one now which is totally ok. I'm currently training for a power lifting completion a week before my surgery. I'm by no means doing it to win any awards. I'm just doing it to have the experience and benchmark and celebrate all of my hard work. I couldn't do 5 sit-ups when I stepped in the gym three and a half months ago. My thighs have increased in size from 13 (chicken legs) to now 20.

Anyways I feel really good. He's trained many other women through surgeries so I'm confident he will help me get back to normal in no time (within my Drs guidelines of course).

Happy Thanksgiving! First dreams

I had my first dreams about surgery last night. Bigger fear, losing my pain meds! Lol

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday.

Getting closer

3 weeks 6 days until my power lifting competition
4 weeks 4 days until my surgery!

I'm getting so excited. I'm working out five days a week. I'm going to be in the best shape of my life going into the surgery. Hopefully it will help me bounce back quicker. I found some wish pics below. I think her size looks perfect.

Still working hard

Here are a couple progress pics from working out. I'm about two weeks out from surgery and getting excited. My powerlifting competition is on 1/7 and I'm stronger than ever. Right now I'm deadlifting 175, bench 79 and squat 90. I also bought some cute new thongs that I can't wait to wear after I'm healed.

Also uploading a few more wish pics. I've been thinking a lot about implant size. I don't want to go too big. I think around a C.

Still working hard

Here are a couple progress pics from working out. I'm about two weeks out from surgery and getting excited. My powerlifting competition is on 1/7 and I'm stronger than ever. Right now I'm deadlifting 175, bench 70 and squat 90. I also bought some cute new thongs that I can't wait to wear after I'm healed.

Also uploading a few more wish pics. I've been thinking a lot about implant size. I don't want to go too big. I think around a C.

More pics

The last update didn't upload all my pics. Here they are.

One week out

One week away. Competing in a powerlifting meet in three days. Super excited. It's kept my mind off surgery. Right now my bench is 90, deadlift 185 and squat 105. I'm going to ask my trainer to take measurements tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm lean as I've been in a very long time. Excited to make some upgrades and get bikini ready. Here's a pic of me deadlifting at home today. No boobs to see here lol! Not for long though.

Four days pre surgery update

Well I competed in my first powerlifting competition yesterday and what an amazing experience it was. My coaches, my team, the competitors, the experience ... WHAT A RUSH! And I'm so glad I did this right before my surgery. That way when I'm feeling down and questioning my decision for surgery I will remember all of my hard work and my journey and how I'm just getting started. Pain is temporary. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Can't believe I'm heading up to OKC tomorrow!

Leaving tomorrow for OKC and surgery consult. Then surgery is Thursday at 8 am. I'm super excited! I did another round of before pics. I'll update tomorrow after consult.

Pre sx pics

Night before and consultation

I had my consultation and sizing today with Dr Gonce. He is so awesome. Very easy to be around. I'm still debating between 295cc (my left) and 325cc (my right). I think I'm going with the bigger. They are overfilled HP silicone. Attaching some pics of the sizers. Surgery is 8am tomorrow! Also so excited he said I won't have drains for my tummy tuck. I'm so exited. See y'all on the other side. ????

I made it!

Well I made it! We ended up putting 295cc in my left and 325 in my right. When we sized again this morning we realized my left had more natural tissue. Thinking about it now; it's always been that way. So dr said he would put the sizers in during surgery to see which one looked better. He said he really thought I was between the two but there's no implant size between 295 and 325.

We are on our way home and should be there in an hour. I had to cough and OH SHIT! Lol but it's nothing I haven't been through with my two c-sections so I expected it.

About Dr Gonce and the staff - everyone is so nice. I highly recommend!!

Day 1 post op

Feeling sore but not as bad as I imagined. Keeping up with my pain meds. Trying to rest but also getting up and walking when I can. I got to take everything off for a few seconds and let it breathe. I felt like I was going to pass out so the pics aren't that great. I noticed afterward that the gauze on my TT incision is off of it so I'll take it off next time. PS said I could take it off but I wanted it there as extra cushion.

I'm on a liquid diet until I start pooping. I am mixing egg whites, protein powder, spinach, fruit and peanut butter. Also throwing in BCAAs once a day. I started fiber gummies and stool softener today too. I remember my first poops after my c-sections and they sucked. So I'm hoping to avoid that.

I got an app called Round for tracking meds and vitamins. It's working pretty well. I included some screen shots of that too.

Happy healing ladies!

Day 2 post op

Day 2 post op

I'm so pleased with my results so far. And very happy I did this! Everything is looking as expected. I love the placement and look of my scars. I'm still on a liquid diet until I can get my bowels moving again. I started stool softeners and fiber gummies yesterday.

I have to stay on top of my pain meds. As long as I do that, I'm fine. I got up today and played memory with my 3 year old at the island counter.

My neck hurts so bad from sleeping on the recliner. So I've been covering it in Biofreeze and also icing it. I have two neck pillows and I think one is too big and that's what I slept with the first day. So I'm trying out this other small one. Plus it vibrates. My other complaint is the pain meds make me super super itchy!! So I've started taking Benadryl which definitely helps.

Can't wait to take a shower tomorrow!

Day 3 post op and a shower!

Not much to report today. Feeling better than yesterday. Got a shower in today too. My neck is feeling better after reevaluating my sitting/sleeping positions. Now my butt hurts lol. It could be worse I suppose.

I'm swollen and lumpy lol but I know it will look better soon. Can't wait for my new body!!

Day 4 post op and still no poop

Not much new to report. I am so bloated and swollen. I didn't sleep well last night. So I napped a bunch today. I think the pin meds (oxycodone) are making me have crazy vicid dreams. At one point in my dream I was crying and I thought I woke up crying. My son said I was talking in my sleep. I'm going to try to start tapering off the pain meds. I cut the dose in half tonight. We will see how it goes.

I drank some Magnesium Citrate by recommendation of my PS nurse. We will see if that gets things moving. I'm tired of drinking my food. Lol

Since my PS is four hours away I sent pics from days 1-3 to them yesterday and they said all looks well. I'll send two week pics next week. They are so nice and helpful and super responsive. I have some tension around my right breast incision which she said is totally normal. Other than that things seem par for course. I am a bit emotional today but I think it's meds plus lack of sleep plus cabin fever. Our dog has cancer and we are putting him down tomorrow. Didn't really want to deal with it right now but I can't watch him suffer.

I start my last semester of grad school tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having that to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks.

I'm loving my new body! I have boobs!! Lol

Magnesium Citrate did the job

Day 5 - woke up and had an easy BM. Magnesium Citrate worked well. Going to eat some real food now. Happy healing everyone.

Day 6

Feeling so much better today. I've cut back on the oxycodone and have started taking Motrin in between the oxy. I felt like a new person today. I am still taking it slow and easy. Hopefully I will get out of the house today for a bit.

I was able to take off and put on a shirt by my self last night. Wanted to see if this shirt still fit. :)

Can't wait to see the finished product in the shirt.

One week update

Nothing much new to update. I'm moving to Aleve for pain relief from today on. Everything is on track and par for the course. The pinching I had around my right breast incision has went away. I'm still sore and slow moving but standing more and more upright everyday. I am tired of being in the house but I want to take it super easy for another week. I might try sleeping in my own bed tonight. Happy healing ladies!

Took a shower and played dress up

So I'm off oxy as of yesterday morning and doing just fine. I had some Aleve yesterday afternoon but nothing today. I'm surviving just ok!

I took a shower by myself this morning. While drying off I decided to try on a couple bathing suits. I am in love with my results! The before pictures below are from August before I started working out.

I can't wait for lake season! There are going to be some surprised faces from our boating friends I'm sure. ??

My review of Dr Gonce and staff - Five stars!!

Review of DrGonce and staff

I had my preop the day before my surgery because I was an out of town patient. I live in the Dallas area and Dr Gonce is in Oklahoma City. My good friend went to Gonce for a BA and a few of our acquaintances have gone to him as well. He is highly rated and budget friendly. My BA and TT were $10k. Separately they are $4500 and $6000 but I received a $500 discount for doing them together.

Dr Gonce's office is in an office type building. I'm not sure what other kind of offices are there but it's set up like a really nice OBGYN office. It's nicely decorated and upper scale.

I checked in with the office manager and didn't wait long to go back. I was the only patient in the office. My husband was there with me.

We were taken back to a room which was like an office and one nurse talked about the surgeries and general info and risks. We talked about implant size and looked at before and after pics. She also answered questions. She was super nice.

We went back into the waiting room and right as we sat down I was called back to an exam room. Well first I had to give a urine sample probably as a pregnancy test.

Dr gonce came in and we used sizers to pick out my size. I explained that I wanted to be around a C cup. Big enough to enhance my body type but not noticeably huge. We started with mid 200, can't remember maybe 235? I also Tried 295 and 325. Dr Gonce never maybe me feel rushed. We took our time to pick the right size. I decided on 295.

He answered all of my questions. We talked about how the next morning and surgery would go and then we went home. Well we went to our hotel. :)

We arrived about 15 mins early the next morning for surgery. Again not a lot of waiting around, none really. Everything was very timely. I went back to the exam room and we resized again. I told Dr Gonce I decided to go bigger with the 325. Through sizing this time we realized that my left breast had more tissue than the right. So we compared the 295 to the 325. It was kind of in between. The 325 on the left looked bigger than the 325 on the right and the 295 looked smaller. So Dr Gonce said he would try both during surgery and make a decision there.

Dr Gonce marked me up and one of his nurses took pictures. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked routine questions. Then it was time to go back to the surgery room.

They walked me to the surgery room, laid me on the table and put in my IV. They asked me to tell them something interesting about myself and we started talking about powerlifting. I was out before I knew it. Lol

Next thing I remember is the nurse helping get me into my truck to go home!

We drove back to Dallas that day. I wanted to not remember the drive home so thought that would be the best bet and it was. I remember stopping a couple of times and I remember walking into the house but the drive was fine.

I have been very pleased with how the Drs office has followed up with me despite the fact that I'm an out of town patient. They requested that I send day 1 pics which I did and received a prompt response on.

I've sent numerous emails to his nurse and always receive prompt responses. They have a follow up schedule but I can email anytime with any questions and always receive prompt responses.

His nurse even checked in with me outside of the routine schedule after we hadn't corresponded for a couple of days. They truly care about their patients.

Also when meeting with Dr Gonce he explained that he basically warranties his work for one year. So if I would need scar revision or such, I would only have to pay the anesthesiologist fee! How awesome is that. He said it's his work and he wants it to look amazing.

I highly recommend Dr Gonce. Everyone in his office is so nice. Everything has gone better than expected. I definitely give Dr Gonce five stars!

Day 11 - feeling great and finally moving

Day 11. I'm standing upright today. Mobility is pretty good. I can bend down, over and across just fine (as much as the binder will let me). I meal prepped today and was Standing for hours cooking and my back is really tired and sore. Like really tired. I read about this but thought I'd have an advantage from weight lifting. But dang it hurts. lol once I sit down and give it a rest, it's ok. I had to rest 30 mins every couple hours. I'm surprisingly not really swollen either.

Aleve PM gave me restless leg syndrome. I will be going back to my trusty Alteril for sleep aid.

2 week update

I am a couple days past my two week mark. I sent updated pictures to my PS (I'm an out of town patient). They said everything looks good. I was instructed to remove the surgical tape and start scar treatment. I'm to continue wearing the binder until next check in which is a month out. I'm getting pretty annoyed with the thing but I'm following the doctors orders.

I pulled my surgical tape off in the shower Friday and almost passed out. I have a little spot on my TT incision that looked like a hole. I wasn't sure if I ripped my incision open or what but it got me light headed and I almost passed out. My husband says it's just a wrinkle with old iodine in it. I sent pics to my PS and the nurse said it looks like my skin got irritated under the tape. She said don't put the scar gel on that part until it dried out.

The regiment for scar treatment is silicone sheeting during the day and scar gel at night. The PS recommended some items from a website. I got some Mepitac silicone tape before surgery though so I tried that out. I don't know what happened but last night (first day of scar treatment) I took the tape off and put the gel on as instructed. I put a tank top on and then the binder on over my tank so I didn't get gel all over my binder. Well I went to go take pull my binder up so I could wipe the gel off that little "hole" on my incision and my tank top was stuck to my entire TT incision!! I don't know if it was tape residue or the gel. It freaked me out. My husband and sister saved me by putting warm water all over the tank top. It came right up.

So I went ahead and ordered the silicone sheeting that my PS recommended. I'll keep using the Mepitac until it gets here. Hopefully no more sticking tank tops.

I've had a pretty easy recovery but yesterday tested me. I can't complain though because it wasn't that bad.

I'm sharing my two week pics and the scar treatment stuff I talked about.

3 week update

Recovery is going well, actually better than I anticipated. I'm very mobile, standing upright and posture is almost completely back to normal. My back doesn't get tired anymore either. I can sleep in my bed, on my back or on my side. I still prefer my recliner though. :)

I would say my energy is about 90% as well. It's the swelling that gets me. I went back to the office Monday and went to the gym after. It wasn't too bad. However by the time I got off work Tuesday I felt like a stuffed pig. Wednesday that feeling came around 1pm. So I worked at home today and going to work at home tomorrow to stay off my feet.

Like I said, I started back at the gym. Luckily my trainer is very familiar with surgery rehab. I'm taking it super easy, focusing on mobility and doing some TRX body weight exercises. It's boring but I know it's what I need right now. It's nice to get out, see my friends and get moving.

Scar treatment is going well. The tape irritates my skin a tad. I'm going to order the silicone sheets my PS recommended to try them out.

I am including pics for progress. I'm also posting a pic of the supplements I'm taking. Hope this helps.

3 week before and afters

I just made this pic so I thought I would share.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend DrGonce. Everyone in his office is so nice. Everything has gone better than expected. I definitely give DrGonce five stars!

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