33 Years Old, 2 Kids, Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck - Oklahoma City, OK

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I don't feel like I was ever perky after my...

I don't feel like I was ever perky after my breasts fully grew in size. Of course, I'm sure breastfeeding and weight loss hasn't helped. But, I remember having stretch marks and sagging as early as 19-20 years old.

My youngest is two now, and I lost about 50 pounds in a 6-9 month period. I've been a stable 130 weight now for about 1.5 years. The surgeon I've gone to says he thinks I'd need a lollipop scar to lift them much. I am hoping the lift is going to be enough to make me happy. I really don't want to get implants.

The surgeon gave me the option of a mini or full, but made sure I knew the mini wouldn't correct anything above the belly button. The full should get rid of my pooch and most of my stretch marks, so I am pretty excited for that. I work out quite a bit, so it's frustrating to never be able to lose the belly even with wearing such a small size and being thinner than I've ever been in my life.

My tummy tuck was originally scheduled for Feb of 2017, and the breast lift for Aug 4, 2016. But, my tummy tuck just got moved up to the same day as my lift.

Took these today before my bath.

I am pretty nervous about surgery. I've never had surgery or been put under before, so this is a little scary for me.

These pictures really show how much extra skin I've go hanging on me. I wear a size 0-2 normally.

My muffin top

Compression socks

I have to wear these for five days before and five days after surgery. It's like 95-100 degrees here. Help me. Lol

Out of surgery

I had my surgery this morning. I'm resting at home now. My husband is taking care of me while my aunt watches our kids.

My breasts barely hurt at all. They just sting. My stomach doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, but it is very painful. I am very sore below the tummy tuck incision, and sore through my abdomen.

Nurse kissing and cycle bummer

I forgot to mention I started my period this morning just because surgery. Of course!

Also, the nurse told me that I kissed her on the cheek for 20 seconds and told her thank you. She said I them followed that up with a forehead kiss. Hahaha!

I also saw my son, who was not there) running down the hall outside of the recovery room. Lol!! I was having all kinds or really short vivid dreams as I slipped in and out while waking up.

Day 2 Pics

I got really lightheaded and nauseous when my surgeon removed my binder and bandages. I guess just the sight made me sick. He said everything looked great though.

Forgot a pic

This was in the post op area.

More light headedness

I got pretty sick feeling again when we removed my bandages for my shower today. My vaginal/labia area is very swollen and tender. I think that's making it look like my incision is higher than it actually is.

Day Three

I took about 5mg of oxycodone early this morning, but I think I'll be fine without it from now on. My vaginal area is still very swollen.

Day Four

I put my post op pic back up next to my pic from today. I'm REALLY hoping the incision gets lower as the swelling goes down. Right now it seems much higher than the drawing.

Day five

I'm trying to take pics after my shower each day just to track progress. I think the swelling seems to have gone down quite a bit since yeaterday. My mons area isn't nearly as sore as it was. I put some makeup on today. Going to do my hair after I rest a bit. It's my daughter's birthday, and a couple of family members are coming over for cake. Thank goodness my husband is being a saint in keeping up with everything. Haha!

Day six

Had a check up today. They said everything was healing nicely. I'll go back in two weeks for another checkup, and he said we'd discuss scar treatments at that point.

Day 8

Forgot pics yesterday at one week. The swelling has gone done some more.


Some of my tape has started falling off. Scars aren't looking bad around the areola. They're more raised and near the crease of my breasts. The last pic is where a piece of the tummy tuck scar is showing. I have an appt on Wednesday, and my surgeon will most likely remove the rest of the tape then. I'll post more pics then.

More Progress

Still healing up. They didn't end up taking off my tape. They said to come back next week for them to apply silicone strips to the tummy tuck incision. Some of the dark spots that look like bruising are where the Sharpie is still on my skin from surgery.

All bandages off!

I finally got all my bandages off!

I went to the doctor again on Monday for them to out this strip that I thinkers silicone tape of some sort on my tummy tuck incision. The strips were $45 a piece, and they said I'd need two to go across the entire length of the incision. But, once they saw how well it's healing, they decided I should just get one in the center to prevent tension on the scar.

So, that's on me now. It's supposed to stay on as long as you can make it last. Haha! They said try to get it to last three weeks or more if possible.

I'm using the scar cream he recommended on my breasts and the rest if my tummy tuck incision. You have to apply that twice a day.

Breast scar update

I can't believe the scars on my breast have changed so much in just five days. They're really lightening up! I'm also posting some pics of me in some clothes that actually fit correctly!!! Yeah!! And one in my undies so you can see the tummy tuck swelling has gone down a lot, and the scar is plenty low to hide now.

Scar update

Scar update, and a pic of the scar treatment gel I'm using. I'm also using one Embrace patch on the center of my tummy tuck incision.

Six weeks

Scar update

Still healing.

6 month update!

It's been awhile since I posted, so here are some updates pics. Scars have faded some. Can't wait to see how it looks at one year.
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