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Hi ladies I'm excited to have MTT and lipo . I'm...

Hi ladies I'm excited to have MTT and lipo . I'm 50 yrs old 5.4 143 lbs . I have 3 boys and 3 grandchildren . I have had a BA and 2 revisions . I didn't think I would ever have a MTT . When I weigh 120 I have a flat stomach but a little loose skin . But at that weight I'm to skinny . I'm going to try to get to 135 or 130 before surgery . I also smoke so I would like to quit smoking . I would have liked to do surgery now but I need to pay on my last revision . If all goes well I can do it sooner .

My ugly fat !

Loosing weight

Well girls I'm on my way to loosing the 15lbs I want to loose . I hope to move my surgery date . If I get this weight of before March I will do it sooner .

Pic from 3 yrs ago before my weight gain .

Pics of me now


Treadmill !

Today I'm going to get my act together and get on my treadmill . It will take time to build up to what I used to run . While my husband had cancer it was a out for me . I would run 5 to 7 miles a day . It took awhile to get to that . After his passing 3 yrs ago one day I just stopped running . I could kick my self for that . If I get this weight off I will do surgery sooner . Still haven't gave up the cigs completely so I need to get that done too . I was a smoker and quit for 5 yrs . After my husbands passing I started back up . I could kick my self for that too . We live and learn ! I was married for 25 yrs and he was a awesome man . I thought I could never find another man that could compare to him . But guess what I did . I'm remarried and have a awesome man to spend the other half of my life with . I have 3 boys and 3 grand children . My boys and my husband spoil me . I would do the MTT before weight loss but I want to make sure my weight has nothing to due with not needind a full TT . I don't believe it does but better be safe then to have to have another surgery . I know before when I was thiner my upper tummy was flat and not loose and I didn't have much loose skin on the bottom half either . My biggest baby was 8.13 so he was pretty big . So we will see . Good luck to all you ladies having surgery .

Mixed emotions

Well ladies I'm having a hard time wondering if I shoul wait until March . I'm getting impatient knowing its so far away . I was thinking maybe Nov . But then I think no . Whorls love to have some input on it . I really want to loose the weight first . If I wait until the middle of Nov that givese 8 wks . So what do you ladies think ?


Darn phone first was should the second one was would then gives me . I sure hope this helps

Changed surgery date

Ok ladies biting at the bit . I changed my surgery date . Now I'm so excited . Changed it from March to November 19th .

7 wks to go

I'm so ready ! Thank you Great2BMe for getting rid of my doughts . I felt like why am I spending the money . Do I really need to do this the answer is yes . I'm worth it and you other ladies your worth it too . I'm in a happy place now and I'm ready . Thank you to my RS sister Violet . It will be my turn soon . I've been lazy and haven't been back on the treadmill . I'm not worried about loosing weight now . I can loose the 10 lbs after my surgery . I'm going to ask my dr if she thinks I should lipo my flanks too . If I need to I hope there's no charge . Happy healing ladies !

Dumb phone !


My back !

Not good news ! I have had lower back problums for many yrs . I've been going to the chiropractor for yrs . Yesterday when I was walking I lost movement on my left side of my lower back and fell to the ground . My husband got me up and I couldn't walk or put my left leg down . So be got me to bed and put ice on my back . He said I have a big bulge on my left side of my back . I can walk this morning but very slow . I can't bend over at all . I have went to the ground before with my back but if I layed there for awile I could get up . I hate the ER so I'm trying to tuff it out until Monday . There's no way I can work today . I have never had a MRI on my back . 2 of my boys have blown disc . One is only 23 . One has had three surgeries and he is lucky he is not paralyzed . He next surgery he will be fuzzed down his spine and won't be able to turn or bend . So it's sounding like I won't be having surgery now . We will see what I need do e first . It's not looking good at this time .

Changing surgery date

Well I messed my back up pretty bad . It tweaked and bone on bone on my right side . My chiropractor can fix it but its going to take 3 times a wk for 12 wks . If I don't do it it will cause me to have surgery . I'm so upset but that's life . I can go on the Harley ride to Branson . When I get back I will be going 3 times a wk . My spine looks pretty bad on the X-ray it's a wonder how I'm walking now . I will call my dr today and change my surgery to feb or march .

No surgery

Well ladies I just cancelled my surgery . When my back is better i will have it done .

Harley vacation

My vacation was just ok considering my back pain . We rode the Harley to Branson with friends . We go every year and stay in a beautiful 6000 sq ft house on Table Rock Lake . The house is one of our friends clients and we stay for free it's awesome . I go to the chiropractor today and have to go 3 times a wk for 15 wks . Then every 3 wks forever . It depends how close it is to summer wether I will have surgery when my back is well enough to have it . I will wait until around October if it isn't well enough . I'm not upset anymore about not being able to do it in Nov. . I guess it's better because I can get my last revision on my breast pd for . I hope all of you ladies have been doing great . I haven't kept up on everyone because I was on vacation .

Sad !

Well Ladies I have been fighting depression . My boys are in a fued with each other . My oldest has disowned me for pertecting my youngest son . The hardest part of this if my husband their dad that passed away was here this wouldn't be happening . I cry about it almost all day . My youngest is probably moving out of state over this . So I stay sick to my stomach . I eat when I'm depressed so I have gained 5 lbs . I feel like im about to loose it .


Well ladies I have been fighting depression . I'm trying to pick myself up . I haven't made it yet . My boys and my back have got the best of me . Just thinking of the holidays brings me to down . I used to be really strong . After my husband of 25 yrs past away I became weak . I hope all of you are doing great .
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

I really like my Dr she has done my BA and my 2 revisions . I'm so comfortable with her . She is so easy to talk to its like talking to a friend . If any of you ladies want a great Dr she is the one .

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