Mini Tummy Tuck - Oklahoma City

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I was a thin woman but had a mommy pouch and in my...

I was a thin woman but had a mommy pouch and in my 40s, my body started retaining fat in my flanks and belly. My scar is low, goes from hip to hip and it has healed up better than imagined it would. I did have persistent seroma that would not resolve. The dr put my drains back in and soon as he took them out, the seroma would return. He then treated it with a sclerosing agent and used liposuction tool to break up the scar tissue. Overall the tummy tuck has turned out great. I love the way my clothes fit me and the look and shape of my body. The scar looks great on the outside, but the scar tissue on the inside that was causing the seroma also caused my scar and skin around it to heal tacked down too tight. I am having surgery this month to correct that. No regrets. Love love love it!!

Tummy tuck pictures 10 months post op

I lost my before pics but here are the after. I was about 12 - 14 lbs heavier in these pics than I was at the time of the surgery.

Pre-surgery pictures

I didn't keep my before pictures from my original TT and lipo surgery in 2013. I did find these pictures that were taken before the surgery but not for this purpose. So keep in mind these pictures are at my super skinny weight, I know my belly is showing so I'm sucking it in, stretching my mid section out so no rolls and holding my breath. Also no jeans pushing my muffin top up, over and out. With jeans on and from the back, my flanks were huge.

1 year 8 month - love it

It's been 1 yr 8 months since my mini tummy tuck with some touch up lipo about 10 months ago. Everyday I put on my clothes and I am reminded how much I love my TT. Last week I went on vacation to the beach and again I was reminded how happy I am that I did this. I wore my 2 piece bathing suit proudly, never feeling that ick feeling of disgust when you see your own reflection or like I needed to cover myself. I felt confident, comfortable and I loved it. The money and the scar are worth it!!
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