Lipo Take II - I Just Want my Young Body Back - Oklahoma City, OK

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I'm really thankful to have found this community....

I'm really thankful to have found this community. I have a couple friends that I tell what I'm doing, but nobody that I can really talk to about it or that understands my choices. I'm 43 yr old mom of 2. Oct 2013 I had Mini Tummy Tuck with lipo and lipo to my flanks. I wrote reviews for those, but since I'm having a separate surgery, I figured I would start a new review. At the time of my original surgery I was only 122lbs, but I had excess tummy skin and fat and my flanks were disproportionately large compared to the rest of me. Overall I am very happy with my original results but there are a couple things that need fixing, so I'm going to do it. I figure why go through all that and spend the money to not have exactly what I want. So this is what I'm doing:

(FYI, I currently weigh around 134-137).

1. My scar looks great on the outside but internally there is scar tissue that is causing the scar and the skin around it, to be tacked down too tight so the dr will correct this and do some touch up lipo to the stomach and pubic area.

2. I had to have drains put back in twice. Wearing them for an extended period of time caused the incision scars to keloid, so that is getting fixed.

3. Lipo to flanks - At my lowest weight my flanks looked great, but he didn't take enough out and since that is where I gain weight first, if I gain any weight at all, it goes there first. At my current weight, my flanks are def better than they were before the lipo, but I want the extra flab GONE.

4. Lipo to upper arms and anterior and posterior axillary fat pads - I've always had broad shoulders for my size. Now in my 40s, I'm retaining more fat in my upper body and want my arms and shoulders to have that slim feminine look.

If this goes like I hope, it will be great :) !!


All the pictures of me in the black and grey shorts and red tank top are my current pictures from after my original TT and Lipo but before my surgery scheduled Aug 27, 2014.

Originally I only had lipo to my tummy and flanks. Aug 27, will be the first time to have lipo on my arms and axillary fat pads. Yay, so excited :)

Pictures before Oct 2013 TT and Lipo

I didn't keep my before pictures from my original TT and lipo surgery in 2013. I did find these pictures that were taken before the surgery but not for this purpose. So keep in mind these pictures are at my super skinny weight, I know my belly is showing so I'm sucking it in, stretching my mid section out so no rolls and holding my breath. Also no jeans pushing my muffin top up, over and out. With jeans on and from the back, my flanks were huge.

Internal scar tissue

As I mentioned in my original post, I have internal scar tissue at and around the TT incision. The scar tissue is causing the incision scar and surrounding area to be tacked down (dented) too tight so the tissue does not have the mobility it would otherwise have. This is the main driver for this surgery. You can also see in the pictures that my pubic area protrudes out more than normal. I don't know if that is a result of the scaring or not, but I'm getting that fixed also.


Here are some pics of my dent due to scar tissue.

Scar tissue dent

Here are some pics of my dent due to scar tissue. The picture of me pushing on it is to illustrate how the scar tissue tacks it down and limits the mobility of the tissue. Kind of acts like a barrier.

1 day post op

My surgery was at 12:30, so by then I had gone over 12 hours without food and water, so I was starving to death, thirsty and had a pounding headache. I remember laying back on the table looking up at the lights, thinking I suddenly I felt much better. Then I was out. Next thing I remember is coming to in the middle of cursing the nurses out. As soon as I realized it, I stopped and asked them if I had just said some really awful stuff to them. They just giggled and said not to worry and that it happens a lot.

I'm pretty loopy on the meds now, so hopefully I'm making sense in this review update.

My dr used drains with my TT Oct 2013, but none this time with the lipo. It is more of a leaking dripping mess.

I'm pretty swelled up right now, so I'm not sure what to make of my results yet. My initial impression is that he didn't remove as much from my arms as I wanted. I wanted them about as thin as I can get them but still looking normal.

3 day post op

Day 1 and 2 I was in a lot of pain. More pain than I experienced with my previous TT and lipo. I also needed more help than I anticipated because of all the bandage changes and dripping. Day 3, I woke up and feel a lot better. I still feel a little sore but not as much like a walking opened wound. It is such a mix a feelings because you want your dr to be aggressive enough to give you the results you want, but all the lumps and dents you read about are caused by being overly aggressive. This evening I'm going to take some and post some after pictures.

Compression garment

I hated my compression garment during the recovery of my initial procedure, but the sleeves on his one are driving me insane!!!

Day 3 and 4 post ops

Here are some pics. Lots of swelling and bruising.

Day 4

I feel an increase in swelling today. My arms r hard to bend and my mid section just feels large. I'm massage often as I can.

Day 4 arm

My arms are bruised, very sore to the touch and to use. When my pain meds wear off in the middle of the night it is usually because of my arms.

Day 5 arms

I know it is way too early to know what my arms are going to look like when it is all said and done but the initial impression is not great. The upper back part of my arm just below the shoulder has always looked really wide to me and right now it doesn't look like much has been done to that area at all, but I can tell a lot has been taken off just above the side of my elbow. I'm in no way judging the final product yet, just sharing what my initial experience is at this time. I'm still very hopeful that they are going took great and since arms are def one of those areas that get worse with age, any long term improvement will be great.

Me, that's who

Up until the last couple of years, I never seriously considered plastic surgery before. Thankfully I wasn't born with any kind of anomaly that I felt needed correcting. Like so many woman, I always wanted bigger breasts but there were too many things about breast implants that I didn't want that it was never a serious consideration for me. I knew a couple of people that had nose jobs but for the most part, the only people I knew or came into much contact with who had underwent elective plastic surgery were relatively young and it was for breast enlargement. I can remember on more than one occasion having general group conversations asking the person why, what or who did they get them for. I can remember them saying the didn't do it for attention from men and they did it JUST for them self.. I remember hearing it from several different people, but I always dismissed it and not believing it for a second. I think my problem was, I just couldn't relate to that idea at all. At that stage in my life everything I did revolved in some way around how to meet, get or keep a man and why did the need boobs for themselves?? lol it was beyond me! Even tho I still have no real interest in breast enlargement, I have had more cosmetic surgery than anyone else I know. Men try to convince me that I don't need it, that men don't notice that, that if a man was bothered by it they aren't the type of man I should be with anyway and on and on and on and on. I try to explain that it has nothing to do with how men see or feel about me. I hear myself say it, and I know they don't get it, just like I didn't before. Today I am the most single woman I know. I'm a single mother and 100% content at staying this way. I love looking and feeling good in my clothes. It makes everyday feel just that much better and it's all for me!!!

6 day post op arms

Idk Why I didn't take some pics with my arms straight out. I took some belly and flank pics but the lighting was terrible. I'll take some more and post them soon. Right now still swollen, so not much has changed. One part of my original TT scar looks more tacted in and up than the rest of it which is converning me a little. I have follow up appointment tomorrow, so I'll ask about it then. I also need some clarification on what all areas did and did not get lipo'ed.

Just more stuff I'm wondering about

The first picture is the part of the original TT scar that I'm a little concerned about. Kind of looks like it is tethered down from the inside and slightly further up than its relaxed position would be. Second picture is of an incision and bruising under my breast. I need to get specific details on whether or not he lipo'ed the front side of my arm pits.

8 days post op

Yesterday I was 8 days post op and my follow up appointment. The appointment was with the nurse, so I didn't get to see the dr. The bad news is, I still have a lot of swelling. The good news is, I still have a lot of swelling. I think my stomach looks really good but I've been less than wow'ed by the rest of the results (flanks, back, arms, anterior fat pads and below the arm pit). I knew I still had some swelling but I didn't know how much and some areas, I didn't know if they had even been done. Without me even mentioning it, the nurse repeatedly emphasize how swollen I still was. So anyway, it makes me really happy and excited about seeing the final result. Here are my latest pics. Well, I don't know why but it won't let me post pics. I'll try later

8 days post pics

How many CC

At my last follow up appointment I asked them how many CCs they took out. They did not of the official report back from the hospital, but they did have a picture of the canister which indicated the out about 2500cc. It was 2500cc canister and it was full. The hospital report from my previous lipo did not identify the exact number of cc removed but it also had a picture of the canister. It was less than half full and estimated at about 1000cc. But that also does not include the section that was cut out with TT. I was amazed at how much cc he removed this time and it made sense why I am in so much more pain and discomfort this time. A lot more suction over a lot more area.

How I really feel about the Compression Garment

Here are some pics of me in my stage 2 compression garment. Let me just say that hate is not a strong enough word to explain how much I dislike this part of the recovery. I'm the type of person who typically the moment I walk in the door clothes come off, bra comes off and comfortable house clothes come on. So having to wear this extremely tight and confining outfit 24/7 is torture for me. I can't even stand to wear tank tops under my shirt and this is 100x worse than that. I admit that I do need some later of protection between me and my jeans, but this ain't it!! Not only is it tight, constrictive and way too hot, the thing is entirely made of rubber and rubber just does not glide across the skin like clothes are supposed to. It sticks to your skin and wants to take your skin with it when it moves. The only way I can sleep in it is if I completely knock myself out on pain and sleep medication, so instead I sleep in the stage 1 garment. I cheat a lot. I tell myself I'm just going to take it off for a couple minutes but it is usually an hour or longer. When I had my TT, after a while I switched to this girdle type thing I bought at department store and would pull it down low over my tummy. At some point I'll do that again this time. Oh, one more thing. I am extremely tender, bruised and have hard tender lumps right below my breasts in the center. The top edge of the garment sets right on top of it, so I wear a strip of foam there to protect it. Extremely painful if I don't. It is shown in the lasts pic.

Work, kids and liposuction

One of the big unknowns for me was how would I manage with my kids and how much time would I need off work. I'm a single mom and my kids are young; age 4 and 6. They go to their days, but they typically only stay one or two nights away at a time, and I have no extended family that can help.

I had my surgery on a wed. I made arrangements for my kids to stay with their day wed, thur, and fri night. They came home Saturday morning. Monday was a holiday, so me and the kids spent the most part of sat, sun and mon in the house. Lots a movies and TVs. Tues morning the kids went back to school and I went back to work. My work doesn't require any hard lift or manual type of labor. It is mostly a mixture of sitting at desk, walking, climbing ladders, very steep stairs, stooping, crawling and making my way through confined spaces. For more labor intensive work, you would def need more time off. I was able to manage going back to work after 5 days, but I def was not 100%.

I'm feeling a little discouraged today

I know it is too soon to judge the results, but my flanks are less tender now so I can grab ahold of the tissue without hurting myself. It def feels like there is still a lot more fat on the left side. The main reason I did this second surgery was my TT scar and I wanted more off my flanks. When I wear jeans, I don't want to see any fat bulging out. I just did the arms as an after thought. If I paid the same dr twice to do my flanks and he still didn't get them righted, I'm going to be so devastated. Hopefully I'm jumping the gun. Time will tell.

Lumps, bumps and scarring

I had a follow up with the dr today. The last couple of days I had started to notice a lot of lumpy bumpy areas. I really wasn't all that concerned, because I thought it was just part of the normal healing process. In some areas it was like I could feel the lipo tunnels and they were firming up. He said it was scar tissue and adhesions starting to form. He also identified 2 areas on my stomach, 2 areas on my flanks and 1 area on my arm that is starting to "shelf." That is when the area loses mobility due to scar/adhesion. On Aug 22 I posted a picture of a shelf I developed from my first lipo. He also said the part of my scar I posted a pic of on 3 Sept with an arrow was developing adhesion and scar tissue. He said I'm more susceptible to scarring because I had a lot of scarring/adhesions from the first procedure so he really had to work the areas a lot to get through it and because the second time you lipo (trauma) the tissue more than once your risks go up. He and the nurse spent about 30 minutes massaging me. Said right now massage is the best thing I can do for it. Do it often, deep and hard. He also said no more stage 2 garment. Yay!! Said to buy something with light support from any store. And lastly he said to do lots of moving, twisting and stretching to breakup and prevent the adhesions. I was massaging but now I'm going to start doing it with a mission with a lot more pressure. The nurse told me he sometimes has them take vitamin e orally, so I was thinking of starting that too.

2 weeks post op: lumpy, bumpy, belly

Kind of funny cause even tho my stomach had some fat on it, it really didn't bother me. I thought it looked natural. The purpose of doing this lipo was to correct the TT scar and lipo the pubic area that became disproportionately puffy after the TT. There was a little pocket of fat under the belly button and the right side had a little more than the left so I asked him to clean that up. I really had no idea he was going to do such a complete lipo of my abs from top to bottom. Really it looks like he didn't leave any fat. Idk, it's early so hopefully most if not all of this can be worked out. If not I think he has some other things we can try.

4 Things to break down internal scar tissue

1. Deep tissue massage
2. Time to heal
3. Myofascial Release (MFR) - Stretching, pressure and skin rolling to increase hydration, separate the fascia, restore elasticity and decrease compression
4. 400 to 800 UI of Vitamin E twice daily, 1000 mg Vitamin C daily, Thiosinaminum, calcium fluoroide, causticum and graphites

My arms at 15 days post op

A lot of the swelling in my arms has gone down, and I'm starting to see the results. I'm really liking them and excited that I decided to do it. The area just below the shoulder is def thinner than before, and when I wave there is nothing hanging or flapping on the bottom. Looks very natural. Something that nobody would ever notice was different, but def makes your whole look better. Yay, happy arm :). I've been massaging them and stretching them off and on throughout the day. There is some denting on the bottom when my arms are in certain positions but I'm confident they will disappear as I heal. Yay arms :)!!

16 post op

I've been a massaging machine. Somethings are getting better and somethings are staying the. The lumpy bumpy texture is much better but some of the other defects are still there. I'm going to keep massaging.

The last few days my pain level has greatly improved. Today was the first day I didn't feel pain or soreness just from moving. It still hurts when I massage, rub or stretch but not nearly as bad.

The dr told me no more of the stage 2 compression. He was worried they might be contributing to scaring and limiting my movement too much. I got a body shaper from kohl's. I got the high waisted shorts. My kids were with me, so I didn't get much of a chance to shop or think about my choice. I think I will go back and find one that just goes around the torso.

Anyway.. in summary here is where I'm at on things.

Arms - worth it

Flanks - currently it looks like he didn't take enough fat out of one side. They look better than they did before, but since this area is a touch up, I expect it to be right.

Stomach fat - right now seems worth it. Flat tummy and lumps are healing.

Correction of TT scar and other areas of internal scar tissue "shelfing" - right now it looks like ALL of these defects are returning. I didn't realize that was possible but seems to be the case.


Well just yesterday I was saying how much better the pain was, and I guess I spoke too soon. Today I left the house to run errands. By the time I got home, I was feeling a dull sore stinging pain all over. I couldn't wait to get home and take something. I didn't wear a garment at all. That may have contributed to it. Maybe I still need to at least wear some light support.

17 day post op pics

So sore today

I woke up so sore today. Arms and stomach are the main thing. It feels like a cross between being sore after a big work out and all the needles when one of your limbs falls asleep. I remember with my TT being in more pain at 2 weeks post op than I was directly after. The nurse told me was because all the nerves are healing. I think that is probably the same this time. Just part of the healing process.

New Garment - stage 3

Here is my new garment. Got it from kohl's. Love it. So comfortable. It has an inner layer that provides the support, so it has more support than it looks and keeps my jeans off my skin. I wish it was open in the chest area but only temporary so good enough to get by.

Left flank

Picture makes me go, "Grrrrrrrrr"..

Damn arm looks good tho :)

Scar tissue annihilation

Watch out scar tissue. I'm numbed up, armed up and read up. Prepare to be annihilated!!!

Massaging scar tissue

So I've been reading up on massage methods to treat internal scar tissue. It wasn't specific to after liposuction, but similar enough that it would apply. There are to main ones that I found Mayofascial Release and Cross-Friction Massage. The techniques are a little different but the healing mechanism is the same. I idea of it is to stretch the scar tissue so it becomes softer, more flexible and acts more like your own tissue. For cross friction you don't use lotion or lube of any find because you want the skin to pull as you massage over it. I've been massaging every day/night but just found out about the cross friction yesterday. Yesterday I massaged from about 5 to 7:30. Today I am sooo swollen. Idk if I over did it, if this normal reaction or unrelated but I def think it is helping. I have a lot of very firm scar tissue. I don't thing anything I can do will make it go away, but I def think this is improving the appearance. Warning to those who try cross-friction. It is very painful. It is like you can feel the scar tissue pulling on your inside tissue.

Sooo sore

And I'm still so unbelievably sore. I'm sure all the massaging last night didn't help, but I just did not expect to be in this much discomfort for this long. It makes life exhausting to be in this much pain and discomfort. I hate the idea of taking my pain meds this long, but I seriously would be in serious trouble without them at this point.

Being a big baby

If big baby whining annoys you, then you should probably not read any further. Here it goes; omg I am so over this liposuction recovery. I am so sick and tired or feeling sick and tired. I wake up so sore, my skin hurts to the touch, my body hurts when I move, my clothes hurt, I'm exhausted and I hate taking these pain meds but I literally cannot get by without them right now. They are the only thing that knocks the edge off enough that I can function. Just getting through the day takes so much extra effort. Im SOOOOOOO over it. I want to feel like me again. I did not anticipate that the recovery would be so intense. Dr said he suctioned the heck out of me and had to be aggressive because of all the scar tissue. I start feeling a little better, but the massaging seems to undo a lot of the healing process and then I'm even more sore... Whah whah whah.. I want to get better now, and like all babies, I want my mommy to take care of me :(

Almost 4 weeks post op

Well I'm almost 4 weeks post op, and a couple things have changed, so I thought I would update.

Compression garment: even tho the last garment I bought is way more comfortable than the stage 2 garment the dr gave, after a while it becomes very uncomfortable also. The elastic material pulls on my skin and as the day goes by I get more and more sore, so as of yesterday, I stopped wearing it. Today I have on jeans and a cotton shirt. I put a piece of the foam inside my jeans along the waist and small square piece under the front center of my bra because it is still tender there. So far, it feels amazing.

Scar tissue: the surgery def did not remove my internal scar tissue. If anything it added too it. Visually right now, it looks okay. There are some dents but because of their locations they kinda blend in as natural contour. But I can def feel the difference between the regular tissue and the scar tissue. Also at 43, I have all kinds of dents, bumps, scars and other things, so it isn't that big of a deal to me. I don't show my stomach all that often and my flat tummy looks great in clothes.

Flanks: both flanks have more fat than I would like but the left is especially bad. This is dr esting to me. This was my primary motivation for getting plastic surgery and after 2 lipos and over $10,000, they still aren't right. It gives me a heavy heart. I mentioned at my last visit but because it was so early in recovery and there was still swelling, I didn't make a huge deal about correcting it, but once I'm healed, if they still aren't right, I'm going to let him know I think he needs to correct it.

Swell: My swelling continues to go up and down. I'm not sure if there is anything that I'm doing that contributes to it or not. I think the massaging def does.

Massaging: I spend most of my free time massaging. I'm taking a break from the cross direction and doing more of the Mayofascial release. I will do more of the cross friction after I have healed more.

Pain: I'm still pretty sore but my skin isn't as hyper sensitive to the touch anymore and my arms are a lot better. I'm taking a lot of ibuprofen which helps with the pain and inflammation. I'm still taking my pain meds but only later in the even.

My advice to others. 72 hours after lipo surgery, I would start light massaging and lots of stretching. As you heal adjust the firmness of the massage.

Flanks at 4 weeks

Makes me ill to think about the fact that I spent about $11,000 and still have a muffin top in the back. I'm a single middle class mother of 2. In OK our cost of living is quite a bit lower than the bigger cities. I get a little ill when I think about what else I could have done with that money. I felt guilty spending it anyway, but feeling like I paid so much extra to get things fixed that didn't get fixed, makes me feel like I just irresponsibly pissed the money away. And shelfishly on myself instead of something for the family. Grrrrr.. Sorry to be so negative, but it is the reality of my experience. No place else I can talk about this without judgement.

Back/bra rolls

This is another area I'm concerned about because I don't see much change. Feels very soft and mushy. Hopefully just swelling.

So I think I might have skin cancer

I notice this pinkish bump like blemish shortly after my lipo. It became inflamed and a little itchy. A couple days later it started to look like it was leaking, so I wasn't really worried about it. I meant to ask Dr about it at follow up but forgot. Then it because inflamed again and has cycled like this several times now and grown in size. This worried me, so I looked at my before lipo pictures and it was there (but smaller), so I've had it for at least 6 weeks. I looked online and it looks really similar to Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) which is the most commonly diagnosed cancer that there is (per Internet anyway). I'm not overly freaked out about it because it said BCC rarely metastasizes. I have an appointment with my general practitioner tomorrow, so we'll see.

Type.. It wasn't leaking..

Sorry auto correct. It was never leaking. That was supposed to be " it looked like it was healing"

Really excited - Therapeutic ultrasound for scar tissue

I have some news I'm really happy and excited about. I was reading through the Dr Q & A looking for treatment options for internal scar tissue. Aside from having it cut out, massage and ultrasound were the only other things mentioned. I found a chiropractor who does massage AND ultrasound scar tissue treatments and my insurance will cover them both!!!! Yippee. Yay!!

Like they say, "no news is good news"

The dr thought it grew too fast to be cancer, so he didn't want to biopsy yet. He prescribed a steroid cream and wants to see it again in 2 weeks. So hope for the best and see how it goes.

Flanks at 32 days post op

My flanks are my biggest problem area and my primary motivation for my original TT and touch up lipo. So basically that is why in so focused on this area. Here are the pics of my left flank at 32 days post op. I consider it an improvement compared to the 29 day post op picture, but I really don't see much improvement compared to my before pics. At 29 dpo, I still had quite a bit of swelling but at this point, I'm thinking this is prob pretty close to my final result. I know they say 6 months, but I think you have a petty good idea about things way before that. I'm going to mention it at my next appointment without making too big a deal just yet. I want him to know I'm concerned, but still too early to discuss corrective options.

1st therapeutic ultrasound treatment for scar tissue

I had my 1st ultrasound appointment today. They did it for 8 minutes and I'm going to try to go 2x a week. She seemed to spend most of her time on the right side. After I go a couple more times and they know me better, I'm going to ask for 8 minutes on each side. I'm optimistic that it will soften and improve the effects of the scar tissue. I asked the Drs on real self how often I should get the treatments. 3 answered. They all said they didn't think it would help but I don't think one of them understood what I was using it for. I'm not discouraged tho. Many of the dr's recommendation for other questions about scar and contour issues was to get ultrasound treatments and it is a common treatment for other causes of scar tissue, so I'm not discouraged by their comments.

Home therapeutic ultrasound unit

So excited. I just ordered a home therapeutic ultrasound unit today. I did a lot of research. For my price range, I think I got the best one. It is US Pro 2000 second edition. The medical web pages required you to have a script or be a Dr, but I was able to buy in on Ebay for $93. Even tho my insurance will cover the treatments, at twice a week the copays add up fast and it is conveniently located near my home or work, so this seemed like it was worth a shot. So excited!!

Belly pictures 37 dpo

Here are my current belly pics. Some days look better than others. I'm only pointing out the to major areas with contour problems but there are also some small dents above my bb. In time I think those will be fine. As I mentioned before, some days are better than others and changes throughout the day also. These pics are what my belly looks like on a bad day.

Pain and discomfort at 37 dpo

Just wanted to give a quick update on my pain level and recovery. I am doing much better than before but at 37 dpo I still have pain primarily in my arms and abdomen. Even just light touches or rubbing of the back of my arms if very painful. When I sit on my couch, I can't stand the feel of the rough fabric on my arms, so I have to sit on a sheet. My belly is still tender but not as bad as my arms although by the end of the day they become more sensitive. Even my shirts bother my skin sometimes. I'm taking 1200 mg of ibuprofen a day. Totally of the pain pills. I took them for about 30 days very consistently and I did have some nasty withdrawal when I stopped. It was most noticeable at night; Insomnia, un able to relax or keep my arms still. It was a rough couple of nights.

A little regret is seeping in

The more I look at those creases and dents on my stomach, that little voice keeps popping up in my head, telling me I should of just left well enough a lone. Hopefully she is just passing by and will be gone tomorrow.

A much better day

Tummy is looking better today and that makes me feel better :)

Yay yay, got my ultrasound machine in the mail today.. Yay

6 weeks post op update

Last Saturday I was still experiencing a lot of hypersensitivity but the last couple of days have been much better. The back of my arms are still very sensitive to the touch. If I try to massage them it feels like needles. At 6 wks I'm still noticing changes. My stomach skin and scar tissue is extremely tight and I also have a pretty tight band of tissue that wraps around my right hip and flank area. My scar tissue on my belly has been looking worse lately. I think it will take significant time for that to soften and improve. My left flank (one that makes me go Grrrrr), is improving but still bigger than it should be. I'm also experiencing new firmness and tenderness at the back bra rolls and under my arm pit. I feel a lot of new bumps, lumps and noduals. My upper abs and along the rib cage I can feel lumps that I think are in the lipo tunneling. I def have not been drinking enough fluids so that make be part of the cause. In my lower abdomen I can feel a lot of soft tissue nodule type things. Almost feels like tendens and blood vessels and stuff like that. Kind of weird. After my TT my pubic area looked puffy and fat. He was supposed to lipo it. I see a little difference but not significant. Since it is the low point, I guess it could still be swelling also. My TT scar is looking less tacked down so that is good. I have a dr appoint today so we'll see.

Loving this!!

I think the surface of my tummy needs some softening up to look more smooth and natural, but I love this ultra flat no roll tummy tho!!

6 wk Follow up dr visit

So I had follow up with PS today. With all my scarring issues, I decided to focus on getting those worked out, and decided to wait to bring up subject of touch up lipo till another time. He said I probably have so much pain due to my scaring and my skin still being so firm. He said he has never seen anyone who's body wants to scar on the inside as much as mine. Which doesn't surprise me a bit. Lol...Story of my life!! He injected a steroid into 4 areas on my belly. Total of about 10 to 12 shots. It was NOT fun. I forget to ask which kind of steroid. He also wrote me a script for singulair and said to come back in a month. Kind of sucks but I'm relieved that he is proactively treating it.

Bad tummy day - deep dent

I don't know what makes some days better or worse than others. When I see this I get discouraged. I am a massaging machine. I massage off and on all day at work and in the evenings, I watch some tv and massage for like 2 hours. Hopefully in the end it will pay off.

2 months post op

Here are the pics of my tummy at 2 months post op. I haven't up dated in a while, so this might be kind of long.

My ongoing tummy issues:

The dent/crease near my right hip is probably about the same as it has been. Do I wish it was not there... Well Yes but it does not make me hate the look of my stomach. Because of the location and angle of the crease, to me it doesn't standout that much. This crease is not the fault of the dr because it is the result of scar tissue that formed from a seromas, but the Dr did say he could correct it with this second procedure and that has not happened. I don't see much change on this dent/crease yet from the steroid shot either.

Dent to the left of my BB. Starts at edge of BB and goes out toward my tattoo. This one continues to have good and bad days. I think the steroid has definitely improved this one. The steroid was injected right on the left edge of my BB. Since then, that part of the dent is gone for the most part but the part of the dent further out toward my tattoo still comes and goes. I did previously have scar tissue in this area, but it never dented like this until the second lipo. My tattoo hides it a little bit, so that's good.

Internal scar tissue at TT incision and just above it cause the incision contour to dent in. This was supposed to be corrected with the lipo take ll, but it looks pretty much the same.

New tummy issues:

The far right tip of my TT scar had a tiny little pucker to it. The dr treated it but some scar tissue must have developed on the inside because it has become kind of dented in and tacked down. The effect of this is exaggerated because the hip tissue in that area is firm and still has a lot of inflammation/swelling. I have started to massage this area a lot. Hopefully that will bring mobility back to the scar and correct the issue.

I can feel a lot of internal lumps at the top edge of my stomach along the rib cage. You ca not see them, so I'm not really worried. Just something that I noticed.

Rope and couple small dents - when I pull the skin tight by arch my back, I can see a robe shaped bumpy area and some other small dents.

Left flank - this flank seems to have more fat than the other side. Tissue feels normal. There is little to no difference in my before and after pic and I'm very frustrated and dissatisfied with this.

Right flank - feels like more fat was removed from this side but it wasn't enough. The tissue that wraps around my hip is still very firm and swollen.

After my TT the pubic area became fat and protruded out. This area was lipo'ed. It might be a little better but not much.

Arms - overall I'm happy with my arms. I do wish they were a little thinner. Looking back I should have communicated more about what result I wanted.

I'm going to post this and then attach the pictures afterwards.

Pictures 2 months post op

Weird knot and bruise at 2 months post op

I typically massage everyday. Last night I was massaging the diagonal crease on the right side of my stomach. The crease was there before the second lipo, but now I've noticed that I can feel weird knots and nodules deep in the tissue along the crease. They have been there for a while but last night the seemed more pronounced. Well this morning when I woke up, I noticed a lump and a light bruise there. I'm not sure what to think of it. Any body have any ideas??

Day 2 of bruise

Follow up appointment for dents and scar tissue

Yesterday I had my follow up appointment. My stomach is starting to look ALOT better. Dr's exact words were, "now that is staring to look like work I would actually claim".. My healing has been very slow this time around, but it is making progress.

He treated the following areas with steriod injections:
Right hip (no tattoo) at TT scar
Dent just left of my BB (in and on the edge of my tatto)
Drain hole scars in pubic area from 2013 TT
Mid section of my 2013 TT scar
Left flank

I still have quite a bit of swelling on my right hip (no tattoo). Dr said it wasn't swelling, just looked that way because adjacent scarring wasn't allowing the tissue to relax into place (like it was being pushed up). The tip of my TT scar is pushing up/in on the hip tissue, but I think there is def still a lot swelling there also. Either way, with treatmemt and time, I think it will improve.

The dent that started at my BB and extended left into the tattoo has greatly improved. Last time he most injected near the BB and that part of the dent is almost gone. This time he focused more on the part that extends into the tattoo.

The rope textured lumps that showed through my skin when I arched my back are barely visibly anymore.

The TT scar still has significant internal scar tissue that is causing it to dent in like it is still stuck down or tethered from the inside. We will continue to treat that area.

Crease on right hip (no tattoo) - I think I actually popped one end the scar tissue loose that was tethering the tissue down. I can feel a lot of fibrosis nodule tissue inside. I will continue deep tissue massage and ultrasound.

Discussion with Dr regarding fat left in flanks and pubic area

If you have read any or all of my review, I have pretty much been complaint about the fat left in my flanks since the beginning. My flanks are my trouble area so they need all the help they can get plus he went so ultra aggressive with fat remove of my tummy, fat being left in my flanks stand out even more. I have been dreading having this conversation with my dr. I hate the confrontation and being at the mercy of someone to do the right thing. I pretty much have it in my head that they won't take responsibility and fix the problem and then I'll be even more mad and disappointed. Plus I have no idea if my Dr can even do in office touch ups and I really don't think I should be stuck with more surgery center fees. Anyway.. So this is how it went:

The appointment started off addressing the dents and scar tissue. I told him I saw a little improvement on my right flank but still had muffin top and did not see any improvement on my left flank or pubic area. He said that wasn't possible because he suctioned them till there was nothing but blood coming out. I believe that about my stomach but def not my flanks, so then I stood up and showed him the handful of fat in my left flank and bulging pubic area. He said my pubic area was protruding out because of the TT incision scar tissue. I agree that the TT scar being tethered down is having an affect on it, but I still think there is excessive fat in it. He pinched my right flank (smaller one) and then my left flank (bigger one) and said the bigger one felt more firm like scar tissue and treated it with steroid injection. I do not agree with this at all. If anything the smaller one actually feels more firm and swollen. The big one healed very quickly, feels like straight up fat and has looked like that since day 1 after surgery. I mentioned (nicely) that it had been that way the whole time, so I really don't think it is scar tissue. He said "okay, well let's focus on one issue at a time. Let's get your scaring in the front fixed, and see how things look after that.".. It worried me a little that he said it was firm scar tissue because it takes responsibility away from him and puts it on me, but overall I was okay with how it went, because I really didn't expect him to decide anything at this visit. I just wanted to make it known and put it on his radar and expressed that to him. A little bit later he said, "well it's def on my radar now.".. I wasn't sure what to make of the comment, but didn't take it in a bad way. He attitude seemed nice and this far he has been very good about aftercare.. After reading other reviews, I would even say extremely good follow up care and treatment. I did get a little worried when I went to check out. I was expecting them to schedule another follow up in 4 weeks but instead she said, dr said to just keep an eye on it and call if you need to come back in. Even the nurse questioned the girl about it and the girl said it was what the Dr said. Could this be step one of being blown off/avoided?? Only time will tell.

Before and 12 wk after side by side

Here is what my flanks look like at 12 weeks with jeans on. I realize they are a snug fit, but that is how I've always worn them and these are my size (28). Lol.. I mean who ever heard of wearing a pair of baggy skinny jeans, right?? These jeans were on their second day, so they were not straight out of the dryer and had plenty of time to relax/stretch.

Mons pubis

I haven't updated I'm a while. Didn't have much positive to say and I was finally getting tired of complaining. I'm super upset right now. I'm 4 months post op and my mons pubis looks ridiculous. Before my original TT I had a completely normal looking mons pubis. After TT I noticed it was prodtruding out, so I had it lipo'ed during this procedure. Well it looks horrible. Zero improvement and actually looks worse. My stomach is so excessively void of any fat that my mons pubis looks that much more prominent. I'm a single mom and met a great attractive man who I would like to give a chance but I feel like my feminine part looks so gross and disproportionate. I would never want a man to have to look at that bulb sticking out at him. Maybe this is the universe telling me to stay single for the rest of my life. Sorry. Having a pity party and no place other than here I can let it out. So frustrated and disappointed. Not sure where to go from here.

7 months post - possible revision

I'm 7 months post op. Overall things are good. I still have one dent but it is much better than it was and my tattoo hides it pretty well. At the times of this surgery I was at my highest weight. Since then I have lost 10 - 12 lbs. I'm much happier with my flanks at this weight. On my right hip my scar is still tethered down very tightly and it is causing the tissue above it on my hip to bunch up and kind of bulge out a little. Also the skin at the tip of the scar is so thin I can clearly see a blue vien. I have been getting regular steroid injections in my dents, hip, mons pubis and the incision directly over it and internal fibrous knots and bands of scar tissue. He doesn't was to use the steroid anymore because he is worried about risks of atrophy if we continue use. He offered to do revision to my scar on my right hip, do touch up lipo to mons pubis and use this small tool to go in and clip some of the scar tissue. I mentioned touchup lipo of my left flank. He said maybe but since I lost the weight I think I probably don't need it. I haven't decided if I will do the revision or not.

Back lipo at 7 months post op

Not happy with how my back has turned out. I have creases in the sides and looks like my upper back wasn't lipo'ed.

Just want to add

I'm always super critical on here because I am trying to give update to my actual situation and share information on the pros, cons and complications of these surgeries, but over all I am happy that I did it. I love the way I look in my clothes and I can wear a bikini again. Even with my imperfections it is an improvement.

1.5 years since my second lipo

It has been a while since I updated this review. The steroid treatments caused a couple areas of atrophy but they resolved in about 6 months. All my dents an irregularities have resolved except where the tip of my TT scar is tact down causing a dent but that doesn't show even with bikini on so not that big of a deal. I don't regret getting the procedure. I love the way I look. Without all the excess fast around my mid section and arms, I'm able to carry a heavier weight which gives me nice curves where I want them. I love being able to wear a bikini and not feel self conscious. For anyone considering getting lipo I def recommend including your arms. Even if you are young and they look good now, they will get fat and flabby with age. I'm so glad I added them.

Little over 1.5 year update

Thought if I was going to update, I should show the goods!!
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