Fat Transfer After Implant Removal - Oklahoma City, OK

I had my implants removed 1 1/2 years ago after...

I had my implants removed 1 1/2 years ago after having them for 29 years. They were contracted and ruptured, and left me a bit scarred in the beginning. I had been so happy to be small again and just my own self, but after about a year I noticed the scarring was becoming more prominent and after a few months I consulted a PS who specialized in reconstruction with fat grafting. As the breast tissue continued to settle in after the removal, the scars were becoming more noticeable because they were staying in the same place. I kept putting off the surgery, wrestling with the fact that in a bra, you couldnt really tell that they were tucked on both nipples and folded on one Breast. But it had started affecting my self esteem with my husband. Though he reassured me that it didn't really bother him, I felt that I wasn't as sexy. It's so absurd how hard we are on ourselves sometimes, how huge some little flaw can seem to us. After counseling with my psychiatrist about my reasons for wanting to do it, I felt more confident and went back to PS for another consultation. During which he had me "animate" or flex, then he realized there was alot of tethering from the original and removal surgeries. It would be a lot longer surgery than he first thought. I asked about just releasing the scars but without something pushing it back out, like another implant or fat grafting, it would just adhere back down. My surgery was last Tuesday Oct. 4. It went very well, and PS felt very confident that scar tissue had successfully been released and that I would be very pleased with the lipo and fat grafting. I made it very clear I did not want my breasts any bigger, just shaped normally, so right now I'm a little freaked out because they are huge! But one week out they have gone down a bit and he said to expect anywhere from 30-70% loss of fat. Since I wasn't focused on needing lipo, he said to expect it to hurt a lot, because in his experience, if that wasn't your goal then it just hurts more! And it does! Have to wear compression garment for 6 weeks, sooo uncomfortable, and still taking pain pills one week out. Praying for patience and small normal boobies lol!!

2 weeks post oo

Swelling gone down some, breasts have become extremely sensitive to touch especially on sides, still taking 1/2 pain pill with 2tylenol every 4-5 hours and 3 ibuprofen every 6. Slow recovery, not able to do much housework or driving, I wear out quickly. But breasts are looking better, have a good shape, lipo areas almost back to normal. Not suppose to wear a bra for 4 weeks but a cami feels much better than nothing because it keeps them from moving so much. I think I have a low pain threshold!! Have had times of tears, especially in evening when I'm tired and they are more painful and swollen from the day, feeling regretful, like what have I done to myself, but they are short lived, and I reel myself back in to reality and pray for patience.
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