55 and It's Time for Lower Face and Neck Lift and Eyelid Lifts After Big Weight Loss - Oklahoma City, OK

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Anyone googling plastic surgery will thankfully be...

Anyone googling plastic surgery will thankfully be lead to RealSelf. It's been a struggle to decide who and where to get this phase one done! But finally appointment is scheduled. My PS is highly recommended by my aesthetician who is quite conservative. I trust I am in good hands with him and his staff. Short recovery time, which I like! He is not on Real Self but known locally. Stephen Gautheir. Time to exhale!

Scary Cat. Zero Pain Tolerance!

With my date set, my nerves are starting to get rattled. Because of my extremely low pain tolerance, nobody that knows me will believe if I really go through with this! Local? Really? Yikes!

Pre weight loss

This is me at my heaviest. But what am I thinking now? Will My first of Jume lower face, neck and eye lift ruin my summer fun at the lake? I LOVE the lake! Will sunscreen and huge brimmed hat be enough? Should I change my appointment until October? My niece has big wedding in Sept so need to be presentabily healed by then. Anxious!

Real Self Junky

Yes I think it's true. I have become a RealSelf junkie. Most of my free time is researching and reading peoples reviews. I think I better hurry up and figure out who is going to do my arms, my breast lift with augmentation and my thighs which are hideous. from the way it sounds it's too much to have all done at once, but I'd really like to only have one recovery time since I have no pain tolerance. I hope everyone is healing well and loving their outcome.

Pre Op Was Terrific!

I love the team that will be working with Dr Gautheir. He is a kind, patient and gentle man. He made me totally comfortable and excited to have surgery. I told him no one that knows me well would believe that I would have elective surgery due to my low pain tolerance. He assured me I will be fine. This is his favorite surgery to do. He doesn't like to give a time for when he'll be done because he likes to take his time and every patient is different. He will not change my features. He said the lower face lift will help my permanent frown somewhat but will follow up with filler and Botox. That's best to not give me an unnatural "pulled" appearance. I am ready to get this show on the road! He's okay with Arnica, Bromelian, vitamins A &C 3 -5 days pre surgery and post. Also eating fresh pineapple. I will have general anesthesia. I'm to arrive freshly showered and shampooed without and lotions,etc. I will also wear my compression hose since I have bad varicose veins (my next surgeries). He will also have those mechanical leg compressors on me. Will keep my 1 -1.5 hours after surgery to make sure I'm ok. And oh I will be using their Back door to come and go for all my dressing changes, stitch removals,etc. guess that's to not scare the waiting area patients. Haha! Really I think it's just thoughtful since I expect to look bad. They will give me gauze and only recommend ice cold water compresses for my eyes. Will also provide an ointment for eyes. Gave me scripts for a nausea patch to put on my wrist instead of behind my ear since he'll be working there. An antibiotic although most likely he will have me stop taking it 4 days out. Also Percocet although I shouldn't need much after day 2. I'm curious to see how that goes since I've read many reviews that say day 3 is the worst! He will cut lower eyelids just under eyelashes. My ear cut will be in front then go behind that middle front part and half way behind my ear. Small chin incision. I think this covers it. Did I say I'm confident in my surgeon choice and ready to go?

36 hour count down

I am excited and nervous. I have been eating protein and fresh veggies, taking all of my supplements to aid in a quick healing process. I don't know of anything else I can do. Oh I will be having protein smoothies with blueberries and coconut water the first couple of days post op.

I am nervous because I just found out last week I have to travel to NYC for a major customer the second day I return to work. I should have taken more time off but this will be great meetings! And I'll be gone 4 days, Post op day 14. My doctor said I will be ok. However this customer is an executive with one of the global leaders in skincare and cosmetics. Geez! I have to heal fast!

Tomorrow evening I am taking all my post op products and suitcase to my dads. My stepmom, who has personal ps experience will be taking care of me. Tues am I will drop my car at the shop (it needs some A/C repair) and then Uber in my button up pjs to the doctors office. I can't believe I'm going out in my Soma's but they do look a bit "lounge-ish. They wil call her when I'm ready. I'm ready to let the healing begin!

Any tips for speedy recovery are appreciated!

More from the other side!

Hope I can sleep tonight. Ready to be on the other side tomorrow!

Hopefully the last pictures of my loose neck, jowls and droopy eyelids!

It been done without pain (so far)

Had my eyes, lower face and neck lift Tuesday. The general anesthesia numbing lasted a long time. Now taking Percoset whenever I start to feel my ears mainly. Here are my day 1 and two pics. More later.

Bandage around head off and hower with shampoo

Still feeling good. I like that I can see my eyelids albeit swollen and have great hope for my neck. Eye stitches come out Sunday!

My top tips

I was worried about recovery since I am a side and stomach sleeper. I spent the first night in my dads recliner. Then I tried the wedge I bought on Amazon. And a neck pillow. I am so comfortable sleeping I can't believe it! Highly recommend both. Also I think my bruising is minimal because or arnica tabs and gel, Bromelian, zinc, vitamin C and beta carotene. Sleep well and heal quickly RS friends. Night.

4 days post op

I'm going to pick up my new prescription sunglasses. Then to Ulta to exchange the concealer shade the salesgirl thought I would need. It's too dark. Japonesque velvet Touch Concealer is supposed to be less heavy than Dermablend. Hope Japonesque has a better shade for me!

6 days post just out of bed

One more pic. Forgot chin photo.

Meeting friends for dinner

Full makeup and sunglasses. It's been one week. Still have ear stitches but scheduled to be removed Friday. Love me neck and jawline.

One month post op tomorrow.

I have not been on RS for sometime because my brother in law has a tumor on and end his spinal cord. I've been helping my sister in KC. Happy to report the doc got it all and it was benign.

Quick update on me. Healing is incredible. I tribute this to my doctors skill and all the healing supplements and nutritious food. I have received a lot of comments about how good my hair looks (ha! No change) and how good my weight loss has done to make me look healthier. (I've been at same wait months before surgery. Today the doctor took some pictures. He said he normally waits until 3 months out but thinks my healing is going so well. I've attached the pre op. I am incredibly happy with my neck, jawline (still a little swelling on left side) and my eyelids. I stopped in to my aesthetics office to make a Botox appt. she is the one who referred me to Dr G. Receptionist commented I look 15 years younger. No sure if she's exaggerating but I'll take it!

I've started my varicose vein removal treatments and seriously considering lipo and thigh lift later.

I hope all is well and healing is going terrific with you all!
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