Need to find a recovery home in DR!!!!!!!

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Hey gurlys!!! I am so excited to be joining my BBL...

Hey gurlys!!! I am so excited to be joining my BBL sistas lol! Let me start off with saying I am 18 years old, 5'8, 180 lbs(yikes) with zero babies and no man. I'm looking for a good doctor that can do this procedure very good!! Not only do I want a bigger butt I also want hips. For that curvy look.

Need help finding a doctor!!!!

BBL please recommend a doctor for me

Wow Salama, Cortes, or Jcurve

Which doctor do yall think can best do these results?

yily or duran? lol curious ladies

okay so I first I was considering a doctor in the US but after seriously doing some research I'm realizing that I may want to go out the country I have came to this conclusion just by seeing all the result on real self n visiting some of the website. I think I need aggressive liposuction to get the look that I want and drs n the US doesn't provide those resign so it is without being said that I am really considering going to the DR besides its waaaaay cheaper lol I really do love the result that they give and with school starting in just a couple weeks Ive been  considering doing my procedure in early May this is gives me enough time to prepare mentally emotionally and financially um I do plan on doing this by myself I do not plan on having a roommate or anybody coming with me. Yall think thats a good idea?I dont want to tell a lot of people and the people that do know really dont believe in it as much I'm really hoping that I can pull this off and I can have support from you ladies lol please comment or inbox me Im young but I want my body to be on point I do not plan on having kids until seven to eight years from now so I will have a bangin body till then lol like I said ladies please comment and I really want to know what you guys think um please please give me some suggestions until next time bbl gurlys love ya!!!!!!

Breast implants and bbl with Duran or Yily?

PLZ help

kinda made a decision

okay so after a deep soul searching and looking at toms a review I have narrow my search to the Dominican Republic I picked out of state just because they do more of the shaping that I want. ladies I am extremely nervous about going on this journey by myself I don't really want a lot of people knowing about it so the only person I have told decide my best friend is my boyfriend does not really supported he thinks that my body is fine just the way that it is but I do not like it and I'm not doing it for anybody I am doing this for me ladies if you wanted I mean truly really wanted then do it because it is the day this is your body and nobody else is rather you are married have a boyfriend Exedra this is your body so whatever you do make you happy okay now that I got the pep talk at the way lol it's getting down to business I really have no clue how to get in contact with any of the doctors in the Minicon Republic umm the reason why I chose them also with the pricing I do want my boobs done along with the Brazilian b*** lift. me being a college student I kinda need to save money anyway so I think it would be the best place then best way to get this done. but not to say that saving money was the main reason why I chose to go along with this route be the result that the doctors give there is just mind blowing. They way the sculp the body leave you speechless. I feel like having this done at the beginning of May just because I'll be done with all my classes and its beginning of the summer so I'll be able to enjoy some summer with my new body lol yay. I do hope to find somebody who I can have somebody with so if there's anybody out there any plans on getting this done in 2014 May please hit me up by inboxing me or comment anyway to get in contact with me please do it I do want tn need support ladies. unfortunately I will be going through this journey alone so it will still be really nice to have this support that I have found on this website before I have found this website I was being sure that I'll be able to do it but now I know if there's people out there that have got this done and who support you need done let me know that I'm not alone and it feels so good anyway I'm done talkin lol God bless

This Is ME

everybody has been asking for some pics of me so here you guys go I hope you guys notice and see that I really do need this done lol hope you guys enjoy and God bless no judgement lol

my stats

Height- 5'8
Weight- 180
I dont know me measurements yet but as soon as I get those I will post them alright I'm done for the day lol thank you guys for reading have a blessed day

Some more wish pics

Everyone these are some pics I think my body can achieve. The first one to be exact but really all of them I think I can get at least close to want yall think?

yily respond quickly!!!!

So I decided that I was going to go ahead and check out yily see if she can give me a quote. So she wrote me back in are you guys ready.....5 hours!!!!! Yes hunny she did!!! (Sidenote) Now I have been reading and found out that she is going to be on leave starting the 3rd week of November for some reason and wont be back till February. Now if you ladies have any info on that then can you please inform me. Now back to the response, well she wrote back and ask if I could send her pics so she could see if I needed a breast lift. This is all that she ask of me because I have given her all my info in the first message I sent her. My weight, height, procedures I want done, & etc. And I did ask for her professional advice on the breast lift not sure if I need one or not. So now im playing the waiting game again lol. I suppose she will take longer this time so im fine with that. But in other news. Ladies I love yily's work but im still stuck on Duran for some reason smh. I just love how she not only sculp the waist, hips, & a$$ but her breast results are amazing. I think thats the only reason I love her work so much. And I have also read she doesnt overbook like yily does plus some of her stuff is cheaper then yily's like insurance. So I have also wrote her to see what the quote is. So now im just waiting. But any who im still at search for a travel buddy have some ladies on here that I have spoken too and still considering others. The more the merrier lol. So please ladies if you want to get to know me outside of Realself then inbox me!!!!! I really dont mind it at all, I would like to get to know each and every one of you guys, so dont be shy because im not lol. Also I will be uploaded naked pics of me some of yall still want to get a better look at me and im fine with that. But im done chatting away for the day lol. Love yall!!!!!!!! Muah ????


Im confuse the main reason i join was to learn and get support. But It has come to my attention that a lot of the ladies on here have been what i call mean girls I should say umm ladies we are all here for each other honestly I mean I've had girls telling me that I'm the first person to write them back with information when they have wrote many others who still after updating their reviews did not get back to them. Like ladies we're all going down the same road some have more bumps then others but we are all here for the same reason. Why some of y'all think that ya'll better than others I don't know but I think some need to get their head out their asses. And show some love instead of just recieveing it. Like I said I'm not a very shy person if you have any questions I am young but I do know a bit and will share with you. So if you have any questions please inbox me or write on my wall I don't care if I have mention it in my review before. If you some how missed it then asked me im not gonna be rude about it. Hope this helps some one. Much love sistas ???

So ready to lock in my date

Dolls I am so ready to go ahead and start my journey um I finally find out the doctor that I absolutely want I'm not changing my mind. The doctor I want for sure is Duran. So now all I can do is wait for a quote and dates available from her. This is really tiring at times. Oh well still excited Im getting this done. Much love babies muah ???

My realistic body shape i can have according to Dr. Yily

Dr. yily!!!

Hey dollz!!!! So I have been gone for a while but for a good reason. Well I just moved out on my own and started my first year of college as a full time student lol. So of coarse im over whem with studies and finances. But im still here right lol. Any who I have been trying real hard to get in contact with Dr. Duran but unfortunately I havent heard anything back from her yet. On the other hand I have heard from doctor yily. And guys I must say I love her!!!! She is such a sweetheart and sooo damn helpful. Not only is she caring but she also understands im young and need all the support and info and has gladly given it to me. I sent her pics of me and then wish pics of the body I wanted. Hear is the thing I love about her the most. She was HONEST! !!! Yes ladies HONEST not only did she tell me that some of my wish pics did not match my body type but she helped me pick some out!!! Yes ladies im not kidding we picked out two pics that look way better then the wish pics I had b4. I love them and I can't wait to have this done. I do not have a set date yet just becausr I need to figure out when im having my finals. But we both agreed somewhere around May 26 is best. Im so excited you guys and nervous. And also I have told Dr. Yily about all the talk about her not giving big butts. She said that shes going to use me as an example to make a believer out of yall!!!!! So you know I cant wait lol. I will give you guys my date and price sometime this week. But check out my wish pics we picked out. Dont believe me just watch. Lol


Sorry ladies about deleting my pics the first time but someone told me I would be safer if I didnt show my face so people couldn't recognized me but I truly dont care when I get this done people are going to know anyway lol


Ok ladies I told yall ill be back with some more info and I am!!! Well I got my quote and my date locked in and I am soooooooooooooooooo happy!!!! Yes this has been a long journey and I still have 9 more months to go. Still im excited so here are the procedures im getting done:
1.) Breast inplants (I might need a lift but that will be determined on surgery day)
2.) LIPO
*entire back (bra roll)
* inner thighs
3.) Fat transfer (bbl)
* buttocks
* hips
Yes I know this looks like a lot but trust me having a lil fat removed from each of those spots will make a big difference. Remember I want that curvy look which means small waist wide hips and big a$$ lol. Omg girls im finally on the road to the new me. I cant wait. But I am looking for a travel buddy so if you are going to yily and are looking into going around May inbox me!!!

An earlier date???

Hi ladies I know I've been gone for a minute but I have really been considering getting my procedure done a little earlier than what I officially though. I wanted to get my procedure done in May but after really doing some thinking I really want to get it done in December now unfortunately Dr yily can not do it in Dec. You guys I dont know what to do!!!! The main reason I want this done earlier then first planned is because my cousin wedding is in May and I want my body to be right for the my bridesmaid dress. This is such a dilemma, I have heard back from duran since then but I had my heart set on yily. But I need this done in Dec soo idk... but I have done some more research and I recently found out that I am in love with cabral work as well. So maybe I should check in to him? Please help ladies im really stressing! But in better news to all the ladies that had their procedure done in august and early September (to many to name) I just want to say that you girls look absolutely gorgeous I love every single one of yall results!! And I hope all of you keep us updated on your journey have a bless one ladies love ya bye!???

Duran or yily?!!!! Back to square one

hello dolls!!! I am really really confused I have no idea which one I like better they're both really good doctors!! Then again they both give very different results. Yily is more on the natural side and duran is more on the wow side lol. Im going to up load some pics and I want you guys to tell me who csn give me this shape better. Duran or yily?

can duran or yily gave me these results?

New page for yily dolls coming soon.

Hi ladies I will be starting a new page for yily dolls only both pre op and post op. This page will not be use for bad mouthing others doctors or other bbl sistas. This is for education and support proposes only!!! It will be up by midnight so please look for it. The name will be ClassyYilyDollz. This is for all yily dolls or for sistas considering yily. Please ladies post your concerns or good feedback on this page. This is a fun page also so good humor is advise lol. I will also manage this page also. Hope to see all the yily dolls on the new page!!!

don't want to go alone :(

Unfortunately I am a college student so my winter break is the only time I can get this done. Only problem is I need a roommate or roommates. I heard its best to have em especially when your going alone which is what im doing. I love yily but she might not be able to do my surgery due to personal matters. So Baez or Duran will due their good dr too but im still praying yily can do it fingers cross. But once again if your going around that time comment or inbox me please. You can also go to CLASSYYILYDOLLS. Have a bless one girlYs

Dr. Edgar Contreras

Ok let me first say that I am not new to this site and even have a previous review. So I suggest you read that one first before this one. Trust me this review would make a lot more since lol. Ok so I was dead set on yily I absolutely love her work but then I got to thinking. Who does all the girls in our wish pics?? You know Yaris Sanchaz, Jessica Mericee, Soblessed the model, and so on. Who is the famous Vixen Model Dr???? Now although these girls have admitted to be #Teamplastic and even said they been worked on in the dr. They for some reason will not name their doctor. And by the looks of it they all seem to have the same doctor. I did countless hours of work on the Internet just trying to dig up some info on to who he or she was. And I kept on seeing this name Dr. Edgar Contreras. I went to his website and didnt see any photos which had me suspicious (in a good way). Like what surgeon doesn't show their work??? So I kept at it research research research! I promise you guys this is taking over my life lol. And just today I found a review on Realself showing his work. And I loooove it!!!! I for the life of me can not think of the user name but she looks amazing. I know its crazy to just up and change my mind like this but something tells me his the real deal. So I emailed him today and got a quote in less then a hour!! And I thought Yily replied fast lol. So basically he sent the following:




CLINICAL RECOVERY IS USD 60 / N to share 80 / N a person


He quoted me 2000 less then duran and yily. Even tho I only get one night at the clinic I still would save a boat load of money going with him. Plus if he is the vixen model dr and i have a funny feeling he is which would explain him not including photos on his website for confirmation purposes, then the price could be triple and ill still pay lol. Anyway im going to do some praying to before I just up and fully decide. But I hear their is a facebook group. If any one has any info on that please please let me know. I would like to see more work by him also...

The famous vixens

I think they all have similar shape. Hmmm

I'm Back!!!!

Hey Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am so sorry I've been gone for so long but a lot has change within that time. I will not really get into it that much but I will say I finally most definitely made my decision on my doctor. If you have been following my journey you know that I have been all over the place! Needless to say I have a few questions for you dolls. How much approximately do your pre-care pack cost? Example fajas, meds, hygiene products, etc. I am indeed traveling to DR so I would like to also know how long should I stay? I'm leaning on 2 weeks. Is that too long? Where are the best housing options? I guess I should tell you guys my doctor. (Drum roll please)..........................................................CABRAL!!!!!!!!! OK before I get bash.. let me explain (Kevin Hart moment lol) I have been following Cabral on Instagram and even following about 10 of his dolls post-op and girl let me tell you they all look good!! I thought about this for about 5 mouths now and I'm 100% sure I want him as my doctor. His results are unbelievable, I got a quote in less then 15 minutes!!! (Still haven't heard from Duran SMFH) And he even said I can be the first patient of the day without any extra cost!!!! I haven't set a day yet on the count of my passport is still not here and I really want to find a partner!! I'm still going by myself and with all the work I'm getting done it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I need to go in August NO later. So if anyone interested please let me know. :) Also comment the answer to my questions. All advice and help is welcome! I will go into detail about what I getting done ( all the specifics) and how much etc. Much love dolls

Instagram Cabral Barbies!!

For privacy reasons I blocked their name and faces. Except for one she doesn't have a Instagram anymore. I found them all on his old and new Instagram and even DM them for info. These are real Cabral Barbies lol no he say she say.

DR Recovery home info? Please Help!!!!!!

Hello ladies I'm looking for a recovery home in the DR. What is the best one? I'm staying for 10-12 days just because I need the best massages and care I'm from Oklahoma so its hard to find that here. Moving to Cali with me baby 3 months after that tho :). Anyway my price range is about 65-85. As of now I'm traveling alone :( so I can use a buddy I also haven't scheduled a date because I want a travel buddy. But it has to be before September 15.... My price is $5200 with Cabral. Who does the best massages as well???? I came across some names but have no contact info. Help a sister out!!!! LOL Comment or inbox.
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