Pretty Darn Nervous but Still Willing to Do It - Oklahoma City, OK

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Dr. A was really great in the initial meeting to...

Dr. A was really great in the initial meeting to make sure I knew what I was getting into and that my expectations weren't over-blown. My breasts have grown immensely in the past two years, while the rest of me hasn't, which is weird. Being at a K cup has been no fun. On top of that, I also have fibrocystic breast disease, so had to have a biopsy on a large area. Dr. A's office advised me of the things my insurance company would look at before approving the surgery, so I did my P/T and biopsy and tried all of the recommended methods for relieving my back pain. Fortunately, after all that, the surgery was approved and I am scheduled for the procedure in December 2013.

I'm a huge pain wimp and have been terrified about doing this, but reading all of the journeys has helped a lot. Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough and brave enough to post here!

Getting more mentally prepared

This weekend there was a concert I attended, and all I could think about was how, in a few months, I won't have to worry about fitting my giant boobs into a top that fit. That I will be able to fit back into some of my favorite tops that I've been saving.

I went through the post-op instructions with my mom this weekend, and we both were grossed out, but it was reassuring to share my fears, and hear her reassurances that she'll be there to help.

The waiting is the hardest part

I've been busy getting my questions ready for my pre-op meeting and lining up my helpers. I've also getting all my holiday shopping done and purging the house for my stay-in family who will be helping me recover.
But being this busy hasn't stopped my mind from wondering how much it will hurt and how wonderful it will look and how miserable I will be at first and how excited I am to not have to pick the girls up to place them in a bra.
I'll start back to physical therapy this week, plus I've upped my exercise over the weekend. These are the things I can control now. But boy, am I ready to get this over!

Moving ahead! Count down begins...

Yesterday, my PS's office called to confirm my pre-op appointment today, and actually talking to the receptionist really made it real for me, so, of course, I had a melt-down. It's all good now, but I freaked.
This morning at the office, I had a few tears, but explain that I am a "crier" when I get stressed and everyone was super-understanding and supportive.
Saw the doc for a bit and went over my list of questions. All very clear and understood now. Feeling much more calm and thankful for this opportunity. I'm sure it's bigger in my head than it will be in reality, but perhaps that will be a happy surprise?
Have vowed to keep exercising and eating right (except for Thanksgiving) in the next few weeks. Was advised on ways to keep the healing best, including eating right and not taking things that thin the blood...all good ideas and should be followed anyhow.
We'll see how I fare the next three weeks emotionally.

Too close for comfort

Each day that I get up and wrestle the girls into a bra, and choose one of the few shirts I have that cover them and yet fit across the shoulders, I am reminded that there is a reason I'm doing this, and that there is a reason it has all come together so well to make it happen. It was a lot of work to get here, but it has really paid off.
You'd think I would be less nervous.
Trying to remember all they said at the appointment. Trying to eat healthy and continue to exercise, but Thanksgiving put a hitch in that get-along.
Found some button-front nightshirts and Vermont Country Store, since I'm not a PJ wearer. Ordered those puppies up! Hope they are cool and comfortable for all the hanging out in bed and on the couch.
Any other things I need that I don't even know about?

Pics, finally

There for a while, I was ready to back out, but every time I had to lean over to eat, or any number of things that I hate about my boobs, I remember why I want to go through with this.
So, here are the girls. Dr. A says I have a narrow figure, which makes it seem even worse.
Now I want to come up with some kind of a mantra for when I get put under and when I wake up.

Reasons why I'm doing this

Sore neck
Sore shoulders
Muscle spasms in lower back
Boob sweat
Can't put arms all the way down
Suffocated when lying on the couch with a pillow under my head
Shoulders are indented by bras
Cost and availability of bras
Have to lean forward to eat or drink
Clothes that fit my boobs hang past my shoulders and are too long for my arms
Hard to sit in tight places like a theater
Weight on chest makes it hard to breathe

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow morning at 8 am, I will go under anesthesia for the first time since my wisdom teeth were extracted. I'm feeling calmer now that it is finally here. I did have a little bit of a panic attack last night, but today was a good day. I have my lists that I am working thru and I'm absorbing positive energy from all my friends and family who are excited to see the results. This is it!


All done. Things went smoothly, from what people tell me. The nurse saw how scared I was and was so sweet. She hugged and comforted. The last I remember was scooting up on the OR table and then waking up. My bestie is taking good care of me. I'm sure tomorrow will be the big test.
Thankful for all the words of support here! I couldn't have been so zen about it without you brave souls!

How to shower?

I've been cleared for a shower tomorrow but would like some tips and tricks on how best to protect the incisions. Help!

Three days post

I put on pants today! It's the little things that help, right?
The first day post was busy with having to go back to see Dr. A and getting settled into the house with my mom. That second night we had a horrible ice storm, so sleeping well was hard because of all the branches falling on the house . Second day post was a lot, because I showered. We survived that. The past 12 hours, I've mostly slept. It feels so good to be rested!
I started on ibuprofen on Saturday day. I've been taking the Percocet at night only. I'm so grateful I have not been nauseous. My bestie that had breast cancer says I've been a rock star, so I'm pleased with that.
I've been having crying jags off and on. Mostly wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea, and worrying that they are too small now. I know it is all fine, but I've been going along with the emotions to let them get out and move on.
I'm also lucky that my mom the health-freak is feeding me foods to help me heal. She's been amazing. Now it is time for food. Yay!

What a difference a week makes!

Woke up the morning seven days later and feel almost normal! I'm no longer sleeping on the wedge, and have showered quite a few times. I sat up most of the day at a movie and at dinner out, but that was enough. I probably spent too much time not reclining. The next day I lounged around all day and felt MUCH better. Today was busier with family coming to visit, and lunch tomorrow, so I'm tempering it with lots of laying around. The sports bra I bought is a little tight on me, so I'm back in the post-surgical bra. It seems to keep the girls happier than something high and tight.
Any suggestions on good post-surgery bras?

One week post op pics

I've been meaning to upload these, but have not had a moment to do this. I am so thrilled with how they look! I see now that I have to get serious about weight loss. LOL!

Two weeks post is GREAT

What a difference another week makes! I can drive, and am starting to move around more and am feeling just better enough to be grumpy about it all.
I went for my two week follow up and things are healing nicely. I have been cleared to start using oil on the incisions, which makes my skin feel SO much better! I think dry skin was making me more miserable than I thought.
I've been one and a half days back at work and I think the regular schedule is helping me, too. I rested all night after the first day, and then watched the Sooners beat Bama, so today I'm feeling GREAT. Boomer!

Three Weeks post-surgery and impatient

Yesterday I was at three weeks post and have been back to work full time at my desk (no lifting necessary for this job) and am still dragging by the end of the day. I feel impatient that I am not back to 100 percent, and then I realize: it's only been THREE WEEKS.
I got in the shower last night and really started scrubbing the incisions because my stitches are starting to come out. I slathered Bio Oil all over and sat bra-free for the first time in a long time. It felt great! I'm looking forward to more feeling great days!

The burning time is here

Starting to feel some heat on the ladies, so I did a search on this site. Says it is normal when nerves start repairing. A little ibuprofen and ice and it's better. Still spending time reclining and hydrating just in case.

Four weeks today

It's hard to believe it's been four weeks since my surgery, especially as quickly as everything has healed. The stitches are starting to fall off and the little bits of pink, new skin are peeping through. The side stitches looked almost normal this morning when I got up and got clean.
I finally got a new compression-ish bra from the Marena brand, so not as supportive, but it was time to move on. The booblets still feel sore and achy in a weird way, but I'm starting to wake up from sleeping on my side again (yay!) and my stamina is coming back.
I'm still really wary of doing too much; that first full week back at work was too much and I paid for it over the weekend. I am now letting myself sleep in and not rushing to run errands after work anymore. I think that has contributed to feeling better this week.
Anyhoo, I have my next follow-up appointment next week and we'll see what Dr. A has to say.

Six weeks is the magic number alright

Today is officially six weeks from my surgery. I spend more time NOT noticing my boobs than feeling twinges or discomfort. When they do act up, I have to tell myself, oh yeah, you had SIX POUNDS removed. Of course they are going to take a bit to get back to "normal."
The stitches are all out, the scars are healing well. I had a hole where a big wad of stitches were, but it is covered up and healing well.
My last follow up appointment was last Friday and she said I was cleared to start regular exercising. And then I got the bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time for that. So I haven't been able to breathe well enough to test out the ladies.
I have switched to sleeping in a breast binder, which is way more comfy to sleep in. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm ready to go try on bras to find some good ones!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

She's great so far. Very direct and realistic. The office staff have been great to talk to and very helpful in navigating all the paperwork involved in submitting to the insurance company. So far, so good!

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