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I went to my 1st consultation this week. The PS...

I went to my 1st consultation this week. The PS was very nice. He advised 325cc to 375cc. I am a little worried after reading other reviews on this site though. He did tell me that the implant would be above the muscle because I have some drooping. The nurse was very informative, but I wish I would have gotten to speak with him longer. I have scheduled 2 other consultations. I did schedule the surgery in case I decide to go with him and they said I can schedule another appointment before surgery if I would like to talk to him. I started off wanting saline, but after much research I am going to go with memory gel.

I had a consultation with Dr. Padgett. I loved...

I had a consultation with Dr. Padgett. I loved her! She gave a lot of good information and gave me a better idea of what my results would look like. I was so happy that I was able to try on different sizes to see what size I would be happy with. She suggested silicone, high profile above the muscle. I was pleased with 375cc on the left and 405cc on the right. I did like this Dr, but I do not like her before/after pictures. I love Dr. Porterfield's before/after pics. I am going to schedule another consultation with Dr. porterfield to see if he will go up in size. If not, I can get in to surgery as early as next Tuesday!

Well I noticed I didn't really tell much about...

Well I noticed I didn't really tell much about myself. Let's see...I have wanted a BA since I was a teen. I have always had small asymmetric breast, but I always thought since ALL the other women in my family have big boobs I thought I would eventually get them. Well I didn't, not even after having 2 kids. During my pregnancy they just got really hard. They grew a little, but not enough. My mom said she didn't get hers until like 25. So, I waited. I am now 26 about to be 27 and decided I am done waiting! Which brings me to the 1st part of my review. I am counting down the days and hoping I will be practically recovered by my bday (April 19). I did talk to someone I know who is getting her BA done by Dr. Brou. She loved her consult with him. So I am going to try and get a consult with him before my money is due with Dr. Porterfield.

I went on my 2nd consultation with Dr. Porterfield...

I went on my 2nd consultation with Dr. Porterfield was great. We agreed on 400-425 cc! I also paid all my fees so it is a done deal! I am really anxious and really nervous. But, I keep reminding myself of the out come. Counting down the days!

I am counting down...less than 48 hours!

I am counting down...less than 48 hours!

I am on day Post Op! It was absolutely terrified...

I am on day Post Op! It was absolutely terrified when I went it. Luckily my mom was with me. I waited about 20 minutes. The nurse came and got me had me take my clothes off and put the paper robe on and hair cap.(I got to keep my underwear and socks) then she asked a couple questions and checked my vitals. Then she hooked up my IV. My mom came in and the anesthesiologist came in and asked questions gave me some what he called " I don't care meds" . The nurse walked me to the Operating room and I laid down on the bed. The gave me a blanket and some other stuff. The anesthesiologist gave me a breathing mask and said I would be out in the matter of seconds. Next thing I know the nurse is waking me up. I asked a lot of questions. She said I was not happy when the woke me I apologized if I said anything bad. They helped me get dressed and gave my mom all the instructions and paper stuff. We got my meds on the way home. Came home hopped in bed.

First, I have to say this website is awesome and...

First, I have to say this website is awesome and has helped me through my whole process of bettering myself! I am 4 days post op and I feel pretty good! My breast are still pretty much numb and I sometimes get shooting pains, but I am pretty sure that is a sign of healing! Right now based off of how to measure your own bra size I am a 34 DD, I don't feel like I am but when I get measured professionally I will post. I started a 36 A/B deflated and practically all nipple. My nipples are lower and I was told I will need a lift. As of right now I am satisfied without a lift. I do wish I would have gone 500cc but my surgeon said he would go the biggest that would look natural. I can't wait to see the changes that will come within the next couple weeks! I have a post p appointment next week. Will update soon. I am pretty much off of pain meds but I have been catching myself doing too much so I will probably take pain meds today.
Dr. Porterfield

I chose the 1st provider because he listened to all of my concerns, had good reviews and excellent before and after pics. He is very knowledgeable and has tons of experience.

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