Implant Removal After 19 Years - Oklahoma City, OK

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First of all, I'm so happy to have found this blog...

First of all, I'm so happy to have found this blog as I have such apprehension with this upcoming procedure in 3 days.
I had augmentation about 19 years ago and left it to the surgeon for the size and I have been unhappy with how large they are the entire time. My right one has been very hard for the majority of the time too.
Well about 4 months ago I started experiencing a 'pooling' or pocket of fluid with the right side and went to a breast specialist. He ran all the tests..MRI, mammogram and ultrasound. Everything came back normal. He was perplexed and put me on antibiotics as a precautionary though infection was ruled out as well as no leak. I came back several times until he decided to do a biopsy as an outpatient this too came back negative. Within days after this I started leaking a rusty colored fluid from the incision. He told me that implant was so close to my skin with no tissue between it and my skin that the biopsy incision partially exposed the implant and the body would never allow it to completely heal. Therefore the decision to remove them as been made. I was a 34B before and currently a 34D. I'm afraid of what they will look like afterward. I've seen photos afterward with breast lift but I'm not having one- just removal. I'm afraid I won't even be the same size I was before.

Day of surgery

On my way to the hospital now and will post again as soon as I feel up to it. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement!

Five days since surgery

First of all, thank you all for your comments and support. It was very much appreciated.
I am so happy to have this surgery behind me now. It was about an hour and a half long and as previously mentioned, I did have an infection on the right side which involved a longer surgery time. Afterward I was in outpatient recovery for about three hours and released to return home I was tightly wrapped in an elastic bandage which was scheduled to come off in 48 hours by the Dr.; however we got snowed in :) so plan B was to talk me through it over the phone and text a picture after my shower,which by the way,felt so good. I am posting both two new pictures which are of me wrapped and then immediately after it was removed. This is day five and I'm still bruised and very sore but taking much less pain meds now. My stitches will come out on Wednesday so I will post again then. Does anyone know how long this extreme tenderness and soreness will last?

After surgery pics

Elastic bandage and after removal of wrap.

Elastic wrap and after removal of wrap

Immediately after wrapped removed

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