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In 1985 i got double lumen silicone in saline...

In 1985 i got double lumen silicone in saline implants my freshman year of college. I really didn't know what I was doing but luckily my mom researched for me and I had one of the best plastic surgeons in town. I weighed 95 lbs. at 5'4", and wore a AAA, but I'm sure if I had waited til I grew up a bit and gained to a normal weight I would have had decent breasts. But I got them and really liked them for the most part, except I was a shy kinda girl and was always trying to hide them in big blousy tops! So I've had these pretty nice breasts longer than I havent, but have really wanted them out for years since they are just in the way, uncomfortable and now as I am older, I feel it makes me look a lot heavier and matronly. My most recent mammogram revealed capsular contractions in both sides and probable leakage. I also learned that all the years I've been having mammograms (over 10) the saline part was never there. They said it probably leaked out long ago. I really don't want to replace them. I feel like I just want to have my own body back, even if it's a bit saggy, at least there's not something else to cause problems in another ten years. My biggest fear: how my husband will handle it! We have been very happily married for 25 years, has only known me with these beautiful breasts that he has always loved! He is not a shallow kind of guy AT ALL, has been the rock that's gotten me through the worst parts of my life. But every time I talk about explant and not putting anything back in he says "I really don't think your going to be happy with small boobies." I have shown him pics from the website how many women fluff up, and I also have the option of Brava+AFT which he likes the idea of, but I am really afraid he won't find me sexy anymore :( I have had initial appt. with PS and she said I have very little breast tissue and I will probably have a scoop out of the top of my breast. She suggested a benelli lift and the fat transfer, but I didn't get cost info for that part yet. My next appt is Wednesday and I have many questions ready, thanks to all your stories.

Finally have peace with decision!

After many weeks of confusion about which path to take, after second opinion with another PS, I feel blessed to have made a decision to just explant and wait on lift or fat transfer. Giving my body time to recover and really see what I have to work with on a lift just feels right for me, even though if I decide on a lift, it will mean a second surgery. My husband has gotten more involved and went with me to two appt. with the two different PSs, and I'm really happy he understands the whole process a lot more now. He's become very supportive! My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday April 9, I will have drains for up to a week, and a compression garment. I'm preparing for the worst, then maybe it won't be as bad as I think, lol!! Thank you for all of your honesty in your own journeys, it helps immeasurably to know what to expect through every step!

doing pretty well!

Three hour surgery, implants were not exactly ruptured but oozing silicone out from the plastic bag disintegrating, if you put pressure on it! Also capsules had so much calcium in them they were hard like bone or eggshell on the inside! I never felt th to be that hard, except the contracted side, so happy to have that disgusting stuff out! Had some pain today even on percoset, not expecting that after reading so many posts about very little or no pain, but they were very adhered to rib cage, so that's probably why. Drains uncomfortable as expected, but putting out fluid so that's great! I have a very tight ace bandage on and of course I look flat as a pancake, can't take a peek til Sunday, I'll post more pics of results soon! Thank you for all the prayers and kind words, it has blessed my day!

Pictures: try again

So far so good!

Feeling so free!

I have to say drains suck! Literally and figuratively, but they serve an important purpose and so I stuck it out, but they came out last night and need for pain meds has gone way down. Just unwrapped for first time and though they aren't perfect, I am extremely relieved! They feel amazing and soft and I can breathe so deeply! Optimistic what my end results will be, trusting God, and refusing to let worries seep in, though I'm sure they will try!

One week, doing great!

Had stitches removed today, now just wearing silicone scar strips, sports bra and light ace bandage for another week just to be sure no seroma develops (my paranoia, doc said ok to take it off) I still am so shocked at what he pulled out of me, my breasts were very soft, right side had just started feeling a little firm a few months ago, but they were so adhered to rib cage I guess it kept them from feeling so hard in there, dr was able to remove them en bloc, but then cut open the "clam shells" to reveal the bleeding silicone implants, not double lumen after all, no actual rupture, just seeping out all over, but all enclosed in capsule, thank the Lord! Still have an adhesion under each nipple which causes it to fold over a bit, but he thinks that time will change that, will examine again in three weeks and then at four months to see if any scar revision may be necessary, but I look very nice in a bra and clothes and that's what I'm excited about, and the feeling of having my own body back, my husband has been sooo supportive and loving and is very optimistic about how I look now. I would encourage anyone with implants 20 years or more to get them out with scar tissue, because it's very likely to have calcification. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube of capsulectomy where implants were over ten years old and some were really as hard as rocks, my doctor said it was like peeling a hard boiled egg when opening up the capsule!

How long did you take pain meds?

I'm almost two weeks post op and still needing pain medicine! For one my back is hurting so bad from sleeping in my back, but also the sides of my breasts where my arms rest and rub are sooo tender, very swollen still, and then my breasts have this intense tingling going on all the time if I try to go without the pain meds. I have cut back on them but longest I've gone without them is about 12 hours and the tingling gets to be too much. Some of the swelling in the upper pole has gone down but not a lot of change in the nipple fold yet. If I don't wear the ace wrap, it seems to fluff out a bit. It does feel better to keep ace wrap on, but dr said I didn't need to wear it so not sure if i should just for comfort, or let them keep settling to let the fold start fluffing out. Seems like before I read so many people off pain meds within days.

Four weeks now, slow recovery!

I think my breasts are changing little by little, and I'm so encouraged by reading posts from others who continue to share months after surgery! I am still having a lot of tenderness and general discomfort on the sides under my arms, which dr says because that's where nerves begin and are still bruised, because of implants being so stuck for so long and the nerves are the slowest part to heal. Wearing sports bras only because having trouble finding a real bra to fit because my breasts are so wide still, I have a lot of side boob still, but a 36A cup is very narrow at the bottom but any bigger cup I don't fill out. Haven't gone to a specific bra store yet, only Walmart and target, will try Soma and Victoria's Secret soon, and we also have a specialty store for women who have had mastectomy and other breast surgery. I'm seeing small changes in the nipple fold, and have seen amazing results from others who have posted even 9 months later so I'm still very hopeful things will fluff out. Dr said I absolutely don't need a lift but if things don't fill out he said a small implant or fat transfer would fix it. There is no way I will consider another implant, and my dr doesn't do fat transfer himself, but I really don't think I will want to do anything for at least a year. If anyone has suggestions for bras that fit a wide shallow breast, let me know!! I have some asymmetry but doesn't seem to be noticeable in clothes.

Finally feeling no pain!

I am amazed as I look through the progression in pictures how much has changed, in just six weeks, it really gives me hope for no more surgeries! The nipple folds are filling out little by little, and the breast tissue seems to be settling down into the right spots. I feel the right breast incision was made a little high, which is becoming a bit more apparent as the bottom of the breast is settling down, but no looking back now! I encourage anyone who has implants for a long time to strongly consider doing the removal and lift or fat transfer in steps even though it would be more than one surgery, because it really is so hard to tell what they will look like until the scar tissue and implants are out! You just may not need anything else done! First PS told me scary things, that I needed small implant and lift, or I would have nothing, wasn't going to remove capsules, and insisted I would have a large scoop of tissue missing from top of right breast and none of those are my result, I have plenty of breast tissue to look nice in a bra or bathing suit, got fitted for a 34B, and am patiently but excitedly waiting to see what further improvent I will see!! Please find the dr you are fully comfortable with, and be patient, and you will have a lovely outcome! Thank you to all of you who continue to support me and each other, it's made this journey so much easier, with hugs, TLP

Comparison pics

Change in front view from beginning to now

Comparison pics 2

Left breast nipple fold

One year update

I am thrilled to no longer have big breasts that are filled with plastic! I love the softness of them now, although I have some scar tissue issues, they look just fine in clothes. I am going to consult a reconstruction doctor about the scarring to see what my options are but not sure I care to do anything. Nipples still have a tuck at bottom and right breast has fold at bottom, possibly a little fat transfer may do the trick, I just don't want them bigger, my clothes fit so much better and I feel like a normal size for my build, though I have gained about ten lbs this year!

Fat grafting and scar release after explant

I had scar release surgery and fat grafting two days ago after much soul searching and investigation into my options. I had more extensive scarring than I realized and that it was pulling in on my breasts, keeping areas tethered. The scar release loosened those areas and the fat is keeping it filled out so it doesn't stick down again. The lipo is uncomfortable, looks horrible with the bruising, but trying to focus on end result which will be all me but not so deformed. Right now breasts are very swollen and excess fat was put in because a possible 30-70% loss can be expected. I do not want them this size so I am hoping they go down a lot!!! I loved the small size I was, just the scarring was affecting my self esteem.

Posted wrong pic!

I realized after someone commented that I posted a flex pic instead of the relaxed pic. The flex pic was used to show the doctor where the tethering was coming from. Swelling has gone down some, lipo areas HURT, and compression garment gets old real quick, but trying to focus on my desire to fix the problem without a small implant, with my own fat, and this is what it took. Praying for patience!
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