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Hello Ladies! I have become rather obsessed with...

Hello Ladies! I have become rather obsessed with this forum while doing research for implants. Being able to read the stories of other women (good or bad) has been extremely helpful! I haven't even had a consultation yet.. But I decided maybe I should just join since I spend so much time on here anyway! I am twenty one years old 5'4 130lb. Before I had my son I was a small 32B. I always hated the fact that I wasn't proportional ( I have a very full behind), I m what you would call your classic pear. I never really thought too much about augmentation though. They were pretty and perky. I guess I just accepted they way I was. April 13, 2009 my wonderful, handsome son was born. Two days later my milk comes in. I wake up to what seems like my entire bed being sopping wet and swollen boobs. I got to the bathroom to pull off my my wet shirt turn around and look in the mirror and WOW!!! The first thing I said to myself was I have porn star boobs. They were at least DD's, if not bigger. I knew I was going to have milk coming in, but nobody informed me I would have breasts the size of melons.. I was in love! I thought they were absolutely beautiful! Despite the fact that they were roch hard, hurt, and there was milk leaking out of them. They were beautiful! Unfortunately, I never could get my son to latch on.. So my days of huge boobs did not last long... Soon after that I was stuck with these to objects that were anything but perky. Not only did I lose those beautiful DD's, but I didn't even have a B by the time I lost all my milk! Yes, I am a deflated 34A!!! Breast augmentation is not even an option anymore. I have to have this done. My husband has not even seen my breasts since they had milk in them.. I am so embarrassed. I have been saving every penny and now I finally have enough saved to get my boobies! Whoo Hoo!!! My consulatation is schelduled for the January 23. I can't wait! Due to the holidays, nI have had to wait seven weeks just for the consult! But this doctor is so worth the wait! I am going to get saline implants, under the muscle. I'm leving the placement of my incsion up to my doctor. I'd rather go with the one that he is most comfortable with. I want to at least be a D cup. I have wide hips and a full backside.. I feel like that would be the best size for me to be proportionate! I am hoping that the consultation wait was just due to the holidays and they have a close surgery date! I am posting my sad, sad before pics... A little embarrassed. This is a very brave move of mine! lol. Comments/Suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys!

Hello Ladies! I had my consultation yeaterday! It...

Hello Ladies! I had my consultation yeaterday! It went well... I love my doc! He has great bedside manner and is very knowlegable... It doesn't hurt that he is really cute too. lol ;)We decided on 425 cc's, saline, submuscular. My surgery is on Feb 28! I can't wait! Only one month away whoohoo! I'll update again soon!

Two weeks from tomorrow I will no longer be a...

Two weeks from tomorrow I will no longer be a pear!!! Whoohoo!!! I'm so anxious.. Not nervous.. Just excited!These will probably be the longest two weeks of my life! Two weeks ago I paid for my twins in full! This was a very exciting day for me. Just to know that they are locked in. Nothing is going to stop me from getting my boobies now! yesterday I bought two sports bra's.. A white one that zipped in the front and a black one that hooked in the front. I have never worn a sports bra before.. I know that sounds funny, but I have always been stuck in a padded push up so I feel like I have some tatas. lol. They were very, very comfortable (even though I couldn't fill it out)... I found that I had a lot of trouble finding the right size though.. I am anticipating on being a D after surgery.. So I wanted to purchase a D sized sports bra.. My issue was, the smallest band size they had was a 38! I wear a band sized at 32- 34. I realize that will probably change after surgery.. but all the way to a 38? I dont know about that.. I bought them anyway... I hope its not too big of an issue. I kept my reciepts just in case. I go next tuesday to make sure 425's is exactly what I want.. I didnt bring different shirts to try on last time, I think I may do that this time.. Also my bra's to see how they fit! Anyhow, I'll update you all after I try on sizers again! YAY for CLEAVAGE!!!!

Well I am six days away from surgery and I am even...

Well I am six days away from surgery and I am even more confused than I have been through this whole process. I went to go on sizers again yesterday... I had orginally scheduled the appointment because I thought maybe I wanted to go bigger (suffering from boob greed). But after my appointment I'm afraid I am going TOO big. I took pics and it seems like everyone is saying that they are too big for my body.. Not sure what I sould do at this point. Ughh!!! I'm running out of time!!!

Today is the day!!! I'm sooo nervous!...

Today is the day!!! I'm sooo nervous! Didn't sleep well at all last night! Thinking I may have him go 50cc's smaller. Will update after surgery!

Good morning ladies! Its the day after surgery and...

Good morning ladies! Its the day after surgery and it went fabulous!!! Sorry I didnt update yesterday. I was running around everywhere and finally my girlfriend made me get in bed and STAY there. I'm feeling wonderful! Not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I haven't taken ANY medication since I left Dr. Jones office. I was in quite a bit of pain right after surgery but the nurse gave me some I.V meds until my lortab kicked in.. I cannot believe I'm feeling this great! I fell asleep around ten last night propped up on my pillows and woke up this morning on my side! Not sure I was supposed to end up that way.. I hope I don't mess anything up! Getting out of bed was a little uncomfortable.. Not really painful I dont know how exactly to explain it.. But I did it! And by myself! lol. The implants are sitting really high. the bottom of my breast are totally soft. I hope they D&F soon! I'll post a pic now! Thats all for now. I'll update later!

Also.. I dont know why it keeps saying i rated it...

Also.. I dont know why it keeps saying i rated it "not worth it" but I have been choosing "undecided"

Well its been 72 hours since surgery. Feeling...

Well its been 72 hours since surgery. Feeling fabulous. A little sore but nothing I'm able to begin to complain about. I'm so surprised recovery has been this easy! At my 24 hour post op appointment a girl in the office asked me if I was super woman... I replied "why yes I am" lol! I'm a little worried about how high and hard my implants are. My friend who had hers done last year says she doesnt remmeber hers being this hard.. Dr. jones said on Wensday that everything looked and felt the way its supposed to... i guess I should just have more faith.. Another thing is whenever I move my right arm or move the top of my implant I can hear squeaking and feel what sees to be an air bubble, or maybe fluid. It wierd. And its always in the exact same spot.. Not sure exactly what that is. Well gotta get back to work.. I'll try and post more pics tonight!

Five days post op: Feeling even better today!...

Five days post op:

Feeling even better today! Almost all the soreness is gone! Its a little tender if I bump my incsion but thats a given. I can feel my implants have gotten more soft and I think they have dropped a bit! I know I am supposed to be sleeping propped up, but that hasnt really worked out for me. Ever since the first night I have been waking up off all my pillows and on my side. Ouch! It was difficuly getting out of bed the day after from a side position. Now it's a breeze! :) I woke up this morning on my belly! Scared me a little.. but all seems to be okay. I went out to a club with a few of my girl friends last night! It was a blast to be able to show off my new enhancements... I dont think I am suposed to do this but I went bra-less!!! I havent done that sice I was twelve.. It was different to say the least. I was only a few hours without a bra so I am hoping that doesn't affect anything! I'm posting pics today! I'll update later girls!

Its been almost a month since surgery!!! Felling...

Its been almost a month since surgery!!! Felling fab! The girls are dropping... I'm in LOVE with my new body!!!

Haven't been on in a bit... My surgery was almost...

Haven't been on in a bit... My surgery was almost six months ago!!! Everything is fabulous!! Dr. Jones is fabulous I could not be more pleased!!! I am posting a pic.. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.. I know being able to chat with the girls during my procedure was soooo helpful!!!
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Absolutely LOVE Dr. Jones! He is one of the most kind doctors I have ever met! He is also very good at what he does! Him and his staff have been just so amazing in every way. They have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable in every aspect of this process. From size, surgery, and even scheduling dates. I couldn't ask for a better expierence! Or a better doctor! I am truley greatful for Doctor Jones and Waterford Plastic Surgery Center!

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