I Need Help Find a Surgeon & Need to Know What to Look for - Oklahoma City, OK

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I am 21 years old & have a 17month old child 5'4"...

I am 21 years old & have a 17month old child 5'4" & 115lbs. I breastfed for 4 months. Before pregnancy I was a 34D, during pregnancy&breastfeeding a 38DD. NOW I am a depressing 31D. When I say my size no one believes me because they look so small. I have a lot of sagging & extra skin. I wear expensive push ups but my breasts are always spilling out or just looking messy. I try wearing a smaller size for a sad attempt at cleavage but then I have boobage spilling from all sides. I dont like asking other peoples opinions because they are harshly judgemental. I really want a breast augmentation to restore the fullness & give some perk to my breasts. Im not getting this because I think I have small boobs. Im young & it saddens me every time I look or put on a bra. I cant wear strapless or even spaghetti straps. Nothing with cleavage basically. & NEVER a bathing suit. I hate being naked around my boyfriend & I dont even like him to touch them. I honestly feel like my whole life revolves around my "saggy titties" because they are always affecting me. Im trying hard to research this procedure because I dont want messed up breasts or end up with a serious medical condition. I also live in oklahoma so I probably would not want to get anything done here. I also scar very very easily. I want something more natural looking but not too big because altho im average height, I have a small frame. I really want an experienced surgeon that can make mine look great. I want them even & but I don't think I want a nipple incision for cosmetic reasons. I really want to find a female surgeon. Im not good with men at all haha. Is it possible to have a surgeon that does not have any patients that had to come back because of issues wether they were medical or caused because of the procedure?? Im not sure if I will need a breast lift as well but id like to avoid it because of my scarring. I know this is a lot & I probably did not explain well but I need a lot of help & a support team. Really hope for good feedback from you guys, will post pictures of my atrocities soon.
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