31yo, 1kid, Been Wanting to Get my Twins Fixed Ever Since 17!!!! - Oklahoma City, OK

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I'm sooooooo excited! Ever since I know my boobs...

I'm sooooooo excited! Ever since I know my boobs were not growing any bigger after puberty, I told myself i need them done before I turn 30 but oh well that didn't happen for two reasons, first of all I got preggo!! Second, didn't have the budget at the time. So here I am after one year of my original goal i finally schedule my consultation with dr. jones!!! For the past few years I've been doing my research and Dr. Jones has always been my first choice. Hubby was super supportive and of course he went with me. I've been on Realself for a good while, been reading y'all ladies reviews and pictures so I already know how big I want the twins to be lol. All I needed to do was to listen to the docs opinions and try on sizers!! Will share more on my next review!!

5'3 110lbs, Petite. First Consultation! 400CC HP Under Muscle

I decided to schedule my consultation on 7/15 which was the day I
turned 31! Happy birthday to myself!! Appt was at 9, we got there filled
out some paper work and then shortly after that they called us to the
room! Dr. Jones office is very clean and comfy . I was nervous but they
were very nice and professional so I didn't feel awkward at all. I tried
on different sizers (350cc-375cc-400cc-425cc) me and hubby both like
the 400cc the best. (I was doing lots researches on RS so I already knew
I want them at least 400cc) tried on 425cc and the front look
overwhelmed like they are too big for me and make my chest look huge

Hubby was there taking notes while I just kind of hang around lol. I
didn't even try to find another surgeon, I'm confident that I found the
one I want and the result would turn out great!! Oh btw I asked him if I
need a lift since I was preggo and BF my daughter for 6weeks. He said
no, my boobies are perky and I just lost volume I was like I never had
volume lol

I have so much questions for y'all ladies but not
sure where to start. I guess I'll just wait since I still have 4months
to chill. :)


So I have some questions wanted to ask you ladies.

Anyone has any suggestion on the sports bra? Like what brand do you recommend ? And how do you decide on sizes?

Scar cream? Which ones work better for you?

Anything else I should get before my procedure?

Thank you all!!!

Today is the big day!!! They are here!! Everything...

Today is the big day!!! They are here!! Everything went very very well and I'm loving them so far. My surgery was scheduled @1045am, we got there an hour before so I could finish fill out some paper work. Dr. jones' office is really cozy and you can't ask for better nurses, every single one of them are super kind! They called me in around 1037 to set up IV, shortly after that dr Jones and the anesthesiologist came talk to me separately. They are on top of schedule and I love it! Some of my friends had asked me if I was nervous, honestly no. Could be the fact I don't know what to expect , don't get me wrong, I did lots of research but I guess I just trust my doctor and his team I know I was in good hands. The nursery took me to the surgery room and had me lay in the bed, one nurse helped me out my socks on the other was measuring my blood pressure, the anesthesiologist told me to put my arm on the other arm rest and I started thinking "what if I don't wake up?!" And that's the last thing I remembered lol

Dr Jones told me the surgery takes about 40mins and I will be in the recovery room for 30mins or so. When I woke up I was already on the recovery room. They called my hubby to come in and it was around 1230pm and that was when I started feeling the pain, it was manageable, in the beginning it was hard to breath cuz the pain so I took two painkillers then they released me around 1pm. When I first sat in the car my body started jerking a little bit my guess was the anesthesia, I had hubby call them and they told us it's normal. Thank goodness it didn't last long and the painkiller kicked in while we were getting food so I felt great. I rotate oxycodone and ibuprofen every two hours since I left the facility, it's been 16 hours and I feel great. I sure feel the tightness and pressure on the upper part of my breast, other than that the discomfort is very minor. Feels more like you have bruises on your boobs if that make sense. 

I've purchased two bras from the surgeons office. They are $30 for two, I like them so far. Since pretty supportive. I'm a side sleeper but I have slept on my back all night last night. Wasn't the most comfortable but again the discomfort is manageable so I still had some sleep. Only part that was kind of bothering me was getting up to use the bathroom, it took awhile for me to get up and lay back down. I guess I've never noticed how much boob muscle you use while trying to get up and lay down lol. 

I'm going to see dr Jones in several hours for my next day follow up and I do have lots of questions to ask him. Overall it was a very good procedure. Dr. jones and his team are very professional. If you are around the area and want to get some work done, highly recommend!

First week post op

So it's been a week since my BA I'm feeling a lot better. From day 2 to day 4 was kinda miserable tho. I had this stabbing/sharp pain on my right side and I couldn't move my right arm without it started hurting. I called the doctor office they told me it's normal since I'm right handed that muscle was just a lot tighter. My left one did not have a problem at all. I am glad I took a whole week off and so did my husband, he's such a sweetheart he helped me on everything. For you ladies out there if you are considering a BA, gotta make sure someone is there to take care of you. It would be nice.

I'm heading back to work tmr oh it's gonna be fun, we will see how it goes. Ohh btw my lower back hurts!! I guess this is what happens when you have big boobs lol

Post op 2.5 weeks, I'm loving my girls!!

Here are some recent pictures. Went to see dr Jones for my two weeks check up, he said I'm doing great and I truly agree with him! 17days post op I can't ask for more. He's so talented!! Finally got the stripes removed and can start using scar cream.
Here are some pics to share.

3weeks&1month PO update

I'm sooooo behind! With this holiday season I can't keep up with myself!!! But I still look at my twins everyday and say "you girls look good!"

With the cold/dry weather and wearing sports bra 24/7 makes my skin around my boobies itchy, I talked to Dr. Jones he said I don't have to wear sports bra every day and I get the ok from him to wear bralette , spaghetti stripes or regular bra without wire Woohoo!!

Incisions looking good too! I can't barely see them, well they are under so makes sense lol but hubby says they look good too.

At 1 month the soreness reduced a lot!! I don't feel much pain other than my nipples feel kind of sore if I touch them, overall I feel great!!!

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!
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