31yo, 1kid, Been Wanting to Get my Twins Fixed Ever Since 17!!!! - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm sooooooo excited! Ever since I know my boobs...

I'm sooooooo excited! Ever since I know my boobs were not growing any bigger after puberty, I told myself i need them done before I turn 30 but oh well that didn't happen for two reasons, first of all I got preggo!! Second, didn't have the budget at the time. So here I am after one year of my original goal i finally schedule my consultation with dr. jones!!! For the past few years I've been doing my research and Dr. Jones has always been my first choice. Hubby was super supportive and of course he went with me. I've been on Realself for a good while, been reading y'all ladies reviews and pictures so I already know how big I want the twins to be lol. All I needed to do was to listen to the docs opinions and try on sizers!! Will share more on my next review!!

5'3 110lbs, Petite. First Consultation! 400CC HP Under Muscle

I decided to schedule my consultation on 7/15 which was the day I
turned 31! Happy birthday to myself!! Appt was at 9, we got there filled
out some paper work and then shortly after that they called us to the
room! Dr. Jones office is very clean and comfy . I was nervous but they
were very nice and professional so I didn't feel awkward at all. I tried
on different sizers (350cc-375cc-400cc-425cc) me and hubby both like
the 400cc the best. (I was doing lots researches on RS so I already knew
I want them at least 400cc) tried on 425cc and the front look
overwhelmed like they are too big for me and make my chest look huge

Hubby was there taking notes while I just kind of hang around lol. I
didn't even try to find another surgeon, I'm confident that I found the
one I want and the result would turn out great!! Oh btw I asked him if I
need a lift since I was preggo and BF my daughter for 6weeks. He said
no, my boobies are perky and I just lost volume I was like I never had
volume lol

I have so much questions for y'all ladies but not
sure where to start. I guess I'll just wait since I still have 4months
to chill. :)


So I have some questions wanted to ask you ladies.

Anyone has any suggestion on the sports bra? Like what brand do you recommend ? And how do you decide on sizes?

Scar cream? Which ones work better for you?

Anything else I should get before my procedure?

Thank you all!!!
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

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