30 Years Old, 1 Child, 5'5" 145lbs - Oklahoma City, OK

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I've wanted an augmentation for 10+ years and I...

I've wanted an augmentation for 10+ years and I think I'm finally ready! I had my consult 1 month ago and scheduled surgery for March. The doctor seemed very professional and made me feel completely at ease & confident in my decision. I'm hopefully not done having babies so we decided to go with Naturelle 410 implants, which I was told tend to hold their shape & position quite well over the years. I'm slightly asymmetric after breastfeeding so we'll be going with a 360 on one side & 405 on the other, under the muscle with incision underneath (hoping to go from a 36B to 36 full C). I'm SO excited & beyond ready for this! Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated. My biggest worry is not being able to lift my baby for awhile :( Would love to hear how anyone else has gotten through this. Here's to my official 2 month time limit for dropping the rest of this darn baby weight! :)

1 week countdown!!

I'm sooooo ready for some after pictures! :) Surgery is in 4 days, so nervous/happy!

1 day post op!

We ended up going with 410cc moderate full projection on both sides. Surgery went great & pain isn't terrible. Taking Lortab & Soma every 6 hours. Can't wait to unwrap these babies today & see what's underneath!

Post-op day 1

Feeling great & loving results so far! I know they will settle & shape up quite a bit, but just having some volume period is really exciting! Also, swelling & bruising is very minimal.

Post op day 2

Anyone seen anything like this? I really thought I'd get out of having a reaction by telling them I'm allergic to surgical glue & getting sutures instead... now this! I have the most sensitive skin ever. If it wasn't for this itching/burning I'd be feeling great. Help!

Post-op day 3

Check out this sexy boob cast I get to wear for 4 weeks ;)

Post op day 6

I have the angriest, itchiest red rash between my cleavage that's working it's way up my neck & out to my nipples. The doctor thinks I could be lucky enough to be allergic to all adhesives, PLUS whatever antibiotic he washed me out with. I start a medrol dose pack, sterid cream & Hydroxisine today. My results are already so amazing & I'm too itchy to enjoy it. :( Bleh!

Post-op day 11

Still a little sore at the end of the day but loving results! I got sutures out Friday so started scar treatment. I have a 22lb baby I've been lugging around since day 3 so it's safe to say I've been over-doing it, otherwise the soreness would probably be gone.

Post op 2 weeks

I think I lifted too much yesterday & I'm worried I stretched something :( Right breast is much lower today & I have a constant ache in the bottom crease & side. Lord, help me :(

3 weeks post op - bad news

My fear was confirmed today. :( All of the pain I've been feeling on my right side since lifting WAY over my weight restriction is a busted suture which has left that implant lower, possibly long term. I have to find a good slight push - up bra to hold weight off of what's left of the suture line & hope that it will heal in a more supported position. Not sure what the chances are of that actually happening. :(

Ultimate happiness!

4 weeks out & LOVING my results! There have been a few bumps along the road but I think we're finally where we should be. Finally starting to settle appropriately & swelling has resolved. So happy! Now to find a bra that fits. :)

Side view

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