27 Yo, One Breastfeed Toddler. 450 Saline, Moderate Plus. Lollipop lift. Fort Worth, TX

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I am 28, 5'7", 156. Still trying to loose some...

I am 28, 5'7", 156. Still trying to loose some weight before the surgery. I Doctor recommend me to do this above the muscle. Still not sure what exactly I want! But here are some ideas. I want a great cleavage without bra, and a great sideboob:) Just really want to feel more confident in any dress, top, or swimwear.

Little more than 3 weeks till the surgery

Found more wish boobs. As I am still thinking what exactly I want. Getting a little nervous already.

Canceled my surgery and found a new doctor!

I've been MIA for a while since I've been doing the research. The doctor with whom I scheduled my BA, was the one that my friend recommended me. I had no idea that there could be difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery! When I told my friend, she told me that I have to make sure that the doctor is a Board certified plastic surgeon. I looked at their web site and made some research, found out that the doctor is just a dentist! So disappointed:( I posted a question on here, and every plastic surgeon recommended me to cancel the surgery even if I loose the money. So yesterday I found a top plastic surgeon here in Fort Worth TX, very close to me. Today I made and appointment for consultation with him this Thursday! Very excited! Also today I cancelled the surgery that I was supposed to have in Oklahoma! I lost $500 deposit! But I feel like it's better this way, I would feel so much safer :) here are my boobs before. My favorite not padded bra.

Update on the consultation with Doctor.

First of all, I noticed that I constantly forgetting how old I am. I am 27, but always write everywhere that I am 28 or 29, it been happening to me pretty much all my life, I like to add a couple years. Haha.

On the other note, my consultation with Dr. Kurkjian was amazing.
The office is located at the hospital in Fort Worth, which is only about 30 min from my house.
The staff and the Doctor are amazing, they are so sweet and warm, made me feel very welcome and comfortable.
Dr. Kurkjian helped me to see what I really need. Unfortunately I have uneven breasts and even uneven rib cage (I had no idea about the rib cage!)
He recommended me to get lollipop lift and I believe 450 Moderate. I still want to do saline instead of silicone, I would rather have saline lick in my body instead of silicone.
The recovery is going to take about a week, so I would have to postpone my surgery till May. I am an Accountant and a senior student at the University. I can take time off at work, but unfortunately can not miss the whole week at school. So I just will wait till my summer break.
Overall I am super happy that I found Dr. Kurkjian and his staff :)

Juvederm 1 syringe

So while I am waiting for my breast augmentation, I still have more than a month to go, I went and got Juvederm injected in my lips. 1 syringe. I love the results so far !

Juvederm update

Overall I liked the effect. It made me kinda upset that the volume went down after swelling, and I am left just with a little bit bigger lips than I had before. But I should've gotten at least a half syringe more. When I put liner and a lipstick on, I can see the difference. I will get a half syringe more after a week or two after my breast surgery :) but overall all very happy with the results! She did such a great job! I had almost no bruising , and I was planning for the worse . I am glad o did it, it mak me feel more comfortable without any makeup on.

Pre-op , 3 weeks till surgery.

This Tuesday I had my pre op. It went well. Got my prescriptions, and still have to go fill them up. We went over a lot of stuff and I paid almost full cost of my surgery. Still have to pay one more part at the day of surgery. I am just ready for the surgery and want to get over with. My husband got a week off work, so he can take care of me post surgery, which makes me very happy :) Will post my before pictures in a while.

16 days till surgery

16 days till surgery and I am thinking about it more than ever. I guess it is normal. I am very nervous, but at the same time just want to get over with. I wanted to get my boobs done since my early 20s , but I was waiting till I have a baby first, so I can breastfeed and then get it done. I finally had a baby and ready for my new boobs :) When I was growing up until 12 yo, I was a very large girl, around 200 pound. My boobs grew very fast and very big. For some reason I did not want to wear any bra. And then later I decided to loose weight, and in a year I lost about 70 pounds. Because of those 2 factors, since I was 14 I hated my saggy boobs. After breastfeeding they got even worse. So I was ready for the surgery for a long a time, but completely made my decision and stated my research a little bit more than a year ago.
There are a few things that I am really thinking about:
1) I am very sad that I won't be able to carry my toddler for 6 weeks :(
2) I am very nervous about anesthesia ...
3) I am very scared that my coworkers are going to notice... Like I really don't want them to know.. We are the small firm and I am one of the accountants. I am relatively new there. So it would be super awkward.

Less than 2 weeks!

Getting very excited! Got the swimsuit in the mail that I looking forward to fill in this summer with new boobies :)

3 days to go

3 days till my surgery. I am getting very very nervous, nervous to the point that I am sad. It happened to me also right before they induced me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was so nervous, because I had no idea what to expect. Same now, super nervous, but at the same time exited. Also, I've been trying to loose as much weight as possible before the surgery, since I won't be able to work out for 6 week- this would be the hardest part of recovery. I went 4 times to a cycle class week and I feel great! I've been following all the pre opp advised. Here are my pre op pictures. I am ready to have a body what I've always dreamed about.

2.5 hours till the surgery!

I had a very good night sleep, even though it was only 4 hrs . I am a more in the mood to get this done and get over with, than nervous. I am really thinking if I should go bigger than 450 tho. I took some before pictures in my old swimsuits. I am very sad that I gained so much weight during the last semester and did not have time to loose it. After 6 weeks recovery, my mission will be getting in shape :)

Got the boobs ????

Early in the morning, my hubs and I went to the surgery center. I loved it there, all the stuff and nurses were super sweet and nice!
First of all, I don't know why, but was so bloated in the morning.
They started with payment and instructions.
Then moved to take urine test an Put in IV.
Then my doctor came to make some marks and go over everything. He said he might need to more than just lollipop lift and add a couple more cuts on the bottom. I said ok, but I really hope that he did not have to do it.
Then one nurse started with anesthesia, I started feeling very very sleepy. Then woke up like after a long nap :)
My husband came in and dressed me up.
I had some Sprite and crackers and then in 5 min threw up.
All I felt at the beginning was pressure. No pain.
We came home - I took 2 hrs nap. Then my hubs cooked for me and I took my meds. The only discomfort I had was very bad nausea . No pain. Trying to stay off pain meds as longer as possible. Definitely narcosis- don't want to take those :)
After 10 min I threw up big times, but now I feel so much better.
I have two really good friends, they are both nurses , in the group chat that told me that I should at least take muscle relaxer, so I took one Valium.
I feel pretty good, just dizzy and I try to walk. I remember this happen after I had my c section:) also feel pressure in chest :)

Day 2 post op

I had a very bad night sleep. I am not back sleeper , so it was very hard for me to get comfortable and get some rest. In the morning my hubs and I went for a post op check up. I saw my boobs for the first time. They are super high and swollen. Also more scars than I expected. My doc did full anchor lift instead of lollipop, this makes me upset more than anything else. Just gonna hang in there and hope the scars will fade away very fast. I am eating a lot of protein for a fester recovery of scars. Still taking muscular relaxers, anti flamatory, and antibiotics. Hoping a better day tomorrow. So far day 2 was the worst.

Day 3

During the night I slept pretty good, took pills in the middle of the night, cuz it was time to. In the morning I woke up pretty good. Felt very good. Then stated kinda cleaning a little bit. I have very bad "OCD", and my hubs don't like to put the stuff where it belongs. So the house looks pretty bad, and I decided to clean a little bit, just at least the stuff that is not in the place. I felt very energetic during this. But then, when I lay down I felt sharp pain, like I did not have before, so I took muscle relaxer. And I fell asleep for 6 hours again. When I woke up I felt like my head in the fog, dizzy , and I can't really think straight. I think its time to cut muscle relaxers during the day time, they mess up with my head big times. But I am sure they will be useful at night to help me sleep at night :) I washed my hair in the tub, hubs helped me with that.
Other than that, I want to start thinking clear again, so I can get out somewhere. I don't like being at home all the time :)

Just some pictures

Still very bloated and swollen. Changing the pads at lest once a day, but they are clean, almost no blood at all. Still dry blood on the glue on the incision .

Day 4

This is basically how I see my breasts now, when I look down on them. Two cones ???????????? can't wait for them drop and get a nice shape ????

Day 5 post op!

Yesterday and today I am completely off muscle relaxers. Only at night I would take 2 regular Tylenol pills. Yesterday I went to my friend's baby shower. Had a lot of fun, but could not stand for more than 20 min at a time, started to get uncomfortable. Since I was not on muscle relaxers anymore , I stated driving yesterday. Today I am feeling good, just like yesterday. Clear head, enjoying my life without relaxers. But today, not sure what happened, I am so bloated like I've never been before. Maybe because I've been taking stool softener for too long now :( also I am super swollen :( where it gets uncomfortable. Swollen from surgery, and also I feel like from all that fluid that they put through the IV. I can't even put my wedding ring on. Can't feel one nippple , but the other one feels the same like before the surgery. So far loving my results! Hope you are ladies are doing great <3

Day 6!

Today was a good day. I finished my anti flamatory prescription, still have some antibiotics left to finish. I was feeling so good ! So I actually did not really thought that walk in the mall could be a kind of a cardio. So I went to the mal with mom and my baby. Well, after 10 min of walking I stated having a sharp pain. So I thought we should go back home . So I went back home , took some Tylenol and lay down. I feel good now, looks like nothing serious. I am going back to work tomorrow. Thankfully I have a separate office just to my self, so I can get rest anytime in any position. Haha.
I feel like my boobies are finally dropping a little bit, and feeling softer. I am very happy with the shape, just worried if I should've gone bigger. But not sure, since right after my Doc will clear me ok for the gym and cardio , I am planning to lose at least 20 pounds. So I am guessing, this size would be perfect:)

It's been a week!

Time flies! I went back to work today!
The third of the day was completely fine! But the rest I was just dreaming about leaving early. I was super uncomfortable. Thankfully I live only 10 min away from work, I made it to my couch, but it was hard. I felt like little tingles underarms . Like my arms and legs are trying to fall asleep, probably from sitting at my desk too much.
I am happy with my boobs, But I feel huge :( I feel like gained 50 pounds :( My arms, legs, and belly are huge :( I feel like I should be loosing weight, since all I am eating is protein and veggies, but I feel absolutely ginormous. And I can't work out yet :( I just hope it is just fluids and swelling.
End rant for today. lol.

Boobies blues?

Tonight I am having weird mood swings. I get very very sad, while I have nothing to be sad about. Kinda like after I had my baby, but not as hard. Just very very sad for no reason. Is it boobies blues ? Btw, I am very happy with my breasts right now. They are finally dropping! So excited to see a final result :)

2 weeks post opp.

Went to my 2 weeks post opp today. Doc says that everything looks perfect. I feel good, back to the normal me. Just can't workout yet, can't wait till 6 week pass, so I can come back my regular workout routine. My nurse said that I can start wearing sports bra. I got very excited and went to get one :) Today they gave me a card with implants information. Turns out I have 500 on the left and 445 on the right. They look perfectly symmetrical now. Still have glue around my incisions. So far I love my new look.

Week 4!

Today I went for my 4 weeks post opp. Everything looks great. Healing quickly. Glue finally came off and my nurse took off the rest of stitches that were coming out. Itching pretty badly time to time, so today I started putting on healing ointment. I feel very good and got back to some cardio. I really wish I went a little bit bigger, tho!
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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