21 Year Old Wanting Larger Fuller Breasts. Oklahoma City, OK

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I did 550ccs yesterday by Dr. Jensen I'm in a...

I did 550ccs yesterday by Dr. Jensen I'm in a pretty good amount of pain but I'm hoping they end up being pretty big :) I'll post some before and after. I went in wanting 480ccs high profile but after playing with the implants I chose 550ccs. I'm super happy I think any smaller I would've been upset. The staff was friendly and they even gave me a t-shirt! Will update my progress.

3 days post op

I'm still in pain but it's manageable. Id say it's more discomfort. If I stay still I feel fine but if I start moving it feel like pressure on my incisions. I'm moving around today trying to walk around because I'm getting very bored on the pain meds. Figured the outside will help. Dr. Said my progress was going well. Will update pics later

5 days post op

I'm not in a ton of pain anymore. Just discomfort on the sides of my breast and incisions sometimes. Doc said its normal to spend a couple hours with the bra off to relieve some of the pressure. I have pretty substantial bruising on my right boob. A little painful to wear my compression bra at times. Overall loving my look. I went 550ccs so my doctor said that my cup size will just continue growing possibly for the next couple months. I never had a lot of upper pole fullness. Mine situated pretty fast. Waiting for them to drop a little more. I started spreading out my pain meds last night every 6 hours instead of 4-6. Today I started just substituting 800mg of ibeuprofen. It helped more than I was expecting. I plan to go back to work tomorrow doing the same thing. I will only take my real pain meds at night time to help me sleep in comfort.

Correction today is 5 days post op

My bruising is subsiding. I am completely off pain meds and back to work (nannying) which has been hard because I'm limited to what I can do. Get tired pretty easily and my boobs overheat in the compression bra (anyone else have this problem?) anywho I'm working through it. First day back was a success. Didn't have pain but definitely discomfort. Ibuprofen has been my friend. My boobs are not very mobile at all. Bought a new sports bra that is molded but doesn't have underwire ended up being a disaster because my incisions just aren't comparable with it yet. Really no discomfort besides the incisions and bruising. My nurse recommended arnicare gel for the bruising I think it's working or maybe relieving myself of the bra for a while is. Anyway happy with my boobs still. A little afraid I might have went too big because my friend got hers a week before me and hers look bigger every day and she went over 100ccs smaller than me! But her frame is substantially tinier.

Almost 5 days post op

I'm happy that I got my boobs for sure, but hate the restrictions they are causing in my life right now!

My boyfriend is very much so in love with my new boobs says they are "literally perfect" I like them but definitely not as much as him. Maybe that's because they are still healing and I'm trying to get over the annoying pain. Still only on ibeuprofen, but needing it multiple times a day.

I have the glue still over my incisions. I have had some girls say they peeled theirs off to let theirs breathe. I put Neosporin on mine today and some of my glue came off. My skin looks way better without the glue which is purple. I'm very cautious though. Any opinions on your incisions/glue? Also for tanning!

Late to update but these were my two week post op photos

I liked to follow people's results weeks and months later. Hope mine can be useful to you as well! In all honestly my recovery is taking longer than I expected. My glue on my incisions came off and the skin under is SO sensitive. Rubbing on anything hurts. Extremely annoying. I also love going to the gym and struggling with all the setbacks! If you haven't gotten it done enjoy sleeping on your side. It's still uncomfortable and I wake up sore if I do and I'm 2&1/2 weeks post. Wouldn't take my old boobs back though. Absolutely love my results.

4 months post op

Sorry I haven't been reviewing a lot lately. Still in love with my girls. My scars aren't fading as fast as I hoped but that's my only complaint.
Dr. Dwayne Jensen

He really listened to everything I had to say. Made me feel very comfortable and he even showed me his faith in the Lord. Which I loved. He made his feelings towards my choices apparent but not pushy. Would definitely go to him again and will recommend him to my friends. He even called me on my way home to check up on me.

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