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Hi everyone! I'm new to site as far as posting but...

Hi everyone! I'm new to site as far as posting but been on here looking for awhile. I see a lot of good results and hoping I have a good experience as well! I'm getting a BA with over 250 cc silicone over to hopefully go one cup size up and get some fullness (I'm saggy). But I'm truly more excited about the BBL than the BA. I had 550cc saline under put in 8 years ago but took them out with no replacements about 5 yrs ago as they overwhelmed my body...made my butt look smaller. I'm gaining weight now so I can put 800 cc in each cheek & 200cc in each hip. I have no hips so I'm praying this will give me an hourglass look and fill by butt out. MY Doc gave me an "wtf" look when I showed pics I wanted. I trust his skills as me & family it use only him...I'm just hoping he understands I really want a BIG butt. Also can you ladies ive me feedback on how many CCs you got and how happy was you with the results? I would rather have a big butt than smaller. Thank you all and I will post pics as I go.

This time in 2 weeks Im hoping to be filled out (and probably in pain lol)

1 more week until boob and butt day!

Hi guys, this time next week I'll be prepping to go in the next morning to pick up my new curves! I am nervous as what if I am one of those who does not see a difference in my butt or my hips? Just ready to get going! I've decided on 350cc silicone for my breasts and hopefully I'll have enough fat for at least 800cc in each cheek and 250 in each hip. I'm told the recovery for over the muscle on breasts is much easier so I'm belongings not terrible on recovery. I have seen some cool ideas for laying down for either on your back on foam with the butt cutout or cutout for the breast on belly. I'm going for sleeping on the belly since the implants aren't fat that die. I'm ready!

The plastic surgery simulator lite is a great app!

I don't think it's too much to ask for! I'm hoping I can get close to this projection in this simulated pic :)

BBL & BA Monday morning- getting myself ready for the inconvenience of resting

I'm less than 36 hours away from the new I'm trying to prep in the least expensive way possible. Dug out an old lawn chair and cut the "butt" hole out -hopefully it will need to be bigger not smaller ;). I also bought one of those foam topper from walmart for about $12 to put over- pretty comfy. Of course I have the lawn chair with the cut-out as well. I saw a swimming tube (body glove) on clearance today...not sure how great it will work...maybe if I built the pillows up for my feet and head. The one last thing was I bought a pack of 4 foam cushions for seats from walmart ($10) to cut how breast holes so it will be more comfortable sleeping on my stomach since I'm getting BA too. Man, I hope my expectations are met!

Post op 3 days

Ok finally had my sx on Monday....still swollen and aching so not sure of the results yet. Doc could only fit 796cc on each side and actually has 400ccs left that he can keep to see in the freezer if I want more added later in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping I'll like my results so I don't have to go back. Seems like its just more of an ache in my butt and boobs whereas the pain is in the lipo areas (says he went aggressively in my lower stomach and back area- feel like I was in a knife fight lol). I wouldn't say its a rough recovery more of an aggravating recovery...I hate the compression part of the garments and the inconvenience of not sitting down. It only hurt to lay on my stomach the first day but now its fine except then I just want to sleep (I had online classes start the same day of SX so sleeping all the time is not going to work. So now I'm just hoping my breast start softening up and drop soon as well as my butt soften up and into the shape & size I'm wanting. Question for you ladies, when does the butt start softening up? My feels brick hard!

Back after BBL 1 for Round 2--am not happy with 1st round

Hi everyone...I had signed up here last year before I got my BBL but signed off due to life getting just to busy with work and know how time-consuming it can get when on this site...would have to literally pull myself away :). So here's me journey with my BBL experience. I had my BBL and BA in Oklahoma...doc is great with BA but now I'm realizing he probably does not have enough experience with BBL (I'm sure one day he will with the popularity its becoming but just now now). My butt looked good for the first 5 months but I didn't really get the projection or fullness I was wanting and the hip area looked good just while they were swollen...when the swelling went down so did the little hips he gave me :(. I've seen in pics to Cortez's office so I'm hoping to hear back from him next week. it sucks as while I know I have gain weight in the last few months I may have to gain more to achieve the results I want. Judging by Dr Cortez pics and videos I realize I should have went to him in the 1st place (so much for trying to stay close to home- didn't pay off in the long run). I'm 5'4 and currently about 149 pds...any advise on going with round 2 and Dr Cortez?

My wish list...please let me know if any of these are anyone pics that need to be taken off

If I could get close to the pics I would be so happy

How to change the doctor in the review??

How do I change the doctor in my review ...planning on going with Cortez

Fisher June 12th round 2

See my review in "brazilian butt lift revision" for round 2 with Fisher. Met him today for consult...really nice, laid back all the while being professional. He told me I do not have enough fat for my wish pics but should have enough to round out my hips and lower butt...not what I wanted to hear but really respect that he was honest about it instead of just telling me what I want to hear. I'm staying hopeful he'll be able to pull a decent amount of good fat though :)

painful but worth it!

Had surgery yesterday so not quite up to alot of pics yet. FISHER did not ladies from recovery house this week to include me and all are looking good. He was able to pull 2700 cc from me and put 900 on each side...which was pushing it with my tight skin....LOVE my results so far:)


All I can say is I will never do this surgery again due to the recovery...ROUGH! But I can say every Fisher & Hasan doll here looks amazing ...curves for days. Once I get home I'll write a full report as I feel horrible. ..bright spots is Fisher is GREAT doctor, very supportive sisters (patients) here in the house and the results of course :)


June 18th -

Fisher-@7 weeks still loving it and been sitting for last 3 weeks

almost 8 weeks Po -FISHER

Ok some days I'm slightly disappointed but then there's days where it stuns me to look at. Today was a day I felt I love it and it was even larger than need be but hey I'll take that! Still swelling at 8 weeks but near as bad as before.

12 weeks POST OP Fisher June 2012- Love the butt...BUT the belly is a different story..anyone with seroma issues???

Ok so Im not sure if this is a persistent seroma or if fat was left behind??? Fisher had to drain me twice in the same areas before I left Miami and had to get drain a few more times after I got home (out of pocket)..this was before he started using drains. Some days its not so bad but some days it swells up really big and horrible. You cant see it when Im wearing my garment but SO noticeable when I'm not wearing it...which is just sometime at home but thats depressing as hell to see and feel it! Its like a small roll just around the front mid point on my belly and sometimes it will try to go over to the sides (front side of flanks). Anyone with this issue and what did you do? Really not trying to go back to Miami to get this fixed :(

Ladies, please make sure to share your recovery house stories to warn other ladies

Review on recovery house on July 8th on recovery house (see bbl revision).Doc Fisher and his surgery crew is great...The recovery house was basically just a house the driver drops you off at. ..The house keeper is there in the mornings and I will say she kept it very clean. There was no nurse there for us (only 1 night for one of husan patients which she tried to help the rest of us). Good thing was massage lady came to the house and she was good at the massages. Hopefully they've gonna it together by now. Hindsight I wouldn't do the house again...thought I was going to get help since I went solo and had it not been for my fellow realself sisters pulling together to help each other it would have been really my opinion is the recovery house was not worth the money at all.

Review on Fisher : Doctor Fisher and his surgery team is great. But recovery house unfortunately does not get the same rating...should only be referred to as a "house" not a "recovery house". If I was to do it all over again I would definitely still go with Fisher but would get a regular room and hire a real nurse to check in on me as oppose to going to recovery house (they were fine until I actually had surgery but failed after surgery when you really need help and support).

Seroma Update

Hey ladies, finally got a drain put in today for the seroma that I have had since I left Miami in June of this year. Background on it: Fisher drained me twice by needle before I left (within 7 days of surgery). About the 4th week mark I finally found a doctor here who would drain me…keep in mind insurance does not cover issues from cosmetic surgery nor do many doctors care to touch another doctor’s work. So anyway a few weeks ago I really realized that my body was not just going to “reabsorb” it no matter how much compression I was wearing and it was getting bigger. The ultrasound showed there was a pocket on the right side (the worst side) but the left side no fluid was showing up so he only put the drain in the right pocket area. It’s a very SLOW drain and it makes me wonder while waiting for it to supposedly reabsorb if scar tissue has been forming around it…where it looks big but not as much fluid. Who knows at this point just really hoping this works. Ladies if the fluid pockets are not really small make sure you stay on them as this is some BS to not be healed up by the 3 month mark. Butt and back looks great but we all know that a screwed up stomach can ruin the whole package. By the way no-one from Vanity has contacted me back after I missed that one phone call from them (while I was in a meeting)…the aftercare with that place is really living up to the bad reputation I’ve heard from so many ladies on RealSelf. In my mind I just truly believe that Dr. Fisher is probably not even getting the messages we leave for him as he just did not strike me as a negligent doctor. Seems like Vanity gets your money and then it’s a wrap!

pic sept 8th 2014

Drain in Sept 8th 2014

Fisher 3 1/2 month update SEROMA

Hey ladies just wanted to give an update. So I'm still loving the butt and the belly is VERY SLOWLY getting better (I think). The drain didn't work for me as I really think it slipped out of the pocket so I had him removed it (less than 10 ccs a day). So now I'm getting drained every Monday so hopefully it will be better soon. Ladies make sure to Thoroughly check with your doc on aftercare instructions at your post op. Fisher only told me to keep compression on belly after he manually drained me by needle and that I could sit after 2 weeks...that was all I was told and received nothing on paper on what I SHOULD & SHOULD NOT who know if I did something that may have made the seroma clue. So I'm about to bitch on here ...While I love fishers work and I know seromas can happen with the best of doctors it's bullshit how he won't touch base with his patients afterwards. So I never got a return call back about the seroma after I missed the one call from yuilette when I was in a meeting. Then someone calls me 2 weeks later from vanity on my 3 month mark to see "if everything was going good"? REALLY! So I let her know it wasn't and about waiting on a call back on the seroma issue and the idiot puts me on hold for 10 min and then some random chick picks up and puts me on hold again...i tried to stay on but hung up after another 15 min on hold. I really dont want to bash Fisher as i do like him and his work but COME ON! Hes responsible at the end of the day for his staff and for a doctor of his skill level that's just silly to have an administrator staff that can't provide decent service.

Sept 27th-3 1/2 months po

Ok so I've resigned myself that it will be a slow process on getting rid of this seroma...Some days I see it's way better than the next day it's BACK! Doctor here drained me again Monday and said that we just need to let the body now slowly get rid of it as he don't want to keep sticking me and risk infection. Post I've note it's better than worst :)
While the hips really didn't stay I can say the butt is pretty close to what I wanted...I'm hoping some fat will drop and make the bottom part fuller...but I'm not sure that will happen as leg and butt exercises has always made my butt sit high. I've always had a muscle booty even before I had the bbls so I thinking the beautiful heart shape booty just is not gonna happen. BUT I love my results so I can deal with what I got:)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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