33 Yrs Old, No Kids, 130lbs 5ft6 Labiaplasty with Hood Lift - Oklahoma City, OK

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Hello all! I guess my motivations for getting...

Hello all!
I guess my motivations for getting Labiaplasty were the same as most women- the having to duck into the rest room to 'adjust/tuck' to alleviate pinching from my underwear. I hated the way I looked, I hid from my partners and was so preoccupied with my own thoughts and worries during sex, that I couldn't enjoy myself. When I got turned on, I would swell up even more, and all I could think about was what he would be thinking when he glanced down there, or that he could feel my lip sticking to him and pulling. My clitoral hood completely covered my 'love button', so even when I was really turned on it was rare I could get off. My current lover tries so very hard! He would go for what seemed like hours, sweat pouring off him in a steady stream, his face telling me how tired he was. So we would take a break, and go back to it again.. but I cant tell he feels put off by it and feels like he isn't a good lover. My labia has caused me a lot of emotional distress! Embarrassment, shame, frustration, and now guilt. And now that I'm in my 30's, and coming into what I feel is the most sexual time in my life I felt now was the time to take action.

I did weeks of research, reading anything and everything I could find. This particular website helped me a lot because real women documented their individual experiences openly, the good, bad and ugly of it all.

When I was searching for surgeons, I naturally wanted one who specialized in labiaplasty. But their prices were way out of my reach, (over $10k with Clitoral Reduction)and I decided to find someone local as I thought travelling after such a surgery would only be agonizing. I settled on a lady surgeon who was located in my city; as she had done a labiaplasty and breast aug. on a' friend of a friend' who was happy with the results.
I booked a consult and the Doctor put me in stirrups and asked for my cell phone. She then took several pics of my crotch, and we reviewed them together as she explained where she would cut, etc. I started to tell her how I wanted it to look, and she frowned at me and said "if the only reason you want to do this is the way it looks, then don't do it". I was a bit shocked.. I mean, here is a Plastic Surgeon telling me not to get a cosmetic procedure because I wanted to improve the way it looked? Sure, I can honestly say the reason isn't ONLY because of the way it 'looks'..it's many different things combined but it mostly boils down to the emotional distress that is caused by the way it looks. I just don't think anyone can fully have empathy or even begin to understand unless they too, have experienced this. But I digress..

Since my surgery was only about 10 days away, I started making a list of all the things I'd read were essential. I bought a sitz bath, comfy night gowns, many pairs of boyshort underwear, thick pads, some gentle wound wash solution , a rubber inflatable donut pillow to sit on, 4 ice packs, Tylenol, Benedryl. Also, knowing I'd be in bed for long periods of time, I went to the library and got a good assortment of DVDs and books, from classics I'd always wanted to read to trashy romance novels. lol. I also got a big cooler and put it next to my bed, filled it with ice on the morning of surgery for extra ice packs, bottled water, snacks,etc so I wouldn't have leave my bed so often.

After Surgery:

Day 1: Went home and slept most of the day as I felt sick and groggy from the anesthesia . Was told to drink some caffeine; I made a cup of hot tea and it helped immensely. Then ate a few biscuits and waddled up to my bed. Took a peek at what was under the pad and to my disappointment it hardly looked different. The left side was still a lot bigger than the left. Decided to go to bed before the numbness wore off.

Day 2: Not much pain, more uncomfortable then painful. Was expecting much more swelling. No bruising at all. Decided to use the sitz bath with just warm water, but found that it didn't soak the front. Been using a spray bottle with water to spritz after using the toilet. Haven't felt the need to ice yet. Took a shower, being very careful not to let the stream of water touch my lady bits.

Day 3: Decided to improvise, as I want to make sure I stay clean down there and the sitz bath is useless. I found a lasagna pan worked nicely for soaking. I was told not to soak for long, as I have dissolvable sutures. Just using warm water for about 3 or 4 minutes twice a day. Starting to get more painful today. Left side mostly, a dull throb. Then kind of a pins and needles sensation. My clitoris feels raw and walking hurts with the pad rubbing against it. Decided to use ice pack today. I found it soothing at first, but when I took the ice pack away it felt more painful then before the ice.

Day 5-6: Most painful days yet. Sitting is dreadful. Been walking around the house but spend most of my time in bed or the recliner. Put a few squirts of some gentle sensitive skin face wash in my soaking water, as it is still too sensitive to wash with my hand.Been icing 3 or 4 times a day and taking Benadryl to hopefully ward off the dreaded itching I've read about. Honestly I feel like I look very similar to pre surgery. My left side is still sticking out more than right, and there seems to be no change to my clitoral hood. I hope everything is just swollen and will go down in time!
NOTE* The inflatable donut pillow has been invaluable to me! If you must drive/ride, you will need one of these! I have a rubber one, and it's like a shock absorber and keeps you from touching the seat.

Day 7-8: Swelling doesn't seem to be going down much and I can feel the itching coming on! I tried carefully shaving, thinking that might help.Took my dog for a walk and I think I over exerted myself. Left side feels 'pinched', don't know any other way to describe it. Also I notice in the pictures that the edges look scalloped. I really hope that isn't permanent. Can't believe it's only been a week!

Trying to add pics..


more pics


more pics


Day 9

Ugh. Started my period today and couldn't get a tampon in! Sticks still too tender. I wonder will the menstration complicate the healing? I'm still pretty sore and the pinching sensation is irritating. Stitches look mostly dissolved on the right side, but the left side is still extremely swollen and stitches seem intact. I'm kinda worried I will still be very uneven. ..

day 10

Day 10 pic

Oops..laid out in the sun.

Swollen and sore, guess sun bathing was a bad idea?

Day 12

Day 12: The dreaded itchiness has finally came! It's horrible because it's intense and you cannot scratch! Also, the pinchy/stinging sensation is pretty bad today. I have a 2nd post op appointment with my PS tomorrow. ..going to ask if I can apply any ointment or something, for the itching and also to help soften the hard scar bumps.
I know that I'm supposed to be patient with how it looks at this point, but I really don't think it's all THAT swollen anymore..and the left side is still so much bigger, in fact it looks pretty much exactly the same as it did before surgery. I can't help but feel dissapointed, and don't think she took enough off. I know you can't expect perfect symmetry, but it's very obvious. Also my clitoral hood could has saggy skin on the sides and I know thats where some surgeons cut when doing a hood lift. It makes more sense to do it there, as the scars would be hidden and you could take much more excess skin off. I know I shouldn't be so negative! This really has been an emotional Rollercoaster, as one woman on here stated regarding labiaplasty. And I'm also angry at myself for not insisting that my surgeon hear me out about what I wanted. Not once, but twice when I started to tell her how I wanted it to look, she would give me this look and say "if looks are the reason you want this surgery, then don't do it ". And I'd shut my mouth and feel some how ashamed I even brought it up. I have always been terrified to speak up to Drs...
A few days before surgery, I started to panic. I made a last minute appointment to talk with her. I scoured before and after pictures on the Internet to find a vagina that looked similar to mine with results that I loved. I told my PS that I was concerned that my Clitoral hood would be way out of proportion with my labia. I showed her the before and after pic and asked her if my results could possibly look like that, and also asked what kind of technique she would be using. She looked at the pic and said "that looks like a child's vagina". I can't explain it, but the tone and way she talked to me always made me back down. And then she told me for the 2nd time that if the way it looked was all that bothered me, then I shouldn't do it.
Anyways, I guess I'm done ranting. Lol. I will try my best to be patient and positive. Maybe it will all settle in and look good.

Day 13- Intense Itching/stingy/burning and not a happy camper

Wow...I am soooo glad I already had an appointment with my PS for today! This super intense itching/sting /burning sensation has got to the point that I'm nearly in tears. I thought that it was normal, as I've read some women reported intense itching. Someone mentioned that I might have a yeast infection, and it all made sense! I sometimes get them after a course of antibiotics. So, I told my PS and she gave me Diflucan. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to put anything on it to soothe the itchiness/stinging and I almost broke down and bought some Vagisil while awaiting my RX to be ready. It's oh so unbelievably awful because you cannot scratch!
So after my last post, I was feeling pretty low. I was dissapointed with my results but also in ability to speak up for myself to my PS. So today, I told her exactly how I felt ...told her I was not happy that the left side was still so long and very uneven with the right side. Also, that my clit pretty much lays on its side instead of facing up. I also told her I was confused as to why she didn't take more off the clitoral hood area, as there was plenty of excess wrinkled skin on the sides, and said that was where I expected her to cut, as the scars would be hidden. She looked as I pointed out what I was talking about on the side of my clitoral hood and said that maybe we could go in and take some more off. I was so surprised and it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I asked her how long before we could see about the touch up. She said about a month, so I could be fully healed.
I can't express how much better I feel now! I think with a little more taken off the left labia (to match the right side) and a little more taken from my clit hood, Id be really thrilled with the results!
I wonder if she is going to charge me again for this? I hope not, as I spent every drop of my savings and also maxed out my credit card. ..
Now I must wait and be patient!

day 15-

The itchiness has been crazy but thank the lord, seems to be subsiding. I took the Diflucan a couple days ago, but I'm thinking I didn't have an infection at all. It seems to be my incisions/scars that are itchy? I bought some antiseptic itch relief spray, even though my Dr said no. I had to get some relief..hope it doesn't complicate things. I will say that ice helps immensely, but now that I'm out and about more in public, it's only happening at night. My PS said my stitches were basically all gone, and im thinking thats whats making me so damn itchy? The insison line is still thick and hard and i am hoping it will soften. Also a bit scalloped, especially on the right side. It's only been 15 days so I'm sure it will still change alot before it's all said and done. I posted a pic, although I don't feel it looks any different. What your looking at is my left lip and clitoris on its side. I talked to my PS a few days ago and she said we could see about a touch up in about a month or so.

2 Weeks

Thought I'd post a side by side. I can't help but feel dissapointed. I don't feel very swollen at all, so I don't think it will change drastically. Noticeably uneven, and left side still sticks out. Also I feel not enough taken from the clitoral area. Hopefully my PS doesn't charge me again to go in an do the touch up.

Day 18

Day 18. I'm officially sick of looking at it. Lol. If it was changing, I doubt I'd even be able to tell :p

3 weeks

3 weeks

Day 22- Starting to get worried..

Ok. So the stinging/burning sensation after I use the bathroom is not getting any better. Around week 2po my PS gave me two doses of Diflucan; one to take then and 3 days afterwards if symptoms didn't get better.
I have been using a spray bottle to rinse after going pee, then gently wiping/blotting. It's only when I'm pulling my pants up that the intense stingy /burning sensation starts and doesn't subside for a few minutes. Now, I've been paying attention a little more and notice slightly yellowish/ white thick discharge with no odor. I've never has discharge like this before- it's almost rubbery in consistency??? I am so worried! I already took 2 courses of Diflucan, so what could it be? (I got an STD check about a month and a half ago and it came back all clear. )
I've already contacted my PS, and tried my damndest to get an appointment to get a Pap Smear, but it's Friday and no one has an opening for over 12 days! I don't know what to do. . So stressed :(

day 23- So Confused?? Can anyone help?

So, I have an appointment with my PS (whom isn't a gynecologist ) and it's the weekend, and I have no gynecologist. The stingy burning sensation seems to be getting worse!
I went to the pharmacy and bought a UTI screening kit, and also a yeast infection screening kit. Both came up normal! Well I certainly don't feel normal down there! There is no odor, and there isnt an abnormal amount of discharge. I can't imagine what it could possibly be? It stings along my suture lines, so maybe I don't have an infection, maybe my stitches need to be removed? Has anyone else experienced anything like this around 3 weeks? :(

day 24 pics

3+ weeks after & before. Why do I feel like it's barely different?

Almost 1 month- went to gyno..

Went to gynecologist yesterday to check out the stingy burning sensation that never seemed to go away. She checked everything out and I was negative for any kind of infections or STD. She thinks I have Contact Dermatitis, which means something is really just irritating the crap out of me. She told to switch soaps, detergents, pads /tampons, etc and slowly take away things one by one to determine the cause of irritation, everything that touches my fanny...
There is 2 stitches in my clitoral hood (although not visible as my stitches have all desolved under the skin by week 2). It feels like a pin prick when my pants rub against the area, and my gyno said it could take YEARS for it to work it's way out! Ugh. It's so irritating that I'm ready to go in after it my self! Lol. I have been squeezing, and it turned into 2 little hard bumps and a tiny amount of white stuff came out. But that's it. No sign of the actual stitch unfortunately. I can't imagine having pin picks in my clitoral area for months to years! Boo! :/
Gyno said moisture helps them to dissolve, so I've started soaking again in Epsom salt and bought some vaginal mosturizer to keep it wet. I have noticed since my surgery, that I've been so dry down there, and she explained that removing labia, which helps keep things lubricated (mucosa in labia) is why and that could also be partially why I'm irritated..
Anyways, I'm very relieved that there was no serious problem :)
No pics this time, as it doesn't look any different than last time.
I will be so elated when I am totally healed and can put this all behind me.

1 Month

Bought some coconut oil from the Health food store yesterday. Stingy/burning sensation has lessened a great deal, thank God..however I still feel prickly when wiping, so I will still spray with water and dab a bit longer. I was told by my gynecologist that heat and moisture helps the sutures dissolve, so hopefully my soaking and the coconut oil speeds up the process. Still have the pin prick sensation in my clitoral hood, and there are 2 small hard bumps from me squeezing the area (small amount of white gunk comes out, so I'm hoping the irritating stitch is working it's way out, like a splinter.)
I don't seem to be changing ,IMO, in the way it looks. I really feel she could've taken more off both the labia and clitoral hood, not to mention the left side is considerably longer and my clit now lays on its side so much so that when I wee, it goes all over my lower leg/butt cheek. I'm really beginning to believe that this has all not been worth it. So much trouble and pain for very little change. My advice to all you ladies considering this procedure is make sure you pick a PS who specializes in Labiaplasty and can show you pics of there work and also if I had to do it over I would have gotten the wedge technique. I've looked at 1000s of pics, and it just looks better and also no hypersensitivity to the labia edge. Mine are super sensitive and bumpy, hopefully it will smooth out?

8 weeks

Went to see my PS yesterday, and she agreed to do a revision on my left labia. I relieved. However, I do not know how much it will cost me yet..Waiting for them to call me back. I asked for local instead of general due to the cost (was about 1300$!!) She kind of acted shocked, like it was barbaric or something. Lol. I told her I've read plenty of reviews of people that had local anesthesia.

So I found out about the cost..

So my PS office called me to let me know how much it will cost to fix my labia, and they want $650!!! What?? Are you kidding me? I understand that anesthesia is separated from her cost, but I asked for Local this time! I am so upset , furious, and feel totally ripped off! It wasn't done right the first time, one side is very noticeably longer and the other side pretty much nonexistent . My clitoris lays on its side instead of facing up. I used all my savings and maxed my credit card to pay for this surgery. I cannot afford another $650! So now I guess I'm stuck with a botched vagina. So not worth it

9 weeks pic

Before on right, after at 9 wks on left. Very dissapointed and regretful. My clitoris now lays on its side instead of facing up, and when I sit to pee it goes on my leg and butt cheek! Please ladies, if you can't afford a PS that is very experienced in Labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction, don't waste your money!

My Original "Wish Pic" I showed to my PS prior to surgery

This is my "Wish Pic" I showed to my PS. It was the closest I could find to what my clitoral hood area looked like. She told me it looked like a child's vagina.. I realized it most likely wouldn't look like that, but I wanted it to be alot less wide, protruding, and frankly, ugly. Lol. I have scoured the Internet and have never seen a clitoris that looked quite like mine before and this area bothered me the most

Wish Pic, last didn't upload

Wish pic
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