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I have always had nice small boobs. After...

I have always had nice small boobs. After breastfeeding 2 children, I've been left with empty flaps and stretched out nipples. I never thought I would actually get implants, but I have paid the deposit and I'm only a few days away from surgery.

I've been to the office twice and so far I'm just concerned with my fitness routine (how much is this going to ruin in that respect?) and I'm worried about everyone knowing I've had new boobies put in. I'm a teacher and my students are adults...and I don't want to be noticed and judged. Mostly I'm doing this because my husband has dropped hints on this for years and I really liked all the attention in got from him when I was breastfeeding and had 32DD. Yep, I went from a 32 A to DD when my milk came in with the second child. My boobs were constantly in pain from all the milk (I had excessive supply and quickly filled an entire freezer and began donating it to adopted babies...it was a little crazy????) Anyway, my husband loved my bigger boobs even though he was afraid to touch them since they always hurt. So I'm hoping for a full B cup and not floppy skin sacks with folded nipples. Something that would look normal on my small frame. I'm tired of stuffing my bras and workout tops only to have them still look small.

Night before

I can't sleep (mostly because there is a toddler that stole my side of the bed...) and I'm wondering if I should go with 220 instead of 250cc. My surgeon already measured my chest wall and recommended I go with 250 based on the look I am going for. I'm super paranoid of looking like I have big implants. At the same time....I did like having cleavage when I was nursing my son and my boobs inflated to a 33DD. So, I'm hoping that all of the stuffing I've been doing the past couple of months will help them be not so noticeable.

Waiting for hubby to pick me up from surgery.

I saw my boobs when they redid my bandages. I was laying on my back and I can tell already that they are going to be awesome. Small but noticeable. My last words were "don't make them too big" and he promised to make them anatomically correct for my frame. I know they are swollen now and will be smaller, but I'm good with that. I just want to feel like a woman again! Let me just say - the pain is no freakin joke. Holy ????!!

1 Day Post Op Photos

I feel much better after having the drainage tubes removed. They were causing pain every time I sat up. I had my implants inserted via the nipple to avoid the scar underneath. You can see there is a lot of bruising. I did mention to Dr Ken today that the left one hurt significantly more than the right and he assured me that both look good and have taken a nice shape. They don't seem overly large and I know they will get smaller when the swelling goes down. I'm looking forward to that. Since I spend a lot of time in swimsuit and in workout tops, I wasn't overly concerned about being boobilicious...just want some nice ones for my little body. I also got my umbilical hernia repaired while I was at it. So far I'm pleased with the results. I know it takes a while before they look normal.

Day 2 Post Op

Not a lot to report. Still in a lot of pain and they feel heavy. It's a lot of effort to breathe. I don't like the sensation of all this weight on my chest. Feel like I would have been happier with a smaller size. Might have the boobie blues. I feel pains all down my ribs and they feel bruised too. Bloated, haven't pooped in 2 days. Just keeping it real.

Is this a hematoma?

It seems like the bruising on my left side is darker today and the breast seems larger. I'm really glad this website exists or I may not have been inclined to take pictures and document the healing process.
Dr. Ken

So far he seems very nice and honest in his opinion. His English is very good, so I'm comfortable going through with this.

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