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I have always had nice small boobs. After...

I have always had nice small boobs. After breastfeeding 2 children, I've been left with empty flaps and stretched out nipples. I never thought I would actually get implants, but I have paid the deposit and I'm only a few days away from surgery.

I've been to the office twice and so far I'm just concerned with my fitness routine (how much is this going to ruin in that respect?) and I'm worried about everyone knowing I've had new boobies put in. I'm a teacher and my students are adults...and I don't want to be noticed and judged. Mostly I'm doing this because my husband has dropped hints on this for years and I really liked all the attention in got from him when I was breastfeeding and had 32DD. Yep, I went from a 32 A to DD when my milk came in with the second child. My boobs were constantly in pain from all the milk (I had excessive supply and quickly filled an entire freezer and began donating it to adopted babies...it was a little crazy????) Anyway, my husband loved my bigger boobs even though he was afraid to touch them since they always hurt. So I'm hoping for a full B cup and not floppy skin sacks with folded nipples. Something that would look normal on my small frame. I'm tired of stuffing my bras and workout tops only to have them still look small.

Night before

I can't sleep (mostly because there is a toddler that stole my side of the bed...) and I'm wondering if I should go with 220 instead of 250cc. My surgeon already measured my chest wall and recommended I go with 250 based on the look I am going for. I'm super paranoid of looking like I have big implants. At the same time....I did like having cleavage when I was nursing my son and my boobs inflated to a 33DD. So, I'm hoping that all of the stuffing I've been doing the past couple of months will help them be not so noticeable.

Waiting for hubby to pick me up from surgery.

I saw my boobs when they redid my bandages. I was laying on my back and I can tell already that they are going to be awesome. Small but noticeable. My last words were "don't make them too big" and he promised to make them anatomically correct for my frame. I know they are swollen now and will be smaller, but I'm good with that. I just want to feel like a woman again! Let me just say - the pain is no freakin joke. Holy ????!!

1 Day Post Op Photos

I feel much better after having the drainage tubes removed. They were causing pain every time I sat up. I had my implants inserted via the nipple to avoid the scar underneath. You can see there is a lot of bruising. I did mention to Dr Ken today that the left one hurt significantly more than the right and he assured me that both look good and have taken a nice shape. They don't seem overly large and I know they will get smaller when the swelling goes down. I'm looking forward to that. Since I spend a lot of time in swimsuit and in workout tops, I wasn't overly concerned about being boobilicious...just want some nice ones for my little body. I also got my umbilical hernia repaired while I was at it. So far I'm pleased with the results. I know it takes a while before they look normal.

Day 2 Post Op

Not a lot to report. Still in a lot of pain and they feel heavy. It's a lot of effort to breathe. I don't like the sensation of all this weight on my chest. Feel like I would have been happier with a smaller size. Might have the boobie blues. I feel pains all down my ribs and they feel bruised too. Bloated, haven't pooped in 2 days. Just keeping it real.

Is this a hematoma?

It seems like the bruising on my left side is darker today and the breast seems larger. I'm really glad this website exists or I may not have been inclined to take pictures and document the healing process.

Feeling Better Today

I am feeling much better today, although I get waves of feeling tired and a little dizzy sometimes. I definitely have more use of my arms, but am still not reaching for anything over my head.

The pain and bruise under my left boob is still there although not as bad as yesterday. Today the boobs are looking asymmetric with the left side riding a tad higher than the right.

If I get anything out of this website - it's the ability to document progress or notice problems that I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't taking notes and pictures every day. For that reason alone, this website is awesome.

Same as Yesterday Mostly

Just keeping track of my bruising and healing progress with more pics. I started developing a small rash 2 days ago behind my left armpit, today it's larger and it itches. I swear...I feel like everyone else on here is posting pics of beautiful, sexy boobies like a day after surgery and mine looks like a crime scene on day 5 post op ...and now with a rash! ???? I'd laugh but it hurts.

I drove today!

Ok so drove like a granny only using the bottom half of the steering wheel...but I left the house and it counts! I still feel like I'm under the weather and tired, but good overall. I'm definitely about to take a nap, but I'm on the upswing and it's 6 days post op.

I went shopping for a different sports bra that has a hook closure...because I feel like a contortionist trying to get one over my head and carefully over my boobs right now. Things I should have planned better for! Oh well, I was in denial and kept overly busy with work so I didn't get nervous and chicken out.

I'm the most sore under my breasts and along the sides of my ribs down my rib cage. Also, I switched to Tylenol on day 4 and today I'm going to see if I can make it through the day without any pain reliever.

They Look Great in a Sports Bra

It seems like a lot of the initial swelling has gone down and the pain gets better each day. Today I'm able to stretch my arms and pecs a little. Emotionally I feel great, but physically I feel like I got hit with the exhaustion stick. I felt really good yesterday and got a lot of stuff done. Unfortunately I probably shouldn't have vacuumed the house, folded laundry, gone to a 3 hour business meeting, done 4 more hours of work, cooked dinner, and stayed up late watching tv at 6 days post op. And I'm wondering why I have a headache and have slept all day. Moral of the story: I should have listened to my mother and not gotten so excited about a small amount of energy and I should have taken it easy.

Stitches are out

I had my stitches removed yesterday from my nipples, under the breast from the drains, and my navel from the umbilical hernia repair. Oddly, the navel was more sensitive than my nipples. Guess all that breastfeeding came in handy! Bruising is slowly dissipating and I have more arm movement. I would say that 75% of the pain is gone. I just feel really tired from all the healing. Dr said that they are healing well and that I did have a lot of bruising, but that overall they looked good and were healing well.

I Want Bras!

I am dying for a bra that fits and supports and not smashes them in. Im loving the size, although one is still bigger than the other and they seem to be sitting differently. PS says they look good. I'm still getting morning boob. Oh- and I have a small necrosis on my left nipple. My PS was not worried and says it's not unusual and it's just superficial and not to worry. So I'm not going to worry until there is something to worry about.

Currently a C cup

So I've been very uncomfortable wearing sports bras and elastic bras without under wires. I've been treading around here and it seems like the only reason not to wear an under wire is to not irritate the incision. Well...I had a periareolar incision so I'm going for an under wire bra. The others are killing me after half a day. I'm almost 3 weeks post op so I think that most of the swelling is gone.

Funny thing-- I couldn't decide if the B cup or the C cup fit better in the fitting room. I noticed a little pinching of my side boobs on the B cup so went with a C for now. After a life time of not having boobs I am not even sure if I'm getting the correct size. Unfortunately, I'm 32 band size and I can't even find anything smaller than a 34 in the BX on base. I have tried some of the Japanese stores but their bras seem to be way too small and they measure in centimeters and measure the cups differently too. It's such a pain with international shipping and returns if you don't speak the language.


So I've been waiting for the swelling to go down on my left boob because it's larger than the right. I went to my 3 wk post op appt yesterday and we looked at a bunch of photos pre-op and I never knew that my left was lower than the right!

So my PS said he aligned my nipples in surgery instead of lifting one side because it was such a small amount. And when I look at the after photos from the office (not me and my boobfies (boob selfies) ...I realize that he is right! Aligning the nipples gives the illusion of symmetry. I think once they soften up and settle some more they will look even better.

I wasn't expecting perfection, I was just concerned that I still had swelling at 3 weeks. I'm happy to have boobs to put in bras and swim suits!!! I can't wait to try on swim suits next spring.

Also, my small necrosis is completely healed. I was putting it under red LED light to speed healing and I am sure it worked (5-10 min/day). A necrosis gone in 7 days is super fast.

Three cheers for boobies that are healed!! Woot woot!

Four Weeks w/ Scar Pics (areolar incision)

Feeling pretty good energy wise, still sore and not back to full range of motion in my arms and pecs. This a short post because I'm on a girl trip in another country and want to keep up with the progress. P.s. I love my boobs!

4 wk pics didn't upload

Here they are!! Scars are not so bad. Still a lot of nipple sensitivity-but everything's is going well.

5 Week Pics- incisions looking pretty good

Still have some very minor pains, more like discomfort. I've noticed lately that they feel a little itchy. At first they seemed bigger than I asked for, but now they feel like the right size. They just don't quite feel like they are mine yet. I have some numbness in areas around my breasts. I put on my old swimsuit tops yesterday and they still fit- which was surprising. I was a little disappointed and experienced my first bout of boob greed. I never expected that since I honestly don't want big fake looking boobs. I'm sure they are the right size because they balance out my bottom half very well and give me a great shape. The boobie roller coaster is real! LOL. I'm very pleased overall. I feel like I have the body I've always wanted. I know that not many people can say that with sincerity in their 40's. I'm really happy that I did this for myself and my husband.

I noticed a Mondor's cord a couple days ago under my left breast. That side has been more painful since day one. It's only visible when I stretch my arms up. I hear that they are benign and resolve on their own. It's just a minor annoyance at this point.

8 weeks and Feeling Great

So my boobs are finally pain free. Finally. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive...but I'm just getting past everything including that crazy nipple sensitivity. The only thing left is that they need to stretch out a little. When I lift my hands over my head I still have some pain/pulling sensations under my right boob.

Aesthetically, I've been getting a lot of generic compliments on how good I'm looking. LOL. Which I find hilarious because all I did was add boobs and I'm also getting things from hair compliments (which is a load of crap because I have 1 inch roots and I'm in desperate need of a haircut) and skin compliments...and I haven't gotten any younger. I guess the point of the story is that boobs make a huge difference all around.

On another note- you can see in the photos that I've got a fairly large dent in my left boob from scar tissue. Funny thing is, I'm a perfectionist and I honestly don't care about it. They look so nice in clothes and you can't really see it naked either...it's just the light/shadow that makes it very noticeable. They look great in lingerie, clothes, bikinis...and there's no way in hell I'd go thru a revision to correct it. I'm happy with my outcome. Period.

I asked a question here on RS about the dent and got two different answers about what it is. Several doctors suggested that my breast crease was lowered, while one or two thought it was just residual scar tissue and it might resolve in its own. I asked my PS if he lowered my crease and he was very clear that "he did not destroy my natural breast crease". He's very Japanese.

My scars are still pink and I was told to wear them for another month. Oh, and it's nice to have a normal looking belly button...I had an umbilical hernia repair the same day and for the first time in 42 yrs I have an 'inny'.

Love Having Boobs

Just got back from a family vacation and I loved wearing swimsuits and dresses with my new boobs. Not to mention my sex life has gotten a much needed pick me up! My husband is regularly flirting and wanting sex. I am surprised at how much I am getting out of this boob job. It's affects are much deeper than cosmetic. If anyone really thinks about how all of this impacts everyone in your family....it's worth every penny. My incisions are looking great. I'll post a pic next time I change the tape.

Pics didn't upload with the post

Incision pics

They are softening up quite a bit now and they feel like they are mine. Still wearing the scar tape for another 2 weeks. Scars are pink but flat. The dent from scar tissue on the left breast is starting to soften up also. I think it will go away with some time.

The left incision took some time in healing as that side had a small necrosis after surgery. That is also the side that my 2 year old pounced on 4 days post op :-S

As usual pics didn't load with the post

250cc- 32D, Love Having Boobs

I love having boobs that are noticeable but not big. I went from totally flat chested to a 32D so...I'm pretty sure a lot of people noticed but didn't say anything. Now that they have softened up a lot, they look feel better to me. I still have a little bit of tightness in some areas, but I'm used to being really bendy. Still wearing scar tape for another week. All of the nipple sensitivity is gone. I do have one small area on one breast that is a little numb. But that's really minor and it doesn't bother me, I just notice it sometimes.

I can't believe how much I really enjoy having boobs!

They feel like mine- finally

Overall I'm happy with them. They are soft to the touch now and I can lay face down for a massage with no pain. Nipples are good, they just prefer to be covered with a bra and not exposed to movement of a shirt.

I tend to scar easy so I'm hoping the nipple incisions will fade away with time. I didn't want it under the fold because I knew I wouldn't have a fold like most women.

The only thing I don't really like is that they stick out in front more than I had hoped for. I was hoping for something flatter and wider with more side boob. However, in all fairness to my PS...I didn't really know that until after I got these. Since I'm in fitness clothing and swim wear all the time I feel like they look obviously fake from the side. I'm probably over sensitive about it...but maybe not?

Implant Stats

I didn't really know much about implants when I got mine done. Instead I let my PS decide (which worked out well...very respected established surgeon -board certified) ...and I'm very happy with them.

Mine are 253cc and the diameter is spot on with my measurements. This style (115) has more projection than the 110.

I do wonder if I could have something with a wider base to give me better cleavage?Mine seem far apart, but not enough to bother me.

I feel like this is stuff you would never know until after the fact.

5 month update

I have been really busy, and just noticed I haven't posted in a long time. I guess that it's a good sign I'm no longer obsessed with boobs.

I'm still glad I got them, what I had before made me feel unfeminine, if that's a word. I feel much better about being so fit now. I will say that the only thing I don't really like about them is all of the boob movement I get when using my pecs. That and the fact they are pretty firm.

They look great in clothes and my husband likes them naked, so all is well. But for ladies that are really hoping for them to feel like soft fluffy pillows of joy, you'll be disappointed. I have very little body fat, so I wasn't expecting hem to be soft at all. There's is nothing else on my body that's soft...so I wasn't surprised.

I will say that they don't feel big to me at all even though the cup sizes I wear are bigger than I expected. Also, nobody even noticed I got these and I wear a lot of spandex for my job. So for those of you contemplating small sizes, don't be afraid. 250cc was perfect for my lifestyle.

Scar Update- 6.5 months

Nothing has changed really except I just noticed that the scar on the left nipple is barely visible. I'm really happy about this because for the last few months I had just resigned to the fact that my nips would have scars and that maybe I shouldn't have chosen this incision site. The right incision is still darker but maybe it will fade with time too. I will keep posting.
Dr. Ken

So far he seems very nice and honest in his opinion. His English is very good, so I'm comfortable going through with this.

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