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Almost positive my left implant is slowly leaking....

Almost positive my left implant is slowly leaking. Having a really hard time finding a dr to deflate the other one in office and/or preform an explant under local. I have called 5 or 6 different offices today and am lost at where to go. Feeling very frustrated. Anyone use an OKC dr for removal? ????

Nervous! Consult with Dr. Jones in the morning.

Ok so I figured I should explain more what's going on with my boobs. Was a 32A before BA and got 330cc filled to 360cc saline above muscle (even though I wanted smaller ones below muscle). Ended up being a D and noticed ripples as post-op swelling went down. Explained to dr I wasn't happy and he said he didn't see what I was talking about. Second time I complained he said all he could do was remove and replace with silicone. I have also spent years with a little capsular contracture. My right implant shifted and my left has always been high and tight with a palpable knuckle/fold up by my armpit. Contemplated complete removal without replacement about 3 years ago and previous dr still wouldn't do it. Said I would only be happy with silicone. Decided to consult with other drs but then got pregnant so put things on hold. Had baby and then got pregnant again. Then moved to Oklahoma not long after last baby was born. So now here I am, going on 9 years after BA and have been unhappy for almost the entire time but have learned to live with all the asymmetry and flaws. As I am getting undressed to take a shower the other night I noticed something was different. I take a closer look and realized my left boob is no longer high and tight anymore and I can't feel the knuckle anymore. It's always been bigger than the right and now it's smaller. I immediately figured I have a leak. Start calling around and get an appt to see Dr Jones. I assumed by now it would be completely flat but it's not, so now I am wondering what's going on. I am so nervous about my consult in the morning. My plan was to have the other one deflated to match and have them both removed under local and then in a year or so see if I need a lift. However now I kinda feel stupid going in because I told them over the phone it was deflating (because it drastically changed in like 2 days) and now it hasn't went down anymore at all. Ugh. So many emotions. I'm so nervous and it's only the consult!

Love Dr. Justin Jones (& staff!)

So excited to find a dr that listens, understands, and is not all about the money. He will simply take them out with local and said I would be ok to take care of my babies the same day. I'm so excited! After I get reimbursed by my implant manufacturer for my warranty I will only be $300 out of pocket. They're supposed to call me and let me know when they can get me in (they're really busy because of Spring break coming up). I'm so nervous and anxious but most of all excited. Wish I would've done this years ago. Cannot wait to be free of these things. I'm such a different person than I was at 20 so I hope I don't get depressed when they're gone. Praying for lots of retracting and fluffing. Trying to stay positive but not get my hopes up. He said I may benefit from a lift in a few months. I'm going to at least give them a year to heal. Can't wait to get this over with!

Date set!

April 23rd. This will be a long 6 weeks. Dr. Jones is slammed because of spring break. I'm praying and crossing my fingers someone cancels and they can move me up. I'm just so ready to get this behind me!

Explant questions!

Where is a good/cheap place to buy a bra for after my explant? How do I know what size to buy? Should it fit pretty tight?

Any tips/tricks for afterwards? Massage or use any type of cream/ointment/oils?

I want to help them heal and fluff the best they can. Should I sleep in a sports bra for support? Any tips are greatly appreciated!

6 weeks from tomorrow!

This will be a long 6 weeks. I am praying they call me and move me up. I cannot wait to start the healing process! Anyway, I am a very private person, so blocking out my nipples helps me feel better about sharing my photo. I'm totally uneven, breasts and nipples. My left implant has deflated some. Praying that the both heal and look symmetrical since I've been living with uneven boobs for 9 years now.

Sorry, here's my boobies!

Sad, rippled, uneven, deflated!

5 weeks from tomorrow!

I seriously wish I could get in sooner, but I have family visiting before so I'll stay busy. My left implant that has been slowly leaking is still deflating but I swear it's starting to draw up a little, my boob that is. It actually doesn't look too bad, I hope the right one does as well. Anyone else have experience with a leaking implant?


Seriously these are so pretty/feminine/sexy. I cannot wait to be able to sport a bralette and get rid of these big bulky underwire bras!

Just 4 more weeks.

Time is dragging! But 4 weeks from today I'll be on the other side and can start healing. I'm getting really nervous since I'll be in a bikini this summer but then I think about how frustrating buying tops has been with the implants so it'll be refreshing to not really have to worry much about it. No worries about seeing ripples or looking fake or my neck hurting from halter style straps. I'm excited more than anything. I'm so curious to see if I will want/need a lift later... I'm praying not.

2 weeks until explant.

It's getting close! I'm so anxious and ready to get this over with. I am doing the Explant under local and they'll give me something for my nerves beforehand. Anyone have any tips? I hope the Valium or whatever they give doesn't make me too loopy or nauseated. So nervous but still so excited.

They're OUT! Finally free.

Went in, signed paperwork and was taking back to take my anxiety pills and get dressed in the paper gown. Also provided a very soft blanket which was nice. Doc came in to make marks and we gathered up my stuff and headed to the OR room. I got up on the table and he put soft warm blankets over my legs/feet and strapped my arms out while they hooked me up to check my vitals. By now the meds had calmed me down a little but I still knew what was going on and was awake the entire time. Honestly the hardest part was the shots in the incisions to numb, but that only took a second. Could feel much of anything else. Just the implant being pulled out with a little "plop" at the end lol. But nothing felt painful at all after having the shots to numb everything. Got stitched up and felt like that went very nicely too. Overall, a VERY easy going procedure and so glad I chose Dr. Justin Jones & his sweet staff for this. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Walmart does it again!

Scored these super cute and comfy $5 bras last night. Feeling so good and more confident now; wish I would've explanted years ago... Or never have implanted at all would be even better. But lesson learned. Moving forward feeling so much lighter, slimmer and free!

Will pocket close up???

I know I told myself this takes time and patience but how long does it usually take for the pocket the implant was in to close up? My boobs sink back inwards and there's an indention where the implant was. I feel like if it would just close up my boobs would look so much better! Is there anything I can do to help this? I'm ready for the fluff fairy to come visit.

Still feeling great!

They're not perfect and I'm still praying the fluff fairy isn't done with me, but I'm so much happier now. I got some new cute bras! Being able to wear little bralettes is one of my favorite things since having my explant. I also feel SO MUCH BETTER in a bikini. Still working up the courage to post pics of them but I'm still very self conscience. I'm hoping once I get back home from vacation I can get back in the gym and really focus on building up my chest muscles to perk them up more. Also, I'm only 3 months out so I keep telling myself I still have months to continue healing.
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

It was a blessing to have been recommended and find Dr. Justin Jones and his amazing staff. Needed a dr to understand and not push having to go under general anesthesia. Had my explant done locally and whole procedure took maybe 30 minutes. So easy and laid back. I'm so excited to have been able to have Dr. Jones do my explant and if I ever need anything else I will definitely go back and recommend others as well.

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