Tummy Tuck & Breast Revision

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Surgeon recommended the T tummy tuck b/c I don't...

Surgeon recommended the T tummy tuck b/c I don't have a lot of loose skin above the navel. My muscles are separated over an inch so full is needed. I've spend too much time googling this & am terrified ???? Replacing 9 yr old 390/420 saline unders with 650 silicone with pocket revision on right one. What is your experience with T-TT, healing times & scarring?

Day 1 post mommy makeover

Very very sore and itchy. I'm taking Benadryl with the Percocet but no relieve. Going to call tomorrow to see if I can get something different. My right boob looks larger but he had to do a pocket revision so hopefully it's just swelling. I didn't have a whole lot of loose skin on my stomach so I was very worried my scar would be high but it actually looks pretty low and the T only looks to be about an inch. I'm excited to see what it'll all look like healed.

Day 5 post

Today has been better than the rest. I finally showered last night, which killed my back but it felt so good to feel a little normal again. I definitely recommend getting a shower chair, sending my hubby to get one now ???? I still haven't had a bm and getting a little concerned about that. I'm so swollen and my right boob is still bigger than the left but hopefully that's just swelling. So ready to stand up straight and be healed. Going for my checkup tomorrow ???? (Not sure why the photos are upside down. I can't figure out how to rotate them ????)

1 week post

Decided to stop taking the Percocet on day 5, I was pretty sore but not really painful. I slept probably 23 hours straight afterwards. I finally got up this morning at 8 to get ready for my appointment at 1030. Finally managed to blow dry my hair and fixing to throw on some makeup and go. I'm still hunched over and my poor back may never be the same ???? Thank God for my hubby and mother, there's no way I could have gotten through this without them. My boobs never really hurt until today - I'm having some sharp pains and my nipples are so sore. Weird because my incision is under. Hopefully they are settling.

2 weeks post

I ended up sick 2 days before surgery, they went ahead with the surgery but last week I found out I have pneumonia. I just finished my z pack yesterday and am starting doxy- something today because it's still lingering. I read the binders will do that. I'm still not standing up straight, which is my biggest pain, besides coughing and still sleeping in the recliner. Can't wait to be back in my bed. I'm pretty happy with my stomach results but thinking I may have went a little too big with my breasts. I just have to be patient and wait for the drop & fluffing to happen before I make up my mind about another revision to go smaller.

Tapes off

Yesterday was my 2 week check up and he took the tapes off and told me I can start wearing a wireless bra! I left there and went straight to VS to get measured. She measured me as a 32DD. I told her that can't be right because I was a 34DD before surgery. She said, I guarantee you you are, you must have been measured wrong before. So I said, well can I get a refund on the 50+ 34DD bras I have?? Haha. She was dead set on getting me into the 32DD so I said fine I'll squeeze into it and you can look. So I put it on and called her in and she said, oh dear your like a 32E!! I said, well that's not going to work either because we both know I'll never find that size, give me the 34DDD. Sure enough it was a perfect fit. Unfourtantly, they are lacking in the wireless department so I left there with new PJ's and free slippers :-) Dr said everything looks great and healing fine. I can start the silicone & scare gel as soon as it comes in. I told him I'm hating these crazy veins I have going on in my breasts and he said they should lightened and disappear as I heal. I was so worried about ending up with a big weird looking belly button and now I barely have one. Eek, hopefully it'll look more normal in the next few months. I'm almost standing up straight. I managed to spring clean my house today, it feels good to have it clean the way I like. Thankful my hubby and 3 boys were trying but definetly not my kinda clean :-)

3 week post mommy makeover

Today marks 3 slooooow weeks. I finally slept in my bed last night :-) I'm almost standing up straight, the muscles at the top of my stomach are still pretty tight. If I walk a lot or do too much they spasm. I found a great VS bra called lightly lined plunge. It is so soft and comfy, I bought 3 of them :-) The swelling has gone down a little in the right one but its still bigger. And it's still pretty sore on the side from the pocket fix. Hopefully they'll even out, I wouldn't mind being a little smaller either. My silicone sheets & scar gel came today. The sheets say use 12 hours a day, seems like a lot but whatever will work to flatten and lighten these scars. My ass is getting pretty flabby from not being able to work out :-( looking forward to getting back to the gym! (btw, my boys always have my phone so I post progress pics here so I can delete from my phone lol)

4 weeks

Finally feeling great! Walking upright and even slept on my sides last night. Right boob is still making a sloushing sound when I use it so I'm assuming it's still swollen, I hope I'm right because it's still bigger than the left, ugh! PS said I can ditch the stomach bidder and get some spanx so I'm heading out to get those now. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

5 weeks post

Everyday is better and better, except nights, those still suck! I wake up a million times hurting, cramping and boobs spazzing out, ugh! My belly button is pretty much the only thing that still hurts during the day, unless I've been super active then the top of my stomach gets knotted up. I've spent a small fortune so far trying to find the perfect "spanx" I found the maidenform to be more comfortable than actual spanx. And the high waisted panties are the most comfortable at night. I hate the numb feeling on my skin, I can't even stand to touch it. I read it could take up to 2 years for feeling to return, praying I get used to it. I love being able to bend over without my tummy looking 90 years old but sometimes I look down and don't feel like me. Weird to miss your old stomach, huh lol. My friend told me about a self tanner called ocean potion from Walmart that works good so I'm going to start using that to cover these crazy boob veins :-)

Well wth

8 weeks post today and I have one giant boob and the other looks like it might be getting cc :-( ugh! I'm going braless for a while and see if that'll help. Stomach is healing good, I've been wearing the silicone. Still getting pretty swollen by the end of the day but I haven't worn the binder and/or spanx in a week. I feel like I can't breathe with them on. I think my appointment is coming up next week so we'll see what PS says about these super uneven boobs

9 or 10 weeks post?? Lost track

Went to PA last week, he said to massage only the left breast. Hopefully it will fix this unevenness

4 month update

Things are healing good, scars are still pretty dark and it still hurts when I sneeze but other than that I feel pretty good.
Dr. Gonce

Dr Gonce did my 1st BA 10 years ago, saline 390/360 ( for some reason I always thought I was 390/420). He just did my revision and tummy tuck yesterday. 615 silicone with pocket fix on right breast . Amazing doctor and nurses!

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