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Hello. I'm 5'3", 130 pounds, mother...

Hello. I'm 5'3", 130 pounds, mother of 2 ( ages 20 months and 5 months). I gained a total of 40 pounds each pregangcy, natural birth with normal sized babies. I nursed my first and am currently nursing my second. I plan to quit nursing in March. I have had various levels of physical activity over the years, I'm currently exercising a couple times a week. I have promised myself I wouldn't let pregnancy get me down about my body. Since we are moving to Japan this summer, I had to pick up my plans to get the procedures done a little earlier than hoped. I've been to one PS, and. Found him to be competent and pleasant. The staff were friendly and the prices reasonable to what I have seen on line. I'm sure I will have more questions and concerns as I get closer.

Right now my only wonder is, my PS just opened his clinic up for the procedures rather than going to the hospital. It won't change my costs any. Will it still be safe, I'm thinking yes. However, I'm still considering it.

I do plan to post before picks as I get closer and if I can figure out how to do it on here. Do I have to put them on YouTube first?! Besides no one really. Ares what I look like before untill I've got after pics. Or at least I haven't when reading other posts.

I've been grudgingly cutting back on the...

I've been grudgingly cutting back on the breastfeeding. I stopped pumping at work, but haven't gone any further. Sometimes Im frustrated with the lack of independence, but at the same time I don't want to give up the bond we share while nursing. My PS needs at least 1 month without me breast feeding before he will proceed with the mommy makeover. My little angel will be 6 months on the 26th. To keep my sx date on may 1 I'll need to be completely done be 1april. But a lot can happen over the next month and a half. I need to be starting Her on baby food soon and I can already feel her teeth just under the surface waiting to pop through. Yikes! My weight is going down too, I'm much closer to my healthy weight of 126...slowly plugging along. Well this is me rambling on...best wishes everyone.

I went in for a consult yesterday and got the...

I went in for a consult yesterday and got the formal estimate. Dr. Porterfield recommended a mini tummy tuck with above the muscle gel breast implants. I'm very excited, but nervous about the results. He mentioned drooping but didn't recommend a breast lift. During the discussion of size...I want to be proportional. In order to do this he recommended between 350-400ccs, a large C/ small D. Looks like I'll have some big ladies soon! Also, he didn't recommend any lipo so I'm concerned about "dog tags" as i've seen commented in other posts or a result less stellar if lipo was included. Regardless, I have faith things will look great after I'm done. I'm anxiously waiting for 1 May!!!

I went in for another consult. Dr. Porterfield...

I went in for another consult. Dr. Porterfield recommended a Mini tummy tuck and over the muscle silicone high profile implants. He said with my profile he would recommend 375cc to 400cc the look proportional. He expects that will put me at a healthy C smaller D. I'm still on for the first of May and will put my money down on the 17th. I can't wait for this to be over so I can get back into the swing of regular diet and exercise again. 19 days to go!

Put money down today....no going back now!!!

Put money down today....no going back now!!!

Today is the day! I couldn't sleep past 5 AM,...

Today is the day! I couldn't sleep past 5 AM, thank goodness it's an early procedure! More to come and wish me luck

1 day PO- sx day went well! I've been taking my...

1 day PO- sx day went well! I've been taking my medicine as prescribed, so I haven't been too uncomfortable. I really hate the drain, especially since I don't really have any drainage. I go back in 2 days to have it removed.

3 DAYS PO- the drain was removed today. They...

3 DAYS PO- the drain was removed today. They took it out since I didn't have any draining. It didnt hurt per se, but I definitely felt weird. I stopped the pain meds and switched to Tylenol. The staples really started to bother me by the evening. Let's see how tomorrow goes

2 1/2 weeks PO- I had the staples removed last...

2 1/2 weeks PO- I had the staples removed last Friday. So far so good. Towards the end of the second week going into the third I really started feeling human again. Even sleeping partially on my stomach. Sneezing and coughing are still uncomfortable but definitely more bearable. A lot of swelling...but I have also gained weight. Now that I am going back to work...it's time to get back into my regular routine. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again!

2 June- Aaaah weight gain! the healing and...

2 June- Aaaah weight gain! the healing and results are going great, but the numbers on my scale keep climbing.

8 July-The healing continues. The breast implants...

8 July-The healing continues. The breast implants are bigger than I was originally told to expect, but they still look great. It has been interesting getting adjusted to the new size and how clothes fit. Little sundresses and small strapped tank tops look indecent now, so I have to go with versions of them that cover a little bit more. The mini tummy tuck scar is healing nicely, but I have a little pooch above it. I'm not sure what my Dr. will say about it. Since it is only 2 months out I doubt he'll say anything yet, except it will continue to change over the next 6 months. I'm no longer using any undergarments, although I suppose I could. I don't feel any strain on my stomach anymore and I'm doing sit ups and such just fine.

It's been a year since my mommy make over. My...

It's been a year since my mommy make over. My breast augmentation is larger than I anticipated. I turned out a 34 DD, it definitely changes the way clothes fit. Dresses that would sit high on the waist become empire waist. Also, anything not fitted around the waist makes you look thicker overall. At some point I'll get a touch up on the mini tummy tuck. The scar is pretty thick, despite regular application of vitamin E for all this time. I'm still numb above the scar and it causes the skin below the scar to itch, drives me crazy. Now I've got a small ledge above my scar...you can see this in the old pictures. I'm thinking ill need lipo in the tummy and something with the scar. I'm not sure what though, I guess it will depend on what the surgeon recommends. One thing I will say, I thought these procedures would finally resolve some of my self consciousness. But what I found is it gave me a new set of insecurities.
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An extended wait time and a few unreturned phone calls. But I've always been happy in the end

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