5'1 125lbs Sientra 285-305cc Textured Mod Plus Unders

Had my kids at 18 & 24 and they are now 14...

Had my kids at 18 & 24 and they are now 14 & 10. I went from high school pom girl body to mommy body 1 year after I graduated high school and I regret not allowing myself a chance to enjoy that body. Since having kids, I've always been so focused on my family. Split from from kids dad before my son turned 1 and I haven't been in a serious relationship since. Call me vain but I didn't look at myself in the mirror for years. Sure, I'm pretty but I've always hid behind my clothes. My kids are pretty big and doing great, I'm over the breakup but it took some time for me to accept single parent lifestyle and I'm just ready to live free again.


Saw my p.s last week. He originally recommended sientra smooth round but when I went back for my pre-op he switched to textured implants because he's afraid I'll bottom out too soon with the smooth round. I've read that textured attach to the muscle and pretty much stay where you put them. Ive gained some about 5-6 pounds since I originally saw him and I'm wondering if he'll go bigger or if I should ask for high profile. So many thoughts running thru my mind...20 days & counting.


I feel like Beyoncé in the count down video lol! I get all jittery thinking about how close I am.

Supply list

Guess I'll make a list of things in need to buy for after care.


Seems like the more women who are taking pics and taking off their garments and dressings right after surgery are ending up with infections etc. I've also been seeing women with blisters & infections asking "what is this?!" Come on now ladies, stop the smoking and leave your newly operated on bodies alone...smh. To risky!!!

Final preop appointment done

Final preop done with 300 mL. Now on my way to get them on a cut from the health food store. It's getting real!!!!


All done. Really sore. I type a lot at work and I didn't realize that my pecs were so tight. Follow up tomorrow!

Trying to relax

Hey everyone. Recovery hasn't been bad. My doc said I had a lot of dense breast tissue that he took out and that kept me in surgery a little longer. Needless to say I needed a pain med as soon as I got home! Took a shower today. My family is the best considering I hate to be waited on and can be a mean grouch lol. I haven't been staying on a regular pain med schedule but I also don't like taking medication. Ice packs have been my bff. I usually feel good but every 5 hours or so I get super stiff if I'm not icing. Morning boob was serious about 3 am. So I got up, took my meds, ate some pancakes and watched tv. I noticed a blister and I hope it isn't serious but I'll call the ps tomorrow. I'm not to worried about appearance right now but my dr says he loves them lol. Guess I'll put my ice packs on and fall asleep.


Driving today. My pain stopped day 2 other than being stiff from too much movement. I can feel my poor muscles trying to stretch. No pain meds today.


Today would be the day I'm reading about cancer caused by textured breast implants and breast implant related Illness. Omg, seriously?

Sore & tight

Sleeping on my back has been so hard.
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