More Wrinkles AFTER Botox - Chardon, OH

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I had two injections done in the crows feet area 8...

I had two injections done in the crows feet area 8 units per side. Two weeks later I went back because I was noticing wrinkles under my eyes on top of my cheeks and my crows feet were still there. My doctor told me that I had strong muscles and that I might need alittle more. I had two small injections done on each side under the eyes.

It has been six weeks and I look worse than I did before I started. When I smile I still have the "starburst" appearence?? thats what she called it, and I have wrinkles that extend from the inner corner of my eyes that extend across the upper cheek. I also noticed wrinkles right above the corner of my eyes where I can actually feel that part of the muscle tightening up in compansation for the rest of the muscle being paraylized. I can't wait for this to wear off.

Has anyone eles experienced this or am I the only one that botox didn't work on? Very depressed, I was so excited about this. Also I am 42yrs old and don't have wrinkles anywhere eles, just these stuped crowsfeet!! Hope someone can help me understand what happened. :(

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