Each Day It Gets Easier and Easier - Full TT with Hernia Repair and Lipo on the Sides

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I found this site when I was researching tummy...

I found this site when I was researching tummy tucks. I can honestly say it is what gave me the courage to do this. I am a planner and knowing what to expect is important to me. Each and every story has been inspirational in some way. I know what to ask, what to have on hand and now know I have someplace to turn when it feels like no one else could possibly understand! I will prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thank you Real Self and all the brave women who have gone before me!

. . . and the nightmares begin!

Had my first TT dream last night. Loved the results, but was hardly in pain at all. Then I realized he didn't repair my muscles. My stomach began to grow again right before my eyes. All I could think of was that I paid all this money for nothing. I have another consult in April. I will definitely be confirming that he IS going to repair my muscles!

Second Consult and I Am Ready To Go!!

I am getting closer to my surgery date. I met again with my PS today and he is simply awesome. I know that I will probably have a small vertical scar. Very thankful for the heads up on that. Also, muscle repair will be determined once he sees what is underneath. I am hoping to have it because I feel my stomach has been stretched to the max and I don' t want to worry about "sucking" it in after this procedure. I told him about this website. Hope he checks it out as I hope to post all the great things that are about to happen!!

2 Weeks Away

In 2 weeks, it will be the night before my surgery. I have felt every emotion possible, but I am paid up and ready to go. I know it will be worth it. I just want to get through it. I am expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I am attaching more photos of my jelly belly. If I don't need muscle repair, I may cry. I am having more dreams about the results minus the muscle repair. My doctor said he won't know until he gets in there and sees the damage. If I just had a positive yes, I think I would feel better. Thank you to all the ladies posting after surgery. It has really helped me get a clearer picture as to what to expect. I have ordered numerous supplies. I feel ready to go to the flat or should I flatter than I am now, side!

One Week Pre-Surgery

I am one week prior and feeling fairly confident. I am expecting horrible pain and the belly blues. I know I will be on the sidelines of life for a few weeks, but will try to remind myself of the prize at the end of this experience. I have read some "not worth it" reviews lately. It is so disheartening to read how hopeful some ladies were before their surgery and then how disappointed afterwards. I pray they heal and get the results they want. Part of me thinks because of what we pay for this, we should turn out exactly the way we envision. Then, the other part of me thinks we need to be realistic and understand that each of our bodies are different. I am hoping for a little of both I guess . . . I want my tummy to look the best it can with the surgeon I have chosen. Please pray for me to come through safely. I will update once I am able to next week, after surgery. ????

Hello Flatside!

I am one day post op and maintaining. Feels like I did a million crunches and very sore from the lipo. I've seen my stomach twice during bandage changes, but haven't been able to take any pics. I will tomorrow before my shower. I do have a small vertical scar, as expected. Difficult to cough, but I have phlegm from the breathing tube. My doctor and his staff were excellent. I will add a more detailed review on him later. Feeling tired again.

Post op day 2

Just had my first shower. Feeling pretty good. For those who have yet to go, make sure you follow all the advice given on real self. Rest, low sodium, high protein diet. Pineapple juice has really helped me. I have yet to use my arnica or bromelian, but it's here when I need it. Thank God for real self. It allowed me to physically and mentally prepare for this whole experience!!

Day 5 Post-Op

This is definitely a day by day healing procedure. I am doing better, but still having to take my pain meds. I had lipo done on my sides and lower back and I believe that is the source of my greatest pain. I go see my doc again on Wednesday and hope to better understand what all was done. I think I just need to hear what is happening and why. Doctors across the board recommend different ways to heal. I was told no ice or heat. Well, I think my sides would benefit from ice and my back from heat, but am waiting until I speak to him Wednesday. The mental healing is a challenge too. Spending multiple days in a few different spots, inside is tiring. Luckily, it was the holiday weekend and my family had a party here. It was nice to go downstairs, visit briefly, then back to bed. Just knowing my husband and kids were having a good time was enough for me. They have taken great care of me since coming home on Thursday.

Does anyone have suggestions for side pains/bruising from lipo? I am already taking my arnica, bromelain, vitamin C and drinking nothing but water and pineapple/banana/orange juice.

Also, I only take my garments off when I shower. This isn't something I should be doing daily correct? I have to admit, I love the support it offers. I am afraid my belly button is going to pop off without it. ;)

Happy healing real self sisters!

Post Op Day 6

Crazy feelings coming from my entire midsection. Numbness, swelling, pulling, twinges . . . quite interesting. I take it things are happening inside and hoping it's all good. Here's to a good nights sleep.

These pics are pre and post showering. Not much bruising, but swelling . . . yes (8:15 pm - ugh!!). Little concerned about the belly button, but it doesn't look too terrible. I just want things to heal as healthy and natural as possible. Not looking for a super models mid-section, lol.

The numbness and tenderness around my back must be from the lipo, right? That would be my biggest complaint when trying to sleep or move for that matter. The hubby put some Biofreeze on it following my shower. Hoping it will help.

Happy healing all!

1 Week Post Op

Went to see the doc today. He was very pleased with my healing and even took most of my stitches out. I about freaked! The thought of not having those in there for support is super scary. He left a few for next week, to make me feel better he said, but I am sure some areas need to heal a bit more. I go back in a week. Here is what I learned.

- I am still to wear both garments for the next week.
- No driving yet.
- I can sleep on my side when I feel comfortable with it (yay!).
- Saw pics of what he took off and the cc's of fat and fluid removed.
- No laundry, dishes or vacuuming for 5 more weeks (I love this man!!)
- Continuing with my ibuprofin, vitamins, bromelain, arnica, protein shakes, pineapple juice and lots, lots and lots of water!

I will try to add a photo tomorrow. Excited to begin my second week of healing!! Take it easy real self sisters!

Post Op Day 8

Listen to your doctor and your body. I somewhat over did it today and am now paying for it. Not supposed to be driving yet, but HAD to run my youngest to the bus stop this morning, pick up my oldest from basketball open gym and the drop the youngest off at the baseball fields for his game. I also shaved my legs and washed my hair. Before I realized I had done too much, it was too late. I also tried to eliminate my mid day pain pill and was miserable. I will not drive again until I get my doctors clearance. Turning that steering wheel is not easy or is hitting bumps on the road. At least as a passenger I can brace my abs, but kinda hard to do when you need your hands for driving. Like I said, lesson learned!!

No pic today either as I only washed my hair. I decided against a shower because I had planned to go to my sons baseball game tonight, but since I was a sore mess . . . I couldn't. Ladies, listen to your bodies and remember even though you feel good . . . you are still healing. I luckily got away with a reminder today without doing any major damage! Ok, will get off my soapbox now! ;)

I will definitely post a new pic tomorrow. Nighty-night real self sisters!

Post Op Day 9

Well, I hit the emotional wall today. Not about my body and the physically recovery, but more about the fact that I feel isolated from the rest of the world! I am sure most of it is hormonal due to the fact that Aunt Flo showed up today. To remedy the situation, I texted the hubby early today to let him know that he was taking me to dinner and then to Target tonight. We ate Mexican at a local restaurant on the patio (beautiful evening) and then stopped by Target. I have to say, I love their maxi dresses. They are about all I can wear in public right now due to swelling. So, I picked up 2 news ones and could actually see a waist in the mirror when I tried them on. It was quite exciting!
Another pro today was that I eliminated the mid-day pain pill. Slowly, but surely I feel I am making progress. Yay me!!

Post Op Day 10

Best day yet, just hope I don't pay for it tomorrow. Got out a lot today. Here are pictures I took before I showered this afternoon. Lines are from the binders. Hope everyone is healing sweetly! Will post more tomorrow . . . tired! ????

Post Op Day 11

Another busy day. Just took a pain pill and am down for the night. I know I was up too much today as I have a lot of burning in my abdominal area. My youngest woke up with the flu and was sick for the next 12 hours. Of course he wanted his mommy to take care of him, but now I am paying for it. With that said, I wouldn't of had it any other way!!! I just hope I didn't pick up his bug. Vomiting that long would be a huge setback at this point, to say the least! Will post a day 12 pic tomorrow. I'm a tad swollen at the moment! Good luck to all that are having surgery this week!

Post Op Day 12

Just took a refreshing shower. I am finally feeling safe to touch my body again. I am still very numb in many places, but I don't feel as fragile as I did. Looking forward to this continuing to improve! I also felt brave enough to try on the bikini bottoms I took my pre-op pics in. Not bad for day 12 at all. I still have a lot of healing to do, but it looks better than a week ago.

I noticed my belly button has that "cauliflower" look on the inside. I have seen this on others as well, but not everyone. Any ideas if this is how it should look or should I be taking precautions so it doesn't close up?

Love that the kids are back at school today and the hubby is at work. Gives me a nice quiet house to rest in! I did not get the flu from my youngest yesterday. Thank you vitamins . . . rest well all!!

Post Op Day 13

Another physical reminder that I am doing to much ... super sore and swollen. Trying not to take a pain pill. Only one, two days ago and none yesterday or today. I may have to break down tonight though. I just iced my belly with a bag of corn, lol. My doc advised against ice or heat due to numbness (not being able to feel when it has gotten too hot or too cold), but I was careful to move the bag around every five minutes. I needed something to ease the burning.

Other no-no's ... Tried a few light weights on my arms (getting flabby) - sneezing - not watching my diet (going back to a lower sodium diet) - up too much, not ready for it - and watching Ellen (the laughing is killing me!!!)

I go back for my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow. I hope all is going well. Rest easy girls!

Post Op Day 15

Each day IS easier, so if you are doubting yourself ... Take a breath and relax. You made this choice for the best reason in the world ... YOU! :)

I saw my doc yesterday for my 2 week post op. All is healing well. I am regaining feeling in my lipo areas. I can laugh without grabbing my stomach and can sleep on my side!! It's the little things that day by day, I am thankful I can do again!

I am posting the "goodies" that were removed. It's hard to believe that was taken out when you are swollen and feeling bigger than ever. I am now beginning to see results and look forward to each day!

Post Op Day 16

Photos as of today. Did a lot, but also managed a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Still trying to find a balance between rest and being active.

Post Op Day 19

Still swelling by evening. Can't wait to get permission to get my full body compression garment removed. The zippers dig into my sides at times. Over did it over the weekend, so I am very sore . . . but, resting to try to make up for it. In all of my pics I, have binder marks on my stomach. I can't wait to take one down the road without any! Hope everyone is healing well.

Post Op Day 21

Going to see my doc today, but wanted to share some pics before I showered. Ignore the binder marks, again!!

Post Op 1 Month

Life is almost back to normal. I do have frequent reminders that I am only one month out from surgery. I immediately slow down and watch what I am doing.

I know that I will be dealing with swelling for a long time, but what I see in the morning is exciting. I am hoping that is what my final result will look like, 24/7.

Still no exercise, light weights on the arms. Walking is much easier, as is sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose and laughing. My sides and back are regaining feeling. Incision line still feels very hard, but healing nicely. My vertical scar is extremely light. I don't mind it at all. It does indent though, between my bb and the beginning of the vertical. LOVE my bb. It is so nice to sit and not see this mound of stomach under my boobs. Personally, this is the best thing I have done for me in a long time!

* I have included my new compression garment. Had to drop down to a medium (8-10). My other one wasn't offering enough support anymore. Yay!!
Dr. Pandrangi

Dr. Pandrangi is an extremely talented surgeon in the greater Cleveland area. His office offers the drainless tummy tuck. My experience with he and his staff was awesome from beginning to end. I knew ahead of time what to expect because he was very straight forth and honest with my husband and I. I would highly recommend him for a tummy tuck procedure!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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