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Hi! I am 43 years-old and scheduled for a Mommy...

Hi! I am 43 years-old and scheduled for a Mommy Make Over on March 19th. I have 5 kids ranging in ages from 24 to 11. I have wanted a BA since I was 18 and had recently thought about proceeding. I went to a seminar at a local PS office to get more information. They discussed the make over at the seminar and it made a lot of sense. I have never been over weight but love the idea of having tighter abs. My last two children were c-sections. Since that time I have had a small pooch that overlaps my scar. It made a lot of sense to be under anesthesia once with one recovery. I am scheduled for TT, Flank Lipo, and BA. I am really nervous about recovery. My job involves several days that I am on my feet a lot. I am not sure if two weeks will be enough. I look forward to getting to know everyone better.

I was looking at the calendar today and noted that...

I was looking at the calendar today and noted that this is the last full week of Feburary and that March will be here next week. Less than a month until surgery. Yikes! Ironically I am not super nervous, today It depends on the day and it comes and goes

My pre op appointment is two weeks from Friday. The closer it gets the more I worry if I have made the right decision. I hope that my results will be as fantastic as everyone's on here.

Well time to go watch some TV and relax before heading to bed. Busy day at work tomorrow!

I had my pre-op appointment today. My PS was...

I had my pre-op appointment today. My PS was awesome and spent a lot of time explaining things to me and answering my questions. I decided to go with moderate plus saline implants - 400 cc under the muscle. I was given 3 scripts - Percocet, Flexeril, and a Scopolamine Patch to apply the day of surgery. I will not have a pain pump. The sutures that are placed are dissolvable. I will follow up with the PS the day after surgery. I will have 2 drains. The dreaded pictures were taken. I think that was the worst part of the whole appointment. I think the second worst part was all the paperwork. I felt like I was signing my life away with all the contents that I had to initial and sign.

After my appointment, I went out and bought the two sports bras that I need to take to my 1st post op appointment. I also purchased sweatpants and a sweat jacket to wear to the hospital and after.

I feel much better about my decision after my appointment today. I am still really nervous but I think I am in excellant hands. I still have a ton of things to do in the next week so at least I will be busy and not have too much time to think. Still really nervous though.

Nine days and counting. Is that anything like 19 kids and counting .

Well I am really nervous as my surgery day gets...

Well I am really nervous as my surgery day gets ever closer. My 13 and 11 year olds are both sick with some kind of gastrointestinal virus. I am so afraid that I will get sick and they will cancel my surgery or my husband will get sick and not be able to help me. This is certainly not what I needed the weekend before surgery. I just want to hide in my bedroom and not come out!

Well I managed to get the kid's GI virus. I feel...

Well I managed to get the kid's GI virus. I feel awful! I was up all night sick. Haven't gotten sick since early this morning but still feel like poop. I still have a headache and my belly hurts. I need to get better by Monday!

The surgery center called. I gave them all the information they needed. We are all set for monday except for me feeling so bad.

Well today is the big day. I am so a scared...

Well today is the big day. I am so a scared something will go wrong. I took a Xanax but is hasn't helped much other than to make me feel drunk and sleeply. Still scared and uptight. I will be so glad when this is over in the morning.

I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30 AM for an 8:00 start time. I have to take my meds in the morning prior to going and it is about a 40 minute drive to the center. Please remember me tomorrow.

I do look forward to the recovery side of things but I dread the pain. I would love to fast forward three months or so. Oh well...no pain no gain in looking good. I took pre op pictures tonight and will try to get them posted in the next few days.

Flat tummy and awesome boobs here I come! See you on the other side.

Day of surgery: The surgery went really well....

Day of surgery:

The surgery went really well. The doctor came into the pre op area and made her markings. They then took me to the OR. Anesthesia placed an O2 mask on my face and that is the last thing that I remember until I woke up in the recovery room. In recovery, I was very nauseous. They gave me some medicine for the nausea but held off on the pain medication because they were afraid I would get sick. One of the most uncomfortable things was the chest pressure I was experiencing. My chest was bound up very tight due to the breast augmentation. I was in a lot of pain so they finally gave me some IV pain medication. Next thing I knew they were discharging me to home.


Tuesday I was much better. I was able to get my pain under control. I was able to move around fairly well. I had my first post op appointment with my surgeon. She was very pleased if how well I was doing. They showed me how to take the binder on and off as wel as the ace wraps and bras for the augmentation. I have two drains that will have to stay until they are down to draining less than 30 ML in a day. I am running about 50 so hopefully they can come out when I go back.

POD 2:

Today was rougher. Pain level was up so ended up taking more medication than I had been taking. I also got really nauseous. I think it was because my bedroom is really hot. We had a high today of 85 which turns our bedroom into an oven. I took 2 Percocet and laid down for a bit. I also put my binder back on. I had to wash it because it got some drainage on it. Between the heat and taking the binder off it caused me to be dizzy. I wonder if maybe my blood pressure dropped. I am much better now. I will work on trying to post some pictures in the next couple of days. I am really swollen and bruised but that is to be expected. From what I could see of my tummy yesterday and today things look really good!

POD 3: Yay! I got to take a shower today. It...

POD 3:

Yay! I got to take a shower today. It felt wonderful! I took a folding chair and put it in the shower and it worked very well. I managed to get the bras, ace wrap, and binder back on with my daughter's help.

My drains are still draining some. I need to have less than 30 cc before they will take one out. I am to call the office tomorrow with an update on the output. I just emptied thirty. If I don't have much drainage over night I might be able to get one out.

My incisions look pretty good. The TT incision looks nice and low. My belly button looks really strange. I am curious tomsee how it heals. Implants are still riding really high. I think it will be awhile before they drop.

Well time for Percocet, Colace, and bed :).

Pain has been fairly well controlled today. I have taking my Flexeril and Percocet on schedule. I am also taking the Colace. No BM but starting to hear some rumbles.

POD 5: I didn't post anything yesterday because...

POD 5:

I didn't post anything yesterday because I felt miserable. I hurt all over. My drains were continuing to drain. My back muscles were screaming every time I got up to walk. I was I tears and was left wondering why in the world I did this.

Today, I am feeling much better. It is amazing how much difference one day makes. I got up this morning, took a Motrin, and took a shower. My husband helped to get me all bound back up. I am still having to walk hunched over, but I think that I am a little straighter than I was. My back muscles are still really sore with the poor posture when walking. Pain has greatly improved. I have taken Motrin all day. I just now took a Percocet and Flexeril to help me sleep tonight. My abdomen remains swollen.

I hope that tomorrow will continue to be a improvement.

POD 8: Yay! I finally got a drain out today. I...

POD 8:

Yay! I finally got a drain out today. I am hopeful that I will get the other drain out on Friday. I am feeling really good. I am not needing any pain medication. My only complaint is that I can't stand up straight. My back is killing me. I stand up and have to walk hunched over. The further I walk the tighter by abdomen seems to get and then my back muscles start to spasm. Anyone else experiencing this? In a way it is good I guess because it keeps me from doing too much.

The BA part has been an easy recovery. I got to get rid of the ace wrap today and wear just 2 sports bras. I can't complain. I am doing very well after such a rough week last week.

POD 10: Well I over did it a bit yesterday. I...

POD 10:

Well I over did it a bit yesterday. I picked up the living room, went to the grocery store, made dinner, and did the dishes and boy did it wear me out. I am now swollen more and my drain output is up. I have been in the recliner most do the day today. I read a book and have taken it easy. The hubbie took the kids to their dentist appointment so I can relax. I love my hubbie! He takes such good care of me!

My PS follow up is tomorrow. I hope that I can get this last drain out. My output isn't up so much that I don't think I can get it out. It should be ok. Looking forward to tomorrow!
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