Post-Op Day 27 Update/Photos

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This surgery is something I've wanted for many...

This surgery is something I've wanted for many years. I have twin teenage daughters and am so proud my body was able to carry them to term and they came into this world healthy. For many years I've struggled with the excessive loose skin - spilling over the waist of my pants, intimacy issues and with the support of my loving husband and family am now able to move forward. I am not going into this lightly, this is something that is important to me and I haven't been able to get myself to NOT want to proceed. I'll take the scar and the recovery to lose this extra entity I've been carrying. I'm so grateful to the many helpful hints, stories, advice and support on this site. I'm 44 yrs old, 5' 6.5" and weigh 128. I lead a healthy and active lifestyle and find great joy in working out, running, swimming, snowboarding and just being outside. This has been a dream of mine and I feel fortunate I get to have the procedure.

First evening home. So, pain meds are good! So is...

First evening home. So, pain meds are good! So is help getting in and out of bed or a recliner. So is reading all the wonderful supportive comments from everyone. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!!

Resting comfortably in bed and really, the only pain I'm experiencing is the upper portion/torso of the diastasis repair. No other pain except there...

I called the doc's office and they said I may have pulled the sutures there getting back in bed. I had this very strange rippling/pulling sensation and wondered if I could have possibly ripped them out at that spot. She assured me that I probably lightly pulled them and it would affect the outcome.
I have an ice pack on it, but with the binder, it isn't getting terribly cold. I have one drain and taking care of it has been easy. They have me on both ibuprofen and percocet (YAY, my friends!!) and I started my stool softener (THANKS for that reminder, Niptuckgrl!) as well as arnica. The bromeliad (sp?) is on it's way. Still no nausea, I'm thinking the patch and residual anti-nasea med in the IV bag still may have an effect. Oh, I also don't remember if I wrote that during the procedure they had me on a twilight sedative and an epidural, which worked wonders.

All in all, I'm feeling better than I expected. Today. :) Hugs to everyone!

Question: They didn't send me home with compression socks. Does everyone use them? They seemed to think I wouldn't need it...thoughts?

Well, just got out of the shower - first one since...

Well, just got out of the shower - first one since Monday, before my surgery. Wow, did that ever feel good. I hooked the drain up to this piece of material and loosely wrapped the material around my neck, to get it out of the way.

I got a look at the scars (bb & tt line) and I'm thrilled with how they look. Not pretty yet, but I'm happy with what I see so far. I'm not ready to upload a photo of the after shots at this point in time.I just wanted to shower, change my dressing and go back to bed. Mission accomplished.

Yesterday I caved and starting taking 2 percocets. My prescription said I could take one or two, so I'm switching it up for a couple days. Getting back in bed is the worst for me. Really, that's the only time I feel any discomfort. I realize this could change, but so far I'm optimistic.

I have my basket of goodies next to me in bed and a smaller one to hold the meds. I write down when I take them and my husband has been beyond helpful with the distribution in case I drift an forget. I did have a reaction to the pain meds - severe itching all over my body - and was given the go-ahead to take Benadryl. That works!

I've been drinking a ton of water and avoiding salty foods, per the advice of others on this site. Homemade smoothies with yogurt, berries and an extra dose of protein powder with ice & coconut water are what i'm most craving and eating. I've been taking stool softeners and so far, nothing. Yikes. I have been taking it easy and getting up and walking around the first floor of our house about every 1 to 1/5 hours. I'm not hunched over when I walk as I thought I would be. Could be the meds, though. :)

I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and am grateful to be a part of this community. I'm drifting as I type this, so I'm going to sleep for a while. All my best to everyone and a happy healing as well!

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing better day...

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all doing better day by day. They weren't kidding when they said to listen to your body and allow it to heal by resting! So true!!

So, I took my second shower since Monday's surgery. Things have been going well so far, with the exception of the swelling, even with the cg on, and constipation. I've taken colace and milk of magnesia every day and am drinking tons of water, grains, fruits, etc, and still nothing. I was told this (and the itching) was due to the percocet, of which I'm down to one a day and tomorrow will just do ibuprofen. I think. We'll see. The swelling is pretty wild looking and my drain is still removing about 75 cc's a day. When I took a shower today I was kinda shocked by the sweling at the incision sight. I do like the scar and it's placement, I'm just wondering if the swelling is normal.

I have definitely been getting up every hour, but I'm only walking around the house, nothing strenuous.

I hope you are all rocking your recoveries! I've not been on my computer very much, but when I do, I'm still super-charged by all the support, love and advice that is going around.

My very best to everyone! Happy & Healthy Healing!

POD 12: Had my first post op appt this past week...

POD 12: Had my first post op appt this past week and all went well. I was given the go-ahead to start walking and to listen to my body as I do so. I was also given the green light to drive, but start by going around the block first, because how we use our legs in driving also makes us use our stomach muscles. After a few light trips, I concur. Ouch.

I've been walking more around the house and going up & down stairs but last night I decided to go on a walk to one of my favorite places. Through woods and by water. To say I've had cabin fever is an understatement. After a few errands and driving for 25 minutes, I made it to the place I felt would motivate and invigorate me as it always does. I unfortunately was pushing close to the next dose of ibuprofen. Mistake. I didn't make it as far as I wanted, but at least I got out & accomplished a little goal of mine. I came home, quite swollen and a little sore and took the ibuprofen, put my feet up and had ice on my belly all night. Because of this activity, sleeping was a little rough, though. However, I am cleared to now sleep on my side - which was another relief!!! I am not a back sleeper and not being able to sleep on my side has had the biggest impact on my sleep - or lack thereof!

I'm supposed to start back to work in two days and I'm actually kinda concerned about that. The drive is a half hour one way, but it is a desk job. Not sure if I should call in for more time off. I have the flexibility, but part of me just wants to just get on with it all. The other part - my body - seems to disagree at times. From what I've read and learned, this healing thing takes time. HAH! I just wish I were patient!

For the most part, I feel like I've been pretty blessed from the pain standpoint. I really have few complaints because I felt I knew what I was getting myself into. I expected the pain and the inconvenience. I felt I trained for this. Really. I kicked my workouts up a few notches to make sure my legs could hold me and my arms could do the same getting in and out of bed or off the couch. And I really feel that helped!

I have, however, noticed other emotional things that come and go. I still have this weird guilt thing going. Like not asking for help. Doing things I was told not to, but because nobody is around to do them, I'll do myself. Simple things, really. But over the course of the day do add up. Because I asked for this, I don't ever want to complain and I also don't want to ask (or ask repeatedly) for things to be done. I can't do everything. And I feel guilty for not be able to. Weird, huh? I also just need to lower my expectations of everything right now. Clean house, great dinners, uncompleted errands, etc.

Just. Let. Go. For a while, at least.

I'm super happy with my scar and bb, so far. Kinda gross, but I know it's coming along. I'll post photos later.

Happy healing, everyone! I hope you're having an easy, pain-free (as much as possible for the newbies!) weekend!

Make those *completed* errands. :)

Make those *completed* errands. :)

POD 14 photos are up. Taken around 4:30 pm, so...

POD 14 photos are up. Taken around 4:30 pm, so swelling is definitely visible. Posted this in a comment earlier. Oops.

Still feeling good. Wondering about the swelling above the suture line. Does anyone else have it in this specific area? I'm not complaining, just curious. Every time I take the binder off, gravity does a number and it (swelling) always hits right there. As if something is stopping it from going anywhere else. And I can feel it, too.

I don't know what to say about my BB at this point as it is still in its own unique recovery stage (blech) and I mildly freak out a little every time I see it. Wondering if it's harboring some alien life form because it sure looks like it could right about now. I do know it will be better than it was before. Lol! Hope everyone is doing ok and healing well!

Today was PO date 28. Unfortunately I forgot to...

Today was PO date 28. Unfortunately I forgot to take ibuprofen this morning before I went to work. It wasn't really bad until I got home (after 1/2 hour drive) and then I was just done for the day. Had to go to a meeting later in the evening and now I'm toast.

But this past weekend I feel as though I turned a sharp corner and I am utterly grateful. Less swelling, still tight. Sleeping WAY more comfortably though, thank goodness! Not out running yet, but I've decided that's ok. Really. I'm starting to approach things with the I Can Do It attitude and then I realize, Not Just Yet. I think I've just been feeling so good that in my mind I'm back to pre-op days and, well, that really isn't the case. :) Still get tired at night and turn to my heating pad for my back. Not that my back hurts anymore but it sure feels great and gets me relaxed.

The pops I've felt under the incision line that are followed by a burning sensation have definitely subsided. I don't want to say stopped because then I'll be riddled with them. All is good with that and I'm no longer concerned my guts will be popping out. Just part of the healing process.

My PS said I can get out of my binder at the end of the month (this week), so I'm looking forward to the CG and wearing the binder during exercise until I feel comfortable without it. Within the next couple weeks he said he will put me in a silicone binder that will provide compression as well as scar therapy to the incision line but it won't be nearly as overbearing as the binder I have now. Can't wait. He doesn't want me swimming or bathing yet, which puts a damper on spring break in Florida. Oh well, could be worse. I'm not to do hot yoga for another three weeks (due to all the stretching/core work involved), but am free to run, just start slow and listen to my body. So far I've just stuck to walking many miles. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have this procedure, I don't want to rush or jinx anything. I feel like I've come a long way and the endorphin rushes will be there once again in my future.

I still avoid salt, processed foods and am still having a high protein smoothie during the day. I've upped the protein and really lowered the carb intake. I've always loved fruits & veggies so that isn't a problem. No increase or decrease there. Brown rice is my favorite carb so I keep it in stock in the fridge.

I have to say, I've been doing quite a bit of reading on this whole healing process and am totally amazed at what our bodies are capable of doing. I've decided to approach this as a learning adventure - step into curiosity and out of fear. Makes my ride a little better. :)
Happy Healing!
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