I did it!!! So thankful and Grateful!! Columbus

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I find this site to be so helpful and thank you...

I find this site to be so helpful and thank you ladies for sharing your stories. I feel prepared and ready for this journey. I went in today for consultation I'm waiting to find out my date. I was told that I would get a call by Friday. I have been wanting a tt seems like forever but I started seriously considering within the last 12 months. I have a belly full of unattractive stretch marks and a pouch that is easy to hide under clothes. I'm ready to feel completely sexy in my skin..

uploaded a pic

I'm a little irritated because the scheduling nurse didn't call me and I would like to put in my leave from work ASAP ... The doctor suggested I loose 20 lb back in March when I first contacted the office for post op recovery. I lost 22 lb in 7 weeks (the healthy way) with exercise and watching what I eat. I was 218 lb and now 197 lb. I'm going to continue to workout and eat healthy but I don't want to be skinny. I like my curves.


the date is set !!!!

I got the call that I have been waiting for my sx date....It is set for July 8, 2014. I can start buying supplies now.

a list of things to start buying and pricing

My list of things to buy include......
*silicone tape
*cotton balls
*disposable bed pads
*extra binder
*arnicare-pain relief cream
*neck pillow
*compression sock
*walker- looking on Craigslist or Goodwill
*fusible wipes
*antibacterial soap
*cough drops
*stool softener
*ab board
I may need more supplies but this is to name a few...

*protein shakes
*plenty of bottled water
*low sodium foods

I will prepare meals the day or two before so I don't have to cook.

looking for a good compression garment

so far I have purchased the bulk of my supplies I have been searching the Internet for a good compression garment preferably one that zips... I looked at a site that also sells ab boards to prevent lines the garment may cause... not sure if I need that just yet. I've read a few reviews where people bought a walker and it helped, so I don't want to spend alot of money so I'm going to call to local thrift stores and check craigslist... Well time is slowly ticking almost a month till I'm flat!!!

bought protein shake to try

less than 30 days !!! I'm ready

I have officially started crossing off the days on my calender less than 30 days until I'm flat. I'm still working out and taking my vitamins.

pre-op appointment tomorrow

time has really flying by.... its getting real. My pre op appointment is tomorrow and I am excited. I have made a list of questions to ask my ps. My surgery is next week do you ladies have any pre surgery advice?????? In one week I will be joining all you sexy flat ladies!!!

5 days until ....

I have 5 days to go and I am so ready.. My honey stopped by his dad's yesterday and he called me like "guess what i got" and I'm like what?? His father was having a yard sale and had two medical walkers for sale, and he got one of them for me.. lol sounds crazy to be so excited about getting a medical walker.. But that was the last thing on my list that I wanted to get, and its practically new and he didn't charge him! My mom and fiance will be there with me and my mom is going to stay a day or two to make sure I'm ok. Love her dearly!! Shes my rock.

God is good!! Thank you Jesus

God is so good to me!!! I'm so grateful I made it through surgery. Surgery was about 3hrs long. The staff was wonderful I felt in good hands. Sooo my update 1 day post op is little discomfort, taking 2 meds every 4 hrs trying to stay ahead of the pain. Sleeping in recliner first night was ok cat naps here and there. I have 2 drains in the front and recording drainage. I thank God I'm ok and now praying for a healthy mild pain recovery in Jesus name.. Happy healing

5 days post op

5 day post op

Day 5 I made it !! Lord knows I'm so over these drains and this recliner!!! My update for you is at day 5 I am completely off meds yay. No pain just discomfort in my lower abdomen and little stinging where the drains are when I'm up walking. I do have Motrin on hand if I need it. I do have a muscle crap in my lower left leg ?!? Not sure what that's about praying nothing serious????!! Will post update in a day or two. Oh and my appetite is normal. I eat oatmeal or toast and eggs for breakfast a protein shake or yoplait fruit smoothie throughout the day lunch fruit and yogurt maybe pbj dinner something lite little or no sodium.
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