Life after lipo, look at me now!

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I have been thinking about lipo for awhile but was...

I have been thinking about lipo for awhile but was afraid to do it. Recently my cousin, who is a couple years younger that me, had Smart Lipo and is thrilled with her results! She shared the details of her journey with me and for her it was a piece of cake. I chose a different doctor than she did because of my medical background.

Scheduled with board certified plastic surgeon to have lipo of abs and flanks under general anesthesia. I only consulted with board certified plastic surgeons and they did not want to do it under local anesthesia. I was told that they want to concentrate on the procedure not your comfort level for the best results.

I am trim, fit and do both cardio and weight training faithfully and try to follow health eating habits but hate my "muffin top". I am both excited and nervous! Most of the posts are from younger women, I am 61 and hope to provide result information for older women, like myself, who stay in shape.

I had my pre-op appointment yesteday and asked a...

I had my pre-op appointment yesteday and asked a couple of final questions and my "before pictures" were taken. I had a CBC drawn (complete blood count), was given my prescriptions and all pre and post-op instructions. We discussed, again, exactly what areas would be done and what to expect.

I was initally very nervous but I feel comfortable with the doctor and all my many questions have been addressed. Next Monday is the big day and I will share my results, post-op journey, and my before and after pictures as time goes on.

Tomorrow is the "big day"! I have my...

Tomorrow is the "big day"! I have my prescriptions and everything ready to go. It seems like recovery varies so much for everyone, I decided to take a week off work. I am posting my before pictures.

Had my post-op check yesterday, day 3. Looking...

Had my post-op check yesterday, day 3. Looking good already! I am quite bruised but don't let that scare you, I don't find it painful. Also, bruising and swelling tend to go south! My pubic area and upper thighs ended up with some swelling and bruising also.

My doctor ultrasonic assisted tumescent liposuction and removed 2.5 litres. See my doctors review for my recovery so far.

I am very pleased with my results so far so I posted pictures even though I am swollen and very bruised.

My recovery was quite sore day one and two but very tolerable and I am doing quite well by today, day 4 and feel totally able to go about my normal routine except for exercise. I know the soreness, swelling and bruising will continue to improve and they are not really a problem for me.

My advice is choose your doctor carefully and make sure he is very experienced in the procedure you are electing to have done.

You will read over and over in this site about choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for your surgery. Yes, this is surgery.

Many doctors state that they are Board Certified and that can be misleading. Know what they are Board Certified in. I have ssen people on this site have liposuction done by Emergency Medicine physicians, Optomologists, Family Practice. Yes they are all board certified in their particular areas of practice only. BEWARE!

Another thing I want to mention is that so many...

Another thing I want to mention is that so many pictures on the web have had tummy tucks in addition to lipo. I have never had a tummy tuck and am the mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. Wish I was as young as I feel!

8 days out and loving the results so far! I swear...

8 days out and loving the results so far! I swear my stomach is flat as a pancake and my waist is down 3 1/2'' as of Saturday. Things look and feel better every day, this year I can't wait to put on a bathing suit! That nasty bruising on my photos has dramaticly improved and is fading nicely. I think the Arnica the doctor had me take for bruising and swelling before and after has been doing its job. I will post pics and stats at the end of week 2.

Today is day 12 and T.G.I.F.!!! I was off last...

Today is day 12 and T.G.I.F.!!! I was off last week and this week has gone well till today. I am very tired, sore and tender. I can tell I am starting to swell again. BUT my doctor warned me at day 3 it will get worse before it gets better. I asked him when it would get better and he said after about 3 weeks. Wasn't sure what he meant till today. The swelling isn't bad and nothing like the beginning. Also, a lot of the sensation I lost is coming back and I really feel the soreness.

I still look fantastic and will just have to wait out the next 10 days. I go for anoter follow-up on Monday, which will be the 2 week mark. My husband is truly shocked by my results so far, he wasn't expecting such a dramatic difference! I feel like a teenager again!

I am now at day 14 and doing very well. I woke up...

I am now at day 14 and doing very well. I woke up yesterday feeling great! It was a long busy week at work (1st week back) and it just wore me out by Friday. I do not have a desk job, I am in health care and am up and down and moving around all the time. I was also tied up 2 evenings last week so even more than my usual week.

I am in a love/hate relationship with my binder (compression garment)! It feels so good to take it off for 5-10 minutes a couple times a day but also feels so good to put it back on. 4 more weeks of being one with my binder!

Cute blog! Amazing how different your story is...

Cute blog! Amazing how different your story is from mine. Never had the wonderful garment you described! I am in a DALE surgical binder for 6 weeks since the surgery and I had a general. I had almost no leaking because when you are asleep they don't use so much of the saline/lidocaine solution. I was home by myself the next day and next week while my husband was at work with no problem. I agree, take some time off work you will need it! I took a week and am so glad I did. I slept on the couch for almost a week so I could angle myself with throw pillows and be comfortable. Sleeping flat in a bed was out of the question!

Doctor did not warn me about the pubic swelling but I had read about it! I was HUGE down yonder and the bruising was black, that was REALLY a strange part they should make you aware of.

AND, that horrible burning in my hips by the incisions when I would get up from a reclining or sitting position for several days! The good news being it only lasted for a minute and was worst of all when getting up in the morning.

Now I sleep on my sides and every which way with no problem. I can get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren. Can't wait to get back to the gym this week, doc said I could go back after 2 weeks.

My results are outstanding and the recovery hasn't been that bad. Only took pain pills twice and that was the first day. I was very uncomfortable at times and yes sore but not pain. Would do it again in a minute!

At the end of week 3 now and doing quite well. ...

At the end of week 3 now and doing quite well. Started back up at the gym yesterday and was pleasently surprised at how much I was able to do. My binder provides a lot of support and that helps.

Things aren't too sore anymore but very tender to the touch when I massage, especially at the end of the day. Slight swelling comes and goes, Dr. says most of that will resolve at around 6 weeks. Will probably wait to post more pictures at that point. LOOKIN' GOOD!

Almost to the 6 week mark and I can lose this...

Almost to the 6 week mark and I can lose this binder on Monday if I want. No lumps or bumps that I hear other people speak of, everything looks even to me.

Still some risidule swelling but nothing others would notice. Leaving for the Caribbean in a couple weeks and I feel really good about my results and putting on those 2-piece suits!

I have kept this private and I think people will notice a difference when those winter sweaters come off!!

I am at the 3 month mark and will go for a final...

I am at the 3 month mark and will go for a final check in August which will be my 6 month point. Doctor said we will address any issues or concerns I have at that point. I can't say I really have any except I still have a little bit of a puffy look around my navel. I'll wait and see how it looks at 6 months since things are still changing.

Still some very slight tenderness on the hip bones and slight loss of sensation on the right hip but all slowly resolving.

Saw my surgeon in early August and he is doing a...

Saw my surgeon in early August and he is doing a touch up around my belly button area at no charge in October. You can see what I am talking about in my 9 week pictures. It improved some but he thinks a touch up will be "the icing on the cake". I wanted a tad more off my hips but he thought I would not like how it would look so I went with his opinion.

If nothing more was done I would still be happy with my results but I still am excited to have a more uniform look. This time I am having it done under local and was told I could drive to and from my appointment. I was told the recovery would be easy but I would need to wear my garment again. The kind I had the first time was no big deal so I can live with that. I am taking a beach vacation in September so I wanted to wait till I got back, also cooler weather in October. Don't want to be wrapped up in the heat!

Had a touch up done around my "belly button" area,...

Had a touch up done around my "belly button" area, about the size of a small plate, this past Thursday Oct.6th under local anesthetic.

The actual suctioning lasted about 15-20 minutes and one small incision. I felt no pain during the procedure and was able to drive home. I was under general anesthetic the first time so this was a very strange experience for me.

I have only a little, very faint bruising which you can hardly see because of my tan. Recovery this time is quite easy and I was back to work on Monday and today (Wednesday) most of the soreness is already gone. I have my post-op check tomorrow.

My doctor does feel it is necessary to wear my abdominal binder for 6 weeks again. I don't mind it that much and I want to make sure I have the best possible result.

FYI, I was told I could go back to work the next day but the office was closed and I didn't have to work anyway. My personal opinion is take that next day off if you can. I felt a little worn out the day of and the next day and then bounced right back.

I will post pictures in a couple weeks, the swelling is not a lot but still comes and goes.

I had a touch up about a year ago, at no cost, to...

I had a touch up about a year ago, at no cost, to fine tune a few things. I am almost 63 now and so glad I did this for myself!

Still loving my results and about to turn 64!

Just wanted to add a recent photo! I watch my diet and get a lot of exercise, Lipo was one of the best things I could have done for myself!
Toledo Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Gupta took all the time needed to answer all the questions I have had at each visit. Never at any time did anyone pressure me in any way to schedule. He is board certified in both surgery and plastic surgery. On an average he performs this particular procedure 25-30 times a month. Everyone was very kind, friendly and reassuring yet professional. I was hesitent to rate Dr. Gupta so early after my procedure but the excellent results were already so obvious at my post-op check day 3. See my pics. My recovery has gone excellent so far and can't wait to see my results continue to improve with time as the swelling and bruising subside. I was quite sore day 1 and 2 post op but not in pain. Day 3 was a remarkable improvement and day 4 even better. I took a week off to allow my body to heal, remember this is surgery. The man is a genius, an artist and did way above and beyond what I ever expected!! I can not even find the scars from the procedure, they were covered with steri-strips which he removed yesterday at my 2 week visit. Everything is healing so perfect! MAJOR BONUS, I had an vertical keloid scar from my belly button into my pubic mound from about 12 years ago. The lower it was on my tummy the wider and more knarly it got. He released all the scar tissue underneath when he did my lipo and didn't tell me!! It looks amazing now and when I asked him about it his comment was "oh, I guess I didn't tell you. I released the scar tissue underneath so your scar would lay flat." I think he didn't want me to get my hopes up about how much difference it would make. What a wonderful surprise!! My husband and I are so blown away by how fantastic everything Dr. Gupta did for me looks!! A great big THANK YOU Dr. Gupta!!! You get 10 stars and yes it was more than worth it!!

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