35m Researching Surgeons for Septorhinoplasty Consultation - Ohio

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I am 35 white male looking to get surgery. My...

I am 35 white male looking to get surgery. My nose grew in a dorsal bump in 4th grade and has bothered me since. I went to a plastic surgeon when I was about 22 but I could not go through with it. I was to nervous. My nasal passage way has always restricted my breathing but I have also always hated the shape of my nose. I primarily want to fix my breathing first and then see to having my nose made fit to match my face.

I am doing this because the cartilage has thickened more since I was 22 and breathing through my nose is worse along with the shape of my nose. Also when I was 29 I developed keratoconus and as a result of the corneal scarring I am legally blind. I have no visual acuity. My favorite hobby is reading and that is difficult to do. When I look down to read I have to squint hard through my left eye (I cannot see through my right eye because of the scarring) and the bumpy shape of my nose blurs up into my field of vision and it is very mentally troublesome experiencing this.

Imagine taking the knuckle of your index finger and placing it in front of your eyes and down slightly. That is how my field of vision looks, always seeing that skin colored blur when I look down. Also the tip of my nose (along the ski slope) raises up as it nears the tip so that also blurs into my field of vision. I know I am talking about millimeters here, but when your vision is already blurry and you have that extra 2-3 millimeters of skin raised up and blurring into your field of vision, it is enough to tax myself mentally when I just want to enjoy my hobby. I just want to be more comfortable living inside my body, please. I hate not being able to breath through my nose, I hate the loud snoring I make (I wake myself up sometimes) and I really don't like how it looks. Wearing sunglasses is uncomfortable because they don't sit right on the bridge of my nose.

I have a dorsal bump that restricts the airflow on the upper right side of my nose and down at the bottom of my nose is a curvature of the caudal septum which impairs the airflow as it passes through my lower left nostril. I would like to find a doctor who takes Medicaid/Medicare as I have both because of my visual disability. I have difficulty breathing through my nose and I also snore badly because of the nasal problems I have. I have more details to share but this is the basis of my post.

I have searched on Realself for about 6 months now learning questions I will ask the surgeon and preparing myself the best I can. I have a few practices in mind, but I wonder what types of signs I should look for and what types I should dismiss---Such as if I contact a practice and they fail to return my call, is that a sign I should go somewhere else or if the surgeon is skilled enough should I overlook office errors? The more I learn the more confused I become in this search.

I am not considering cost because this is very important to me however I do not associate the most expensive as being the best either. I will go with the doctor with whom my gut feeling tells me is right for me. But I am struggling with finding the right doctor for me.

I learned from using this site that the surgeon I select should be a board certified plastic surgeon, and should probably specialize in rhinoplasty surgeries. However almost no doctors websites (local to me) that I have come across advertise specializing in rhinoplasty or being skilled enough to repair botched surgeries. It seems the main market is for breast work/body work on females and that makes it difficult for me to find a surgeon who is experienced in rhinoplasty surgery for a male body.

I need a doctor who takes Medicaid/Medicare as I have both and I believe the insurance would cover some of my procedure because I am primarily doing this for my breathing. Anything cosmetic after the fact I understand I would need to be billed separately.

I apologize for any grammars errors, no matter how many times I proofread, I still miss grammar mistakes with my blurry vision.

Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you.
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