Picosure Tattoo Removal on two full sleeves and chest- Ohio

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Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of...

Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of stupid things.....getting a crazy amount of tattoos is one of them. Being in the fitness field and bodybuilding world I should be trying to praise how I look and not cover it up. I'm not saying I'm going to get rid of all my tattoos but I need to cut down some of the ink on my body so I'm going through some tattoo removal. A lot of people think my tattoos are awesome and I do think that but in my mind I want to do what's comfortable to me. Everybody has a reason for something. So I got my first session of tattoo laser removal I have two more remaining

Session number 2

Right after session 2. Will post again after healing. Coming along nicely

Update 8-10-15

Scabs almost gone very happy how it's coming along. Only 2 sessions. Hope the progress stays strong!

3rd picosure treatment

Treatment date was 10/14/2015 and photo was three days after treatment. Still needs a little bit more healing to do and possibly see more feeding

So far before and after photo

So far before and after photo

Started on my sleeves

So since I love the progress on the small tattoo on my chest so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase an unlimited package that they had a limited offer on. This is going to be alone and timely process but it will be worth it in the long run. The doctor told me it's probably going to take 2 to 3 years to get complete removal .So here goes nothing!

The itching is unreal

Update pic 3 weeks after session. I feel the healing process is the hardest of it all. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. The itch though when healing ????????????????. Sometimes hard to sleep it gets so bad. Pretty satisfied with the results though with the arms. Going back the 21st with the q-switch laser for the red on my chest and forearm. Was a little concerned with the pink pigmentation on the forearm but doctor said its the healing process and will dissipate which it has.

Q-switch treatment today for the red. Then Picosure after.

Q-switch treatment for red

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24 hours after 4th treatment on chest and 2nd treatment on arms

Getting into the greens

Getting into the greens

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48 hours after left forearm. Colors greens

Even though I am blistering the pain level is still low and a lot less blistering then my right forearm. The size of the blisters are very small compared to other sessions. So far I like the side Haha

Update on chest

Finally almost healed on 4th treatment. Last treatment was with the q-switch laser and that seemed to blister more. I'm not sure how I feel about that laser. I'm a little worried about the pink around where the red was. Doctor said it will go away in time just keep up with the lotions and aquaphore. But my mind is still worried. But on the positive side it's coming along nicely.

Having a rash outbreak

So my body is becoming really itchy and I'm noticing lots of welts and a rash all over my body. Started where the red was now it went to my stomach and now to my head. Has anybody else had this problem. I'm noticing the red was very scaly compared to the rest of the tattoo removal.

First treatment on top of the forearm.

Pretty happy how much came off. A lot lighter

24 hours post treatment on forearm section

Left arm is a breeze compared to my right. Blisters are not bad at all

Took a break for a little bit. Back to hit the right upper arm

Went on vacation in January so doctor suggested to not get any work done until I came back. So took a month off of treatment. Now back on track. Hitting the tribal today.

So far 2 treatments on my forearm

You don't really notice the difference because you see yourself every day. Once I compared it to my before picture to the most recent with only after 2 sessions showed a huge difference. I'm starting to not have doubts anymore.

Update on chest

So far I've had a total of five treatments on my chest. So far it's completely healed after the last session so more than likely I will get it again on my next visit. I was told it's probably gonna take three more sessions to be completely gone

24 hours after left forearm

Haven't posted in a little while I took a month and a half off treatment. Coming back along, pain seems to get a little worse as the ink goes away more but it still tolerable. So far very happy with my results

Forearm is starting to heal up after 3rd treatment

3rd treatment is looking good. I am trying to keep my outlook positive and hoping for the best. The last treatment I noticed when getting a very small one zapped on my hand that has faded tremendously (but is still visible to me) the laser didn't seem to pick up a lot of ink. Being a over thinker I am It started to mess with my head. But... I am going to stay strong and keep pushing through.

Got other side of forearm on left side and hit chest for 6th time

Swelling and blistering is a little more intense this time around. Haven't been blistering last few sessions but this one got me good. Last week barley blistered.

24 hours after treatment

Blistering is much worse and very swollen

Monster bubbles

Woah buddy

Update on sixth treatment on chest

Feeling pretty good about this one. Little bit of scabbing still but all in all looks good!

Update on hand tattoo after 3 hits on laser

Pretty sure once the pink goes the way I think it might be gone!

Updates so far after healing

Seventh treatment on chest first treatment on the tribal on inner bicep

Well I was holding off till the last minute until I hit the inner bicep which was pretty hard to sit still. But luckily enough I made it through and the progress looks pretty noticeable the first session.

It's definitely a process but slowly seeing results

Sometimes I don't notice much of a difference until I go back and look at pictures. We're starting in the tribal in the right arm. God dang it hurts where more the dense ink is.

Before and after on chest after seventh treatment and fully healed

Hopefully the photos upload


Finally getting into the tribal

By far most painful one yet! Super swollen today But still worth it. Will post pics after healing.

Took about 6 months off now back to the grind

Needing to take time off due to the bodybuilding competition season. But on the positive note I ended up walking home with two first places and two 2nd places this season. Big difference on muscle definition

Haven't done a update in awhile. I have had 3 more treatments on each tattoo pictured.

So I ended up cutting my time going to get treatments because it was just too painful and knocked me on my ass for too long. Being in the fitness industry I have to make sure I'm not down for the count for too long. So I ended up just going and getting my forearms done until that is completely finished and starting to work up to my biceps and shoulders after. It may take longer but I feel like it's more beneficial to me.
Ink on ink off

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