Mommy Makeover on May 24 2011! - Elyria, OH

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I am 42 years old and a mother of 3 daughters. I...

I am 42 years old and a mother of 3 daughters. I am tired of wearing padded bras and "old lady swimsuits." My surgery is May 24. I am having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Last month I had my thighs and flanks liposuctioned and have enjoyed the results so far.

I have been looking at some of the posts here and if I am as lucky to get the results of the ladies here I will be jumping for joy once I am able to!

I am a little worried about some things though. They are:

1. I have a 3 year old and I wanted to know how some of you are avoiding lifting and/or carrying your little ones. When I had my liposcution last month I broke the rules and carried her a few times but I know this surgery will be a little more intense so any suggestions will help.

2. I also have a wonderful husband who, even though he is wonderful, cannot cook with a darn. I have made up some dishes that I froze but I am wondering if I should make more than what I have (a week's worth).

3. It seems like everyone had a recliner to sleep on after the surgery and I don't have one. Does anyone have any suggestions on sleeping arrangements after the surgery?

I am so excited and nervous about this. I am having a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation through the areola. My doctor and I discussed sizes last week and we are going with Natrelle silicone moderate plus profile (302cc). My doctor said I should be around a C or D cup (since all bra makers vary). I keep going back and forth wondering if this is too small or too large. While I don't want to look disportionately large I don't want to wear any more padded bras! I would appreciate any comments on this too. I think I am just getting a case of the jitters.

I am 4 days from my surgery date and I am excited...

I am 4 days from my surgery date and I am excited and scared. From what I read, it seems like it will take a couple of weeks just to get on my feet. This worries me because I have a huge wedding cake due 3 weeks after my surgery - ill-timing I know but I had to work it in.

There is also the possibility that my husband will have to travel two weeks after my surgery for work. He is staying home with me for one week so I am grateful for that. My mother lives 2 hours away and is 85 years old so I really cannot ask her for help. And, my in-laws have no idea I am having this surgery and I would prefer that way. I am really pretty independent so asking anyone for help is very hard.

The thing I am most concerned about is the effectiveness of the surgery. My workouts have been sporadic since December 10, 2010. At that time, my oldest sister went into the hospital and after that time, I spent most of my time with her as her brain tumor recurred and it was untreatable this time. She lived in Columbus so I would drive down every other day (2 hours) to take my turn in caring for her. On the days I did not go to Columbus I home-schooled our daughters. My sister passed away on February 21, 2011 very peacefully. We were blessed to have her for 7 years almost to the day of her original diagnosis when the doctors originally gave her 6 months. My sister was the best. She would fully support me in this and make a joke somewhere along the lines of getting her some surgery too. She had the greatest legs and her hands were so beautiful.

After my sister passed, I eventually resumed working out and then had smart lipo surgery on my thighs and flanks and have not been given the go ahead to workout but I have been walking 3 miles each day. Needless to say, I am concerned about the effectiveness of this surgery.

I am a runner and in my little town we host the Mohican 100 which is a 100 mile run in 24 hours. It literally makes me ache to out there when I see the runners preparing for this. I so want to be out there. There is nothing like running in our town. You run through town and in 20 minutes you are in woods and then later cornfields and passing cows. It is the most incredible feeling.

I am obviously rambling so I will sign off. I am grateful for this site that I can write these things and share them with others who are on a similar journey.

One day post op: I did it! Aside from the...

One day post op:

I did it! Aside from the nausea I had yesterday and inability to fully urinate I feel fine.

I saw my doctor today and he believes I will be able to get my drains out on Friday - just in time for the 3 day weekend!

I am not really swollen or bruised and I am happy about that.

2 day Post Op - I have stop taking the...

2 day Post Op -

I have stop taking the Percocet and am only taking Extra Strength Tylenol. It is a little uncomfortable but I would really like to go #2. My diet has been very light. Lots of water, crackers, watermelon, and other fruit. My husband made fish tonight and I did eat that and broccoli so here's hoping.

We took out the pain pump today and that was ok. I get my drains out tomorrow and I cannot wait. I will post more tomorrow

Post Op Day 3 I got my drains removed today...

Post Op Day 3

I got my drains removed today and was so grateful for that! I didn't feel a thing when Donna removed the left side drain but I did feel a little pinch on the right side drain. It was nothing really to get those out. I am so glad they are gone.

I have one hurdle to go through and I think I will feel like I am truly on the road to recovery and that is going #2! I think I will be more excited when I go than when my youngest daughter went #2 for the first time!

The pain is pretty tolerable. I have not had any pain medicines today. I have been walking around the house and resting a lot which is hard for me. We are suppose to go for a walk through town this evening.

My husband is kinda weirded out by my breasts. They are huge compared what I had. He said he hopes they go down. Personally, I love it.

I get my sutures out on Tuesday. I will take pictures then and post them. Right now I can barely look at my stomach because of the sutures (weak stomach, sorry).

Post Op Day 6 I am feeling pretty great. The...

Post Op Day 6

I am feeling pretty great. The only issue I am having is I cannot stand up straight and it is really hurting my back. I would appreciate any suggestions on this.

Tomorrow I get my sutures out and I will post pictures then. I will warn you that I am pasty white so wear sunglasses to view the pictures or the glare may blind you!

Post Op Day 11 This week has been a busy week!...

Post Op Day 11

This week has been a busy week! I got my stitches out on Tuesday and then went shopping for a new sports bra. Yesterday I returned the new sport bras because they were too big by Thursday! I am now about a C cup which is fine. To tell the truth I really liked the D cup look I had with the swelling. My husband did not though.

My left breast is still slightly larger than the right. I contribute this to two factors: 1. My left breast is still slightly swollen; and 2. My left breast was slightly bigger than my right breast to begin with. Overall, I am happy with them! I tried on some of my clothes pre-Emma (our 3 year old daughter) and was delighted to be fitting into them and filling out the top WITHOUT a padded bra!

The tummy tuck incision is looking great. I still have bruising around the ends and that makes it a little ouchy to massage but it is really nothing.

I have been walking a lot this week. It is really wonderful to be standing straight up! I am hoping to be able to start running again soon. No marathons, just some nice jogs.

I am having one problem: I am so used to buying Mom-Panties and padded bras I don't know if I can buy HotMama-Panties and feel comfortable!

I am posting some after pictures with this post.

3 year anniversary

It has been 3 years since I had my Mommy Makeover. If I had it to do all over again, I would go bigger on my breasts. I am still wearing padded bras! There is on place around my tummy tuck scar that sticks out a little more than I think it should but it isn't noticeable in clothing. Overall, I am pleased with the results. Again, I wish I had gone bigger on my breasts. They just don't seem as full as I would like. I have talked to my doctor about it and he said the results look so natural he would not suggest another surgery. They do look very natural. No one I've met after the surgery has suspected I had a breast augmentation. The scars look pretty good too.

As for the liposuction, I had a month before this surgery, I would not do it again on my thighs. My skin looks very saggy on my legs (I am happy with the liposuction on my flanks) and there is a line or indentation across both thighs that wasn't there before.

Below is a picture from today 5/24/2014. My stats are: 5' 7.5" 145 pounds. Age 45.
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Poblete is very considerate of his patients needs. He regularly calls to check up you himself. His staff are just as wonderful. Dr. Poblete does excellent work. I had my thighs smartlipo'ed by him last month and cannot be more pleased with those results. He makes sure that his patient understands the procedure and is aware of the side effects. I feel very confident in his abilities.

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