Micro Needling (Dermapen) for Acne Scars - Ohio

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My review states that I'm "not sure" if the...

My review states that I'm "not sure" if the procedure was worth it, I will let you all know if I think the procedure was worth it once my treatment of 3 sessions are complete.

Cost: $675 for three dermapen sessions
Frequency: one treatment every 4 weeks
Downtime: virtually zero
Pain: 2/10

Hey! Prepare yourself for a detailed review with a lot of pictures. It's difficult to take photos of scarring at the same angle, so I will have multiple pictures to show the results or lack there of. I have suffered for nearly a decade with acne and acne scarring, I'm talking deep, unsightly scars, not just hyperpigmentation. My acne is under control for the most part and I have been wanting to undergo acne scar treatment for the last few years. I have done a lot of research on all different types of treatments. I chose microneedling because it is considerably less expensive than other options, there is also less downtime and less risk. This is the beginning of my journey to better skin and I figure it is best to try the least invasive procedures first.

First treatment 3/21/16. When I arrived at my plastic surgeons office the medical aesthetician cleansed my face and then numbing gel was applied for 20 minutes before procedure. The numbing gel was removed and hyaluronic acid gel was applied to my skin. The Derma pen was set at 1mm on forehead, 0.75 on temples, 1.5 on cheeks. I was told there was pin point bleeding, and that meant the treatment was deep enough for the first session. Next session the settings will go deeper. The medical aesthetician preformed the microneedling, the doctor did stop in twice during the procedure to check on me, which I really liked.

This treatment did not cause any breakouts, which is great because I was really concerned about that. I was told that I should not wear makeup for the first 24 hours, but I ended up not wearing makeup for the first 3 days due to dry/rough skin. So I would not schedule microneedling around an important event. I can't wait to see my results after three treatments. I know this treatment will take some patience and it's not an invasive treatment so I am prepared to wait and hope for even a small amount of improvement! I will update after each treatment.

Day of first treatment skin is red, feels like mild sunburn.

Day 1 skin is slightly tight feeling, pink and dry/rough to the touch.

Day 2 skin is slightly pink, rough patches of darkened skin on temples and area of cheek. My skin is still rough and flakey.

Day 3 skin is peeling on chin and around mouth. Rough patches of skin remain on temples/cheek.

Day 4 peeling has subsided, my skin is pretty much back to normal. I resumed my normal skin care routine -- obagi clenziderm.

Microneedling for acne scars -- anyone use a serum with human growth factors?

Day 14. I am noticing a slight improvement in texture on my temples! My left temple is the worst and before my first treatment I could literally feel the depressions in my skin when running a finger over the area. It now feels smooth. I am not noticing any improvement in the scarring on my chin yet.

Has anyone used a serum with human growth factors after microneedling? It was recommended to me by the aesthetician but I wanted to do research on it before shelling out another $270. If you use it, let me know what you think of it. The serum I was recommended is by skin medica. Next update will be after my second treatment which is April 18th.

Subcision doctors in Ohio?

Hey everyone. I have had my second treatment. The settings were deeper this time and some areas were quite painful. No unbearable but enough to make my eyes water, particularly during the forehead treatment which was set at 2mm. Temples were 1.25mm, cheeks 1.75mm and chin 1.0mm. I'm noticing subtle improvement in my chin area. Not much change in my temples or forehead. I have a deep line on my forehead which isn't improving at all, and some acne scars. I wanted to start with microneedling because it's the least invasive acne scar treatment. I think I'll move on to a different treatment after my third round of microneedling. I think my scars could benefit from subcision, but I'm having a tough time finding doctors in Ohio that perform subcision. If anyone knows of a physician that offers this treatment please let me know!

Updated pics to come soon. I'm on vacation and like to take pics in the same lighting.

second treatment - almost 3 weeks after

Okay y'all here are pics of my current situation. Don't mind my blotchy sort of tanned skin. I just got back from vacation. I *think* I'm noticing a subtle improvement in texture, not sure if my tan could be camouflaging some of the scarring. But anyway, here's my bare skin, imperfections and all. Third and final treatment is ok May 23rd. I haven't decided yet if I will purchase another series of three treatments....

Third microneedling treatment

Post third treatment
I had my third microneedling treatment done today. I took a quick video so you can see what my skin looks like about four hours post procedure, plus it's so hard to get good pictures of scarring. I'll follow up with another video in about 4 weeks. The aesthetician went a bit deeper this time around. The settings were at 1.5mm on all areas except my under eyes, which was either 0.25mm or 0.5mm. I can't remember. My skin flaked after the first microneedling, and didn't flake at all after the second treatment. I have very tough skin. I hope I will peel/flake this time since the settings were deeper. I was able to hold a mirror and watch the procedure this time which was kinda cool! I saw lots of pinpoint bleeding which is a good thing.
My face is tight and itchy already.. I didn't experience this with the other two treatments.

Before moving on to more invasive treatments I think I might purchase the derminator which is an at home microneedling pen. I have done a lot of research on it and it seems like a good investment. I think I could easily perform these treatments on myself. Anyone do their own skin pen treatments at home? NOT dermarolling.

2 weeks after third treatment

2 weeks after third treatment
Here's a quick video of how my skin looks currently. This is two weeks after my third and final treatment. My treatments were 4-5 weeks apart. I just ordered the derminator, which is an at home dermapen/microneedling device. I plan to needle on my own every 4-6 weeks for the next year. I hope it yields some results. I will update once I use the derminator for the first time and periodically throughout my course of treatment.

10 days after 5th treatment

Update. I have done two treatments at home with the derminator, each time I used 1.75mm for the settings on the majority of my face. Under eyes, around lips I used 0.25mm. I did not use numbing gel either time, it was a little painful but not unbearable. My forehead was the most painful area. My forehead, temples and parts of my chin produced some pin point bleeding (which is what you want) Some areas did not produce any pin point bleeding unfortunately. Here's a video of my skin after 3 professional dermapen treatments and 2 at home treatments with the derminator. I think I'm seeing some improvement on my left temple and chin area. But My skin still has a long way to go. Thanks for following me on this journey

10 days after 5th microneedling treatment

10 days post 5th microneedling treatment
Here's how my skin is looking after three professional microneedling treatments and two at home needling sessions with the derminator. I feel like I'm seeing subtle changes in my skin texture, but nothing major. I plan to keep needling at this point. Will update again.

Moved on to something else -- restylane filler!

After 3 professional microneedling treatments and 4 at home needling treatments with little to no improvement I decided it was time to move on to a different treatment. I had restylane injections on 1/3/2016 and I'm happy with my results so far. I think my chin/cheek area looks really good! My temples still have some swelling/lumpiness that gradually resolves each day. My temples do have some scarring still but I go back to the dermatologist in two weeks for a touch up if needed. Overall I'm very pleased with the result. I posted a new review on this treatment but I wanted to also share here, for those of you that have been following my journey.

After restylane

Medical Aesthetician

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