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I'm looking to get my ankles, calfs, knee, outer...

I'm looking to get my ankles, calfs, knee, outer thigh and medial thigh lipoed. I've struggled with this area for a majority of my life and I want to get rid of it once and for all. I'm 24... 5'1...122 pounds. I'm willing to travel out of state, but I am looking for help as far as shuttling to and from a hotel. I also want to finance through the surgical facility itself rather than carecredit or any other credit card.Please share your opinion and don't sugar coat. I need to know what will work best for me! Thanx!

My expectations

I do go into this knowing results may not lead to expectation but I want smaller legs so bad...and I really am unsure of what procedure is best. Thigh lift? Lipo? A specific lipo? How do I know if I have good skin elasticity in my legs?

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It's been awhile but I'm on here all the time!

I've scheduled my procedure with Dr. Stoker and am getting lipo to my arms and full leg :)
I'm scheduled for December 4th and have a Skype interview with him this Tuesday as I have many questions! Any suggestions in order to get ready for this procedure would be great! Are there any extra things I should buy to make my recovery a lil easier? I will be traveling alone and plan on staying in an aftercare facility the first night which happens to be really expensive, but I'm scared being alone on the first night. It's only a month away and I'm nervous and excited...not to mention I only told a couple people. I want to keep this private and am hoping I can find the support on here rather than telling everyone who sees me everyday. I feel like this will change my life dramatically and how I feel about myself. My expectations aren't anywhere near supermodel but just an overall better appearance. I need the ego boost. In the end this is the best gift I could give myself. I will keep updating and let you know how my overall journey turns out as well as my results from Dr. Stoker.

A few recent pics...

I've gained weight since the last time I updated 6 months ago. So everything's bigger. Dr. Stoker will be taking care of that tho ;)

It's getting closer!

Everything is getting put in order and set for my surgery date. I had the Skype interview with him and we went over my two pages of questions. He's very kind and experienced with a humble attitude. Three more weeks :)

Less than two weeks :)

Although I have been receiving quite a bit of mail from ppl who are against cosmetic surgery, I still believe this is still matter of my own research and what I believe is the best move for myself. I understand and acknowledge your advice yet my years of undecisiveness and constant research have to mean something. I have chosen a reputable doctor and have realistic expectations. Having said that what I'm looking for on this site is support rather than telling me what could go wrong and what I may end up with. The risk alone is already on my mind please support my decision rather than convince me to take another route. My decision is final and I'm looking forward to whats in store...

I have ordered a pre and post op kit so that I heal faster as well as compression stockings. Everything's booked and in order now I play the waiting game! So anxious and excited to get there!

4 more days til I'm Cali bound :)

And 5 more days til my surgery!
Very excited! Chores at home getting done post op and my bag is halfway packed...papers in order...prescriptions ready. Let's do this ;)

had my procedure comes the hard part...

so the procedure went well and all i needed assistance with was walking to the car. but it wore off fast and i was on my feet within the half hour of me leaving. I have no pain just a little sore on my calfs but barely noticable. I am taking pain meds but i only took one dose and that was 10 hours ago and im fine :)
On another note im dissapointed with my arms...although im swollen and full of fluids he didnt lipo on the one part im insecure about. How do i know he didnt lipo there? ...because im not bruised there and a flab of fat is buldging out like it always has : /
So i went back up there! only an hour or so after i had left i went back to tell him im not happy with my arms lol. He politely told me i need to go home and get some rest and that im just swollen and full of fluids. I just hope hes wiilling to do something about my buldge because i want my moneys worth!! So im looking foward to meeting with him tomorrow. wish me luck!

I just had my last visit with the dr!

Well there's really nothing I can do now but wait. Swelling will take six weeks!! I will post pics when I see difference!

Back Home!

The airplane ride was a little uncomfortable and I was a little nauseated towards the end but I'm home and comfortable and ready to see my final results. A new wardrobes in my future ;) so excited!

So impressed!

I have to give props to Dr. Stoker. He did an amazing job on my legs :D
I recommend him to anyone looking for the same work because of their similar insecurities. Today is also Day One of no pain. I can stretch now without a problem. May I also mention I am still taking post op meds that I bought from and have come to realize how important massaging your lower legs are in this particular operation. Because I had my ankles calves and knees done my swelling was worse than I expected a week after my surgery. And stayed excessively swoll for a total of 5 days or so. But because of massage it has helped tremendously. I love taking off my garment to shower lol

Little discouraged...

Ok here's what's going on with me...I'm feeling like I paid far too much for me to look at myself and say it looks ok...he could and should have taken out more fat. My arms still have the fat deposits i originally went there to have removed and legs have fat deposits as well in the same problem areas. For 10 thousand I expected so much more :/ not to mention the extra 3500 I spent to come out to marina del Rey!! This is week I'm halfway to my completion. But I really need to talk to them about this I shouldn't feel Ike this and be out of money and taking time off work for just ok. I thought everything looked sooo good but now that bruising is gone and I'm healing I still feel so big. Very depressing.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I felt rushed almost every time I talked to him yet he's very polite and has a great attitude. I assume he's a very busy man with a lot to do so I don't take it personally although I would have enjoyed a better patient/doctor connection. Wendy and Bri are awesome and helped me through most of it :) very generous very caring. 4 more weeks and I will update my results....I should also mention that when my swelling was excessive Dr. stoker made it a point to call and see how I was doing :)

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